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Bonus Round: World of Warcarft is Expanding, Xbox Live may be losing Steam

Huge announcements from Blizzard entertainment, the future of indie games and a Rougelike game competition.

This week: A game competition creates 70 new rougelike games in a week, why one developer thinks Steam will defeat Xbox Live Arcade, and Blizzard finally announced a release date for Diablo III.

Steam vs. Xbox Live Arcade: Jonathan Blow explains why Microsoft is aiming at a moving target

Jonathan Blow showed off his latest game at the Game Developers Conference, but he also shared some thoughts on the future of Steam, and why Xbox Live Arcade is a challenge for independent developers. [PA Report]

Mists of Pandaria Press Tour

The war between the Alliance and Horde heats up in Blizzard's World of Warcraft, as the competing factions roll into Pandaria, the... land of Pandas. But things quickly start to spin out of control. [MMO-Chamption]

The Many Faces Of Roguelikes: Seven Days Of Rogue

The 7-day Roguelike Challenge isn't new, but this year it has drawn a record number of entries. More than seventy roguelikes were created by individuals and teams, in the seven days allotted. [RockPaperShotgun]

Diablo III Launching May 15

Players around the world will soon return to Tristram to discover the dark secrets of a fallen star, and begin their quest to save Sanctuary from the impending demonic invasion. May 15th: Save the date! [Blizzard]

New ways to find freedom in constraint

One of the most interesting side effects of this uncommonly long console cycle is that developers have the leisure to think about experimentation and advancement. Instead of just cranking out "more." [Gamasutra]

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