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Man Solves 5 Rubick's Cubes in 44 Seconds; Robots May Be Quicker

Michal Pleskowicz has just been crowned the Rubik's Cube world champion. But an Android-powered robot managed to beat his time.

Puzzle super-solvers at this year's World Rubik's Cube Championship set out to prove that us humans aren't obsolete just yet, but one deciphering robot has other ideas. Poland's Michal Pleskowicz has just been crowned the current human champ when it comes to solving the six-sided puzzle in crazy record times, an activity known as 'Speedcubing'.

A total of 350 competitors from around the world descended on Bangkok, Thailand for the event, including participants from Japan, Germany, Sweden, France, the United Kingdom and more.

Fast-fingered Pleskowicz was announced the winner following an insane performance in which he solved the puzzling toy 5 times at an average of just 8.65 seconds per cube--check it out.

However, despite Pleskowicz's impressive feat, one ARM-powered bot puts his record to shame. The CubeStormer II robot, which is made up of Lego and a Samsung Galaxy SII, has managed to solve the colored cube in a speedy 5.35 seconds.

According to researchers, any Rubik's Cube configuration can be solved in just 20 moves or fewer, and when you see both humans and robots solving the puzzle in record times like this it's hard to dispute the findings.

So, Robots 1, Humans 0?

[Rubik's via The Next Web]

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