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Dress Like Deus Ex

Because everyone seems to love the game, and it's never too early to plan for Halloween.

It used to be every geek wanted to look like John Constantine, leading some on half-baked quests to locate real-world, dark brown, floppy-breasted dusters (and a lot of not-very-Constantine types to look, well, not in the slightest like him). For fans of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the search is over (probably before it started). If you want Adam Jensen's neo-noir-looking trench duds, you've got 'em, courtesy the official Deus Ex: Human Revolution Collection at Square Enix and Eidos' online store.

Check this out, they've actually made Jensen's sleek black double-breasted, double-buttoned trench available for $189 (and if I've just described any of that improperly, be nice—my fashion sense stinks). It looks vaguely leather-like to me, but the shell's actually 77% cotton and 23% nylon. The black and mustard gold interior lining includes the game's signature triangle pattern. The coat comes in multiple sizes, though as they say on the site, it's a "European fit." I'll let you puzzle that out, because Google was no help whatsoever.

The coat's surely the coolest item in the bunch, but there's also a long-sleeved cotton jersey with cyberpunk-y jell and pigment prints for $29, a pair of funky-looking denim jeans for $69, a $20 cyber-bandana, and a couple more themed short-sleeved tees.

What's geek fashion doing in a games blog? Because it's slow. August slow. Back-to-school slow. Waiting for Madden NFL slow. That, and DE:HR arrived yesterday to a whole buncha ballyhoo. Besides, since the coat's not available until October (though you can preorder it now), it's never too early to start thinking about Halloween.

Or look at it this way: When 2027 roles around and we're wearing paper underwear, you can always have a laugh about how utterly wrong everyone was.

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