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Wii U Games Now Shown at E3 Due To Hardware Issues

Consulting firm claims Wii U third-party games weren't shown at E3 2011 because the hardware wasn't up to snuff.

It's another slow-as-a-wet-wood-campfire Friday, which means—yep, let's talk about silly rumors. Like this one about Wii U games getting deep-sixed at E3 because developers were working with "underclocked" units, leading to games that supposedly looked only as good as Xbox 360 and PS3 currents.

Never mind that Nintendo went ahead and ran a tease-reel of third-party games coming to the Wii U using Xbox 360 and PS3 footage, prompting the Nintendo fanboy echo chamber to implode.

But okay, according to a so-called "white paper" from self-styled consulting firm Hit Detection:

Developers have underclocked development kits, and worked hard to deliver titles running on that hardware to demonstrate live at E3. However, due to titles not looking much better than what is currently available on Xbox 360 and the PS3, Nintendo decided late in the game to not show those titles and focus instead on tech demos. In particular, THQ stated that Darksiders II was running on development hardware and could have been shown. Also, Epic vice president Mark Rein tweeted during E3 that Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines was being made for Wii U with Unreal Engine 3, showing that Epic is bringing its tech to Wii U.

So instead of showing Wii U third-party games that look like Xbox 360 and PS3 titles, Nintendo demoed footage of actual Xbox 360 and PS3 games. This makes sense because?

Did I say silly? Try patently ridiculous, whether true or false.

(via Kotaku)

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