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DIY 'Portal' Turret Intimidates With Real Laser Eye

Unique way to protect precious goods

If you're a fan of the game Portal, at some point you might have wanted your very own Portal turret to protect your precious goods. Ryan Palser did, so he set to work on creating his personal replica turret--laser included.

The challenging do-it-yourself job is a seemingly near-perfect replica of the first Portal game's turret foes. The completed "classic" prop, which took several months to create, stands at around three feet tall (38 inches) and has a few features that are bound to make an impression. Not only does the Arduino-powered turret pack in a deadly-looking laser but it also plays host to a neat motion sensing feature.

An included motion sensor will spot a passerby and play one of seventeen memorable catchphrases from the first game. And if that wasn't enough, it can also joyfully play the games theme tune. Sweet!

The skilled end result is without doubt impressive, with the intricate laser-eye being especially slick. A more informative run-down of the geeky build process can be found on Ryan Palser's Flickr feed, where in just under 100 photos he takes you step-by-step through the building process, from initial sketch to final build. In the past, Ryan has also worked on replica Fallout 3 weapons and a neat steampunk keyboard.

However, if you don't fancy making your very own turret, you could always build the far simpler Weighted Companion Cube, or you know, eat some cake.

[via Make]

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