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Modern Warfare 3 Could Be Announced This Week

Voice of fan favorite Modern Warfare character drops clues suggesting Call of Duty next-in-series announcement imminent.

Official announcements are so yesterday. I mean actually yesterday. By the time companies get around to “breaking” news, enough information’s accreted that we already know a game like Modern Warfare 3’s going to be a series prequel starring Simon “Ghost” Riley (you know, mister skull-bandana-face) as persona primo.

Okay, we don’t know know, but after the first two games made bazillions, we can say with fair certainty Modern Warfare 3’s in the offing. No doubters, right? No one willing to argue Activision plans to scrap the franchise and replace with something like Rifle Rage: Big Buck Hunting 2?

Well that official announcement may be happening later this week (or month) to hear the voice of Ghost in Modern Warfare 2 tell it.

That would be Craig Fairbrass, who told UK sports radio station talkSPORT (noticed by CVG) that he’s just off work for Activision on a “$200 million” game.

"And I've just been out in LA doing something that's going to be announced in May…” said Fairbrass during the interview. “I've just been out there doing some bits and pieces and one of it's to do with... I can't say too much."

Well you probably shouldn’t have said anything, then. What else would Activision be working on that’s “like $200 million” starring you. A new Spyro the Dragon?

"It's incredible. This place was like the size of 10 factories, there was all these people working,” added Fairbrass.

So we can rule out Crash Bandicoot Begins or Tony Hawk Pro Skater Forever, then.

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