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  • Opinion: Modder turns Xbox One into Xbook One laptop

    Aw, the console thinks it's a computer. That's adorable!

  • Opinion: Atari is rebooting Asteroids as...a DayZ-style survival game

    I recently got to sit down with Atari CEO Frederic Chesnais and most of what he said made total sense. "Hey, we're rebooting Rollercoaster Tycoon." Totally! "We're also rebooting Alone in the Dark!" Absolutely! " You will hear a lot more about Asteroids in the next few weeks." Great!

  • Opinion: Buying the next generation of coders: Microsoft's Minecraft gamble

    When the newsbroke last night that Microsoft was in negotiations to buy Minecraft creators Mojang for $2 billion, people quickly started asking "why would Microsoft buy another gaming company?"

  • Opinion: Perfect party games to break the ice at any gathering

    Whether you're a college student trying to break this ice with new friends, or you're just looking for activities to spice up your next dinner party, you can't go wrong with playing a game. But save Apples to Apples for another day, and look no further than your own smartphone. The App Store and Google Play Store are full of social games perfect for parties, and that don't require endless button mashing. The best are the games that handle two social elements: Games you play with friends in person, and also involve social media.

  • Opinion: You Should Play: Hazumino

    These days, keeping up with games can be a full-time job. So how do you separate the signal from the noise, the wheat from the chaff, the Temple Runs from the Temple Jumps? Allow us to help by regularly selecting a game You Should Play.

  • Opinion: You Should Play: Godus

    These days, keeping up with games can be a full-time job. So how do you separate the signal from the noise, the wheat from the chaff, the Temple Runs from the Temple Jumps? Allow us to help by regularly selecting a game You Should Play.

  • Opinion: Master Steam: 10 powerful tips and tricks for PC gaming's do-it-all vanguard

    Let's cut to the chase: For many people, PC gaming is synonymous with Steam. Valve's ubiquitous gaming client is both storefront and service, delivering a one-stop shop for buying games, playing and managing those games, and even building out a friends list to chat with while you game.

  • Opinion: Hands-on with Madden NFL Mobile, freemium football's comeback player of the year

    The Madden franchise has been a football juggernaut for a quarter of a century on consoles, but EA Sports has failed to hit that same kind of stride on mobile, bouncing between free and paid models in search of elusive success. Last year's Madden NFL 25 was the low point, stacking so many punitive freemium elements atop each other that it largely killed any desire to actually play the game. It just wasn't worth the hassle--but there wasn't anything better with the NFL license on mobile.

  • Opinion: Choose to play for the Light Side or Dark Side in Star Wars: Commander

    In seconds, my ragtag army of troops brought down an AT-AT and a handful of Storm Troopers. Of course, had I chosen the other side, I'd probably wanted to extinguish the Rebel base and stomp out Han Solo before he had a chance to recharge and attack again.

  • Opinion: Reddit is ready for the big screen, thanks to new Xbox One app

    Reddit and Xbox One are together at last, courtesy of the new ReddX app. Launching Tuesday, the app lets Xbox One gamers connect to Reddit.com while they play and talk to other Reddit members at the same time.

  • Opinion: Report: Xbox Entertainment Studios not quite dead yet

    Like an unexpected twist in one of the original programs it had hoped to produce, Microsoft's recently shuttered Xbox Entertainment Studios may come back from the dead. That's according to an August 14 story in the Hollywood Reporter, which says Warner Bros. may be in the frame to revive Microsoft's attempt to create video content for its gaming console.

  • Opinion: Golem Arcana combines the charm of a board game with the ease of a video game

    "At Harebrained we're in an interesting position. We have a long history in the tabletop space--Jordan Weisman, our founder, did Shadowrun, Battle Tech, founded WizKids--but we also have a long history in the computer game space," says Ray Winninger, executive producer at Harebrained Schemes. Winninger's own background is just as complex, having designed multiple tabletop RPGs and worked on video games at Microsoft for a decade.

  • Opinion: Origin launches Alienware laptop "trade-up" program

    Shots fired. Hot on the heels of Alienware's new 13-inch laptop announcement last week, Origin is launching a trade-in program that specifically targets its UFO-friendly competitor. Or, as Origin terms it, a "trade-up" program.

  • Opinion: Legendary 'King's Quest' developer Sierra rises mysteriously from the grave

    Sierra Entertainment is one of those legendary companies from the '90s that died somewhere in the past decade of industry consolidation. See also: LucasArts, Mythic, Midway, Neversoft, et al.

  • Opinion: ESPN Fantasy Football leagues can collect dues through crowdfunding site Tilt

    Fantasy football is a delightful diversion--so delightful, in fact, that tens of millions of us will be playing it this fall once the real sport kicks off. What's not so delightful? Making sure that everyone in your fantasy league has paid their entry fee. It's the process that turns close friends into deadbeats, contending players into money-obsessed paranoids, and your league commissioner into a one-person debt collection agency.

  • Opinion: Twitch starts scanning for copyrighted audio, silences own videos for infringment

    Well, if YouTube/Google did actually solidify its purchase of Twitch.tv last week, it certainly didn't take long for things to change at the notoriously laissez-faire (one-eyed, one-horned, flying) purple streaming giant.

  • Opinion: Free game alert: EA's giving away Wing Commander III (and its wonderfully bad cutscenes)

    EA's fledgling On-The-House program has given away some fairly generic (although acclaimed) games so far; Peggle, Dead Space, Battlefield 3 have all been made available for free for a limited time. Add them to your library, and they're yours to keep forever. You know, as long as you're okay with installing EA's Origin storefront.

  • Opinion: Get your Guardians of the Galaxy fix with these 6 apps

    Guardians of the Galaxy is a certified smash, delivering the biggest August box office opening of all time, garnering fantastic reviews from critics, and generating enthusiastic word of mouth almost on par with that of The Avengers. And that's frankly surprising, considering how obscure the comic source material is compared to other recent Marvel flicks--but the film really delivers.

  • Opinion: Scrabble gets with the times and adds selfie' to your arsenal

    You could say the Scrabble dictionary was a little behind the times. The rulebook's last refresh was almost 10 years ago, just as social media was becoming a Thing That People Do, so the competitive game was missing a few key words.

  • Opinion: Wasteland 2 preview: When deeply branching gameplay meets pistol-packing post-apocalyptic priests

    "Interplay had the crown in roleplaying, I'd love to get that crown back," says Brian Fargo. He pauses, laughs. "Me and Obsidian, we'll battle it out."

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