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  • Opinion: iPad demand high and rising

    As Google lays the smack down against Apple at day two of its I/O conference, a series of positive reports show us Apple's runaway success with the iPad.

  • Opinion: Will Kindle Android App Hurt Kindle Sales?

    Friends, readers, Kindlemen: allow me to pose a question. If you could get digital books on the smartphone you already carry, would you still buy a dedicated e-reader?

  • Opinion: How I stopped worrying and learned to love the iPad

    I don't need an iPad. I definitely don't need an Apple iPad. But it's, you know, so pretty...

  • Opinion: Apple iPad not so child's play

    Nearly half a million people have tuned into YouTube to see the cute two-and-a-half-year-old kid instantly understanding how an Apple iPad works (video here). See, it's child's play. Any idiot can use an iPad. Try the same with a netbook, dude!

  • Opinion: Kindle for iPad could heat up e-book business

    Amazon has posted a preview of the future of e-books, its Amazon Kindle e-reader app for the Apple iPad. Amazon is teaming its e-book format with the most anticipated tablet device we've seen so far. Altogether, that will almost certainly make the iPad the world's top e-reader.

  • Opinion: Apple iPad trademark dispute, and other madness

    Will Apple be sued over its iPad tablet device? And is Apple already working on its own 'iPad killer'? The rumours continue to fly.

  • Opinion: Amazon sells 'millions' of Kindles: Is Apple too late?

    Amazon has always been cagey about releasing sales figures for its Kindle e-reader, but maybe it's opening up a bit. The online retailer is now providing numbers - well, sort of. And things look ominous for Apple's iPad.

  • Opinion: Apple's iPad ready to challenge the Kindle

    The Apple iPad will compete with the Amazon Kindle as an e-reader. And, because Apple's new tablet will run iPhone apps, it will compete with Kindle's software, too.

  • Opinion: 'Leaked advert' for Apple Tablet

    Wow! I just heard something crazy. Are you ready? Apple might be introducing a new tablet computing device. Maybe even this week. 

  • Opinion: Rounding up the Apple tablet rumours

    As you probably know by now, Apple is holding a product event later this month. And with countless rumours flying around about the iSlate, iPad, iTablet or whatever Apple decides to call it, the big question on everyone's mind is this: are tablets on the table?

  • Opinion: CES: What defines an e-reader?

    Until recently, pretty much all e-readers used E-Ink displays like the ones in Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook. However, at CES we've seen a number of concept designs and prototypes that are billed as e-readers but use LCD screens like the ones in typical notebooks. Are these devices truly e-readers?

  • Opinion: Apple tablet by spring 2010? Whatever

    It's been far too long - less than a week, actually - since we've heard anything about the Apple tablet. Well, fear not. An analyst has disclosed the news that the Apple tablet could get a spring launch, with production getting underway now. See: Steve Jobs launches Apple iPad: full details

  • Opinion: New e-reader format faces an uphill battle

    Five of the largest US newspaper and magazine publishers have announced plans to develop a digital e-reader format that melds the visual aesthetics of print with the capabilities of online media.

  • Opinion: Gadget good or gadget: kill?

    Love them or hate them, gadgets are the cause of impassioned debate. We asked for your opinions and, boy, did we get some.

  • Opinion: Amazon makes amends for Kindle debacle

    There are things that should be left enough alone, and Amazon's Orwellian removal of the book Nineteen Eighty-Four from customers' Kindle e-readers is one of them. Orwell would have got a kick out of this, yet Amazon seems to be taking the matter very seriously. 

  • Opinion: 7 tech combos we'd like to see

    Nikon's Coolpix S1000pj digital camera with a built-in projector sounds as good as peanut butter and chocolate. Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? And If a point-and-shoot camera can double as a video projector, what other tech marriages are possible? Here are a few combinations we'd like to see.

  • Opinion: Apple iTablet: Spec and price predictions

    If Apple doesn't introduce a tablet computer soon, we'll all be sorely disappointed. With all the ongoing speculation about the supposed iPod-on-steroids, I feel like the device is already here.

  • Opinion: Amazon deletes books from customers' Kindles

    Late last week, hundreds of Amazon Kindle owners picked up their e-book readers and discovered two of the books they'd purchased were missing. Was it a software glitch or a hardware failure? Had some hacker figured out how to access the devices? No. The thief was Amazon itself.

  • Opinion: Amazon Kindle DX could learn from 'free' laptops

    I'm far too stingy to pay hundreds of pounds for an e-book reader when there's a book shop underneath PC Advisor's office selling titles for £2 each. But as a convenient gadget for reading the paper, the e-book format could be a winner - providing manufacturers get on board with content owners.

  • Opinion: Why the iPhone can't kill the Kindle

    Some tech analysts are wondering if the free Kindle for iPhone application will cannibalise sales of Amazon's Kindle e-book reader. A BusinessWeek article suggests that Amazon's no-cost app for the iPhone and iPod Touch may give consumers one less reason to buy the pricey Kindle 2:

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