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Electric breasts charge iPod

The hotter the better

The iPod is everywhere – and every wear.

A few weeks ago we reviewed a new suit from Marks & Spencer that has a sewn-in set of controls. This follows all sorts of iPod clobber from the likes of Thomas Pink and Nike – not forgetting Apple's own iPod socks.

At the Siggraph 2007 expo in San Diego the latest iPod gadget garb to pop up is a solar bikini. The skimpy swimwear features 40 flexible photovoltaic cells that you can plug straight into your iPod to charge it.

Designer Andrew Schneider claims that two hours of skin-cancer baiting (sunbathing) is would charge an iPod shuffle.

Schneider didn't say whether larger ladies could charge a video iPhone in under an hour.

He is currently developing a pair of solar-panel covered shorts called iDrink.

Don't think about it…

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