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  • Opinion: Where's the datacenter? Straight down...

    The image of massive underground tech installations seems taken from a James Bond movie. A villain stroking a fluffy white cat behind a wall of tech-monoliths with blinking lights. In a massive cave.

  • Opinion: How to find a lost message in Gmail

    Vicki Pen lost three important messages from her Gmail inbox. I help her find them.

  • Opinion: VMware's Cloud Strategy Equal Parts Foggy, Stormy

    With VMworld on the horizon, VMware has been touting its cloud strategy. That 'strategy,' though, seems to involve dissing Microsoft and Amazon, marginalizing CSP partners and clinging to the idea that the cloud is solely the domain of IT departments. If VMware keeps this up, it can expect a stormy future in the cloud, CIO.com columnist Bernard Golden says.

  • Opinion: Dealing with iCloud spam

    Reader Rich Girrard is less than thrilled by what's appearing in his Inbox. He writes:

  • Opinion: Tesla aced its government safety test so hard it broke the testing machine

    If vehicle safety has you so concerned you're actually looking into what kind of permits it takes to make a tank street legal, maybe it's time to consider picking up your very own Tesla. The electric vehicle start-up produced some mind-bending results during safety testing for the 2013 Tesla model S.

  • Opinion: Despite recent cloud service outages, security a bigger concern than availability

    Wow. No sooner did I finish writing about how the Google and Microsoft outages were not a reason to lose confidence in the cloud, than Amazon went down. The online retail site--and its associated cloud services--were down for just under half an hour Monday afternoon. I stand by my assertion that the sky is not falling, but there's more to using the cloud than just availability.

  • Opinion: Larry Ellison is talking rubbish -- Apple is in good hands

    Yesterday, Macworld reported on a CBS interview in which Oracle's CEO, Larry Ellison, said he has little faith in Tim Cook's ability to steer Apple in the right direction. It's a public knock, one business titan to another.

  • Opinion: What the CIA Private Cloud Really Says About Amazon Web Services

    When the CIA opted to have Amazon build its private cloud, even though IBM could do it for less money, a tech soap opera ensued. Lost amid the drama, though, is a perfectly reasonable explanation why Amazon Web Services makes sense for the CIA--and why a disruptive AWS represents the future of the cloud.

  • Opinion: Hong Kong's IRD does it right

    As a technology journalist, I received many press releases promising "solutions." This particular word--"solutions"--is troublesome.

  • Opinion: The NSA damages US tech biz overseas

    The revelations of Edward Snowden have severely damaged the reputation of US technology firms. And now we can start counting the cost in terms of lost euros.

  • Opinion: Developer Arguments gives you yet another place to debate how to pronounce 'GIF'

    Is it "gif" or "jif"? Which really is better, Mac or PC? It seems that many debates in tech will never be truly settled, but that doesn't mean geeks the world over won't stop arguing over their chosen preferences any time soon.

  • Opinion: 5 Elements Your Cloud Infrastructure Needs to Enable Application Agility

    Cloud computing offers affordability and agility, but that doesn't mean it automatically enables business agility. To achieve that, you may need to rethink the way you design, deploy and manage the application development lifecycle.

  • Opinion: How to delete or move a lot of Gmail messages

    MLStrand56 had a Gmail question for the Answer Line forum: How does one archive or delete every email from a particular sender--or that matches some other criteria?

  • Opinion: What Economists Can Teach Us About Cloud Computing

    William Stanley Jevons was a Victorian-era economist who explained why Britain used more coal, not less, as the resource dropped in price. Ronald Coase wrote his seminal work on why people use firms to conduct transactions back in 1937. Both help explain why this is the era of cloud computing.

  • Opinion: Look! Garmin HUD displays data on your car's windshield

    Car-tech fans are going to see more HUDs in the future, and we're not talking Paul Newman movies or federal agencies. HUD is short for heads-up or head-up display, a device that projects information onto the windshield of a car--the better to keep informed while also keeping one's eyes on the road.

  • Opinion: Remains of the Day: If you only knew the power, etc.

    Your Apple TV may soon serve as, uh, an actual TV. Across the ocean, Steve Jobs's legacy is affecting a nation's schoolchildren, and right here at home Apple is harnessing the power of the sun. The power remainders for Tuesday, July 2, 2013 are yours!

  • Opinion: Remains of the Day: Marriage of inconvenience

    Apple and Samsung are still together after all these years; Back to School season is nearly upon us; and Kanye West now has a mouse for each hand. The remainders for Monday, July 1, 2013 are hardest on the kids.

  • Opinion: The whistleblower rightly trusted Hong Kong

    When I first heard that Edward Snowden was in Hong Kong, I was skeptical. The young cybersecurity guru who uncovered the NSA's extensive surveillance surely would have headed for Iceland or some other haven (Sweden's off the map, as Julian Assange has learned).

  • Opinion: Why Cloud Computing Offers Affordability and Agility

    Remember those 'Tastes great! Less filling!' beer ads? Many debate cloud computing in a similar manner, saying the cloud's great because it's either agile or inexpensive. As it turns out, cloud computing's affordability and agility aren't mutually exclusive--and that's good news for enterprise IT.

  • Opinion: Gmail tip: Don't forget to check your spam filter

    Before I incur the wrath of non-Gmail users, let me just note that this tip also applies to Hotmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo, and so on. But because I'm a Gmail user myself, and that's where my story begins, that's where I'm putting my focus.

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