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  • Opinion: Tackle overloaded Google Apps Gmail accounts with FreeSpace

    Google Apps offers cash-strapped small businesses a lot of bang for the buck, but one app that can cause problems is Gmail.

  • Opinion: ATMs: convenient, but a security risk

    It's hard to remember life without ATMs. In Hong Kong, we can transfer funds, pay our utility bills and even settle tax demand-notes using an ATM. And they even dispense cash.

  • Opinion: Discuss and organize team projects with Dispatch

    If there's one thing the Web probably doesn't need, it's another project-management tool aimed at teams. I mean, hello? Basecamp? Bitrix24? Yammer? How the heck does start-up Dispatch hope to compete?

  • Opinion: Setting up email on your Mac

    If you're new to the Mac but something of an iOS veteran, this lesson will be a snap. And it should be, because Apple modeled Mountain Lion's Mail, Contacts & Calendars system preference on the setting of the same name found on today's iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

  • Opinion: How Cloud Computing Is Driven by Mobile, Media and Marketing

    Defenders of enterprise computing are in for a rude awakening. Mobile, media and marketing applications are poised to flock to the cloud, which is far better suited to handle load variability, latency and change management. As end users and executives demand more flexibly business applications, they will soon follow suit.

  • Opinion: Free Microsoft quick-start guides teach you the Office 2013 basics

    The other day I offered four reasons you don't need Microsoft Office 2013. However, if you fall into the camp that does need it, or you just decided not to follow my advice (it's been known to happen), Microsoft wants to help you get started using the new suite.

  • Opinion: Get notified when a site's terms of service change

    You know those lengthy terms-of-service (TOS) agreements everybody ignores when installing a piece of software or registering for a new Web service?

  • Opinion: Four reasons you don't need the new Microsoft Office

    As you've no doubt heard by now, Microsoft Office 2013 has arrived. So has Microsoft Office 365. Some would argue that the latter is the better deal, but I'm here to tell you don't need either one.

  • Opinion: Bugs & Fixes: PDFs saved from the web fail to open

    Recently, I tried something that had always worked before. This time, it didn't.

  • Opinion: App Spotlight: FineReader Touch brings multi-lingual OCR scanning to iOS

    There are plenty of apps that can turn your phone into the equivalent of a mobile scanner, using the camera to take snapshots of various documents, then letting you file and/or share those documents.

  • Opinion: Get a free shared workspace for your small business

    I truly believe that effective organization and communication can make the difference between business success and business failure.

  • Opinion: As CMOs Grab IT Budget From CIOs, Cloud CapEx and OpEx Shift

    If analysts are correct, and the CMO eventually wrests control of the IT budget from the CIO, then spending on cloud computing will get a lot less predictable and a lot more complicated.

  • Opinion: Create a business plan on the cheap with Enloop

    Whether you're launching a startup or expanding your existing enterprise, a good business plan is essential.

  • Opinion: How to get started with Google AdWords

    What if you built a website and nobody came? Simple answer: Start an ad campaign using Google AdWords. AdWords is a daunting and complex system, but it really isn't that difficult to start using. Even with a budget of a dollar a day, the service is worth trying to see if you can generate traffic to your site.

  • Opinion: Mega: Hands-on with the encrypted cloud storage service

    Get ready for Mega from the flamboyant Kim Dotcom. The Internet entrepreneur and accused digital outlaw recently launched Mega (short for Mega Encrypted Global Access), a new file storage and sharing service that features 50GB of free storage. Mega is just one component of what Dotcom and his team hope will be a suite of online encrypted services from Mega Ltd. including email, voice calling, instant messaging, and video streaming.

  • Opinion: Gartner Cloud Computing Magic Quadrant Pits AWS Against the World

    Say what you will about Gartner Magic Quadrants, but there's little doubt that IT organizations use them to evaluate technology. The firm's last two analyses of the cloud service provider place Amazon Web Services head and shoulders about the rest. Will other CSPs adapt--or die?

  • Opinion: DEMO Mobile Scholarship Deadline Jan. 17, Apply Now

    My primary goal at DEMO is to pick only the very best products to launch and remove any barriers to making getting them onstage, including price. One of the big misconceptions about DEMO is that it costs an arm and a leg for every startup to participate. But that simply isn't true. The pricing structure is tiered. And best of all, any startup with less than $500,000 in funding can apply for a full scholarship. If selected to present at DEMO, scholarship winners pay nothing. For DEMO Mobile, the deadline to apply for scholarships is next week on January 17.

  • Opinion: Why I use as few Mac apps as possible

    My 11-inch MacBook Air is the pride of my technological life, an indispensible tool: I write stories and columns on it daily; I edit photos and podcasts, track my schedule, and even do the vast majority of my TV watching on it. It's lightweight enough that I can carry it everywhere, and powerful enough that I can use it to do everything I need.

  • Opinion: 5 Cloud Computing Trends That Will Be Big in 2013

    Will 2013 finally be the year executives stop worrying about cloud security and actually start looking at their bills from cloud service providers? Columnist Bernard Golden thinks so. He has four other cloud computing predictions for 2013, too.

  • Opinion: Forrester Outlines How IT Organizations Will Control the Cloud

    Developers love the cloud because it makes their jobs easier. Rather than fight this trend, and risk obsolescence, Infrastructure and Operations should accept it. A recent Forrester Research report offers five hints for controlling the cloud without stifling developer innovation.

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