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  • Opinion: The Cloud, Day 13: Storing and Managing Pictures in the Cloud

    30 Days With the Cloud: Day 13

  • Opinion: The Cloud, Day 12: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

    30 Days With the Cloud: Day 12

  • Opinion: The Cloud, Day 11: Music in the Cloud

    So far in this 30 Days With the Cloud series I have selected cloud-based solutions for writing, emailing, and storing my data. Now, it is time to move on to perhaps the most important function of my PC and mobile devices--playing my music.

  • Opinion: GeekBytes: Handheld Hacks

    Welcome to GeekTech's daily roundup of the day, covering news we weren't able to give the full-story treatment in bite-sized chunks. GeekBytes is all over cool hacks today, so check out some interesting phone tinkering news, plus how to make a small LED video wall or "stroboscope" with Arduino.

  • Opinion: Situational Awareness at Best Practices for Oil and Gas

    Events like Macondo and San Bruno have got the oil and gas industry talking about situational awareness. According to M.R. Endsley in "Toward a Theory of Situation Awareness in Dynamic Systems" (Human Factors 37(1), 32--64, 1995), situation awareness -- also referred to as situational awareness -- is "the perception of elements in the environment within a volume of time and space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their status in the near future". Situational Awareness, long applied in the military, was the theme of "Best Practices for Oil and Gas" conference, sponsored by SAP. The conference provided an opportunity for SAP to present its product vision and connect the dots between mobility, big data and analytics, and cloud to the oil and gas industry. What most attendees went away with were an understanding of what is coming up in latest releases -- upstream operations performance analytics, asset management and operational risk management, finance -

  • Opinion: Will You Check Your Work Email on Thanksgiving?

    Tis the season for family gatherings, holiday cheer...and work? A survey from Xobni finds that nearly 70 percent of Americans will make some time between watching the Detroit Lions and eating turkey this Thursday to check their work email.

  • Opinion: The Cloud, Day 10: Storing Data in the Cloud

    Aside from email, one of the most known and widely used “cloud” services is data storage. As I continue my 30 Days With the Cloud journey, I have a wide choice of online storage options to choose from. Today I will take a look at some of them, and some of the pros and cons of using cloud storage at all.

  • Opinion: The Cloud, Day 9: Hey! Where'd My Cloud Go?

    Most talk about the cloud is focused on the magic ability to access tools, services, and data from virtually anywhere because the cloud is everywhere…except when it’s not. I got to experience that fun first hand today, and it highlights a serious drawback to relying on the cloud.

  • Opinion: Add a Tabbed E-Mail View to Microsoft Outlook

    If you've lamented the lack of tabs in Microsoft Outlook, lament no more. Now you can give the program the one feature Microsoft seems determined to keep out.

  • Opinion: NREL Growth Forum Shows Room for Further Cost Reductions in Solar

    Despite the fact that solar electricity has been around for decades, the technology still has tremendous potential for improvement in both cost and performance. I recently had the opportunity to sit in on the NREL Growth Forum in Denver, Colorado, where I heard a few solar startups give their pitches for additional funding before a panel of venture capitalists. Even after accounting for aggressive device performance predictions and wildly optimistic revenue projections, I saw concrete ideas that could produce real progress in the effort to make solar more economical.

  • Opinion: The Cloud, Day 6: Working with Microsoft Office Web Apps

    30 Days With the Cloud: Day 6

  • Opinion: The Cloud, Day 5: Taking a Look at Zoho Docs

    30 Days With the Cloud: Day 5

  • Opinion: The Cloud, Day 4: Checking Out Google Docs

    30 Days With the Cloud: Day 4

  • Opinion: How Do I Find Small Businesses I Can Buy?

    I think it's safe to say that nearly everyone, at some point or another, has felt the itch to own a business. The independence, the chance to be the boss, the potential for striking it rich--these are compelling motives.

  • Opinion: Speedy Firefox 9 Beta Versions Take Their Place in Line

    Hard on the heels of the release earlier this week of Firefox 8, Mozilla on Thursday released the beta versions of the next Firefox in line.

  • Opinion: Putting Humpty Dumpty Together Again

    The recent challenge issued by DARPA to reassemble shredded documents seems like trying to put Humpty Dumpty together again. Why would government need to reassemble shredded records? Because troops in war zones confiscate the remains of destroyed or shredded documents that contain valuable information. DARPA is seeking the best technologies for document reconstruction, and has issued a Shredder Challenge to computer scientists, puzzle enthusiasts and anyone else who likes solving complex problems." Although reconstruction techniques ranging from manual assembly to computerized algorithms already exist, by issuing this challenge, DARPA is looking to gain insights into the most efficient solutions.

  • Opinion: The Cloud, Day 3: Choosing an Online Productivity Suite

    30 Days With the Cloud: Day 3

  • Opinion: The Cloud, Day 2: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Cloud

    The first step in spending 30 days relying on cloud-based tools and services is to explore my options and choose the ones I want to use to work and live online. Email and writing are the most crucial functions of my PC for me, so I am going to start by finding suitable online options for email and writing. Actually, I planned to start there, but I ran into a little hiccup--my PC won't cooperate.

  • Opinion: Siri Outages Indicate Apple Still Doesnt Get the Cloud

    For the moment, at least, Apple’s new Siri feature is back online and cheerfully responding to instructions, but it’s hard to say how long that’s going to last. I had trouble getting Siri to respond to my requests from 10am to 2pm Pacific time on Friday and that’s in addition to the long block of downtime the service experienced on Thursday. All the trouble raises the question: Why can’t Apple get cloud services right?

  • Opinion: Black Friday Deals Start This Weekend

    Major retailers are jumping the gun on Black Friday by offering doorbuster specials this weekend, including $200 Windows laptops and 32-inch LCD HDTVs. For tech enthusiasts with a serious bout of bargainitis, now may be the time to shop.

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