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  • Opinion: How Do I Make Web Mail My Default Email, Part 2

    In a continuation of last Thursday's post and skicrazer's forum question, I offer another approach to integrating Web-based email with Windows.

  • Opinion: A New World for EV's: Better Place Launches its Network

    Better Place first announced its intentions to build a network of electric vehicles four years ago. Since then, besides a few demonstration projects, the company has had little to show. But behind the scenes, the Israel-based company has been furiously developing its switch station mechanisms, deployment methodology and--most importantly--its sophisticated network management software. Now, finally, the company announced this week that it has released the first 100 cars onto its Israeli network. And despite many claims that the company's vision was either too late or too far ahead of its time, it turns out that its timing is excellent.

  • Opinion: Get 5GB of Extra Dropbox Storage, Free

    A free account from beloved file-sharing and -storage service Dropbox nets you 2GB of space. Want to boost that to 7GB? You can, and it won't cost you a dime extra.

  • Opinion: SaaS, APTs and Asymmetric Risk Take Spotlight at Security Threats 2012

    What's your stance on SaaS? Is your perimeter as secure as you think? How can the insurance calculus on asymmetric risk illuminate your company's security exposure? CIO.com's Bernard Golden recaps the provocative discussions entertained at the Security Threat 2012 conference.

  • Opinion: Smart Government: Intelligent or Painful?

    Government vendors are promoting "smart" and government audiences are receiving the message with mixed feelings. Is smart a function of government? Can government be smart?If so, what's so smart about it?

  • Opinion: How Do I Make Web Mail My Default Email, Part 1

    Skicrazer asked the Web Browsing and Email forum what to change so that clicking a mailto link would bring up a Web-based mail account.

  • Opinion: Five Ways to Protect Your Email at Work

    Despite the popularity of real-time communications like instant messaging, as well as updates via Facebook and Twitter, most workplaces still use and rely on email. As handy as email can be, it can also be dangerous. Attachments can contain viruses, and email messages can hide phishing links that lead you to fake websites in an attempt to steal your login information.

  • Opinion: Need More Storage? Reach for the Cloud

    When you start out with a fresh new hard drive, it may seem like it has virtually unlimited capacity. The reality, though, is that it won't take nearly as long to max out that drive as you might think, and you will need to find some way to expand your storage.

  • Opinion: Need More Storage? Expand with External Drives

    Face it. Emails, digital pictures, video clips, and other data can quickly fill up hundreds of gigabytes of space. As your remaining space dwindles to nothing, you have a decision to make in terms of how you're going to expand capacity.

  • Opinion: Google Privacy Policy Claims Challenged By Watchdog

    Google's privacy policy changes have caught the attention of an independent watchdog of the federal cloud that is worried about security risks for government workers.

  • Opinion: Choose the Right Social Platform For Your Business

    With Facebook on track to reach one billion users, reports that 75% of marketers will increase their social media spending this year, and predictions that social media will transform TV and influence the presidential election, it's no wonder 2012 has been touted as the "Year of Social Media."

  • Opinion: Introducing 'Go Social'

    Does the world really need another blog about social media? We invested some serious effort into exploring this question before making the decision to launch "Go Social," the blog you're reading now. (As you might have surmised, the conclusion we came to was "yes.")

  • Opinion: New Google Maps Feature: Disaster Alert Pins With Google Public Alerts

    A new feature for Google Maps, which launched Wednesday, allows you to quickly find emergency alerts in your town or around the world.

  • Opinion: Good News: Tech Salaries Are on the Rise Again

    After two straight years of nearly flat salaries, tech professionals have begun to see significant pay increases at last.

  • Opinion: MPAA's Dodd Shelves SOPA Tough Talk at Sundance Film Festival

    The head of Hollywood's chief lobbying arm ratcheted down his rhetoric Tuesday on two controversial bills before Congress aimed at combating the pirating of movies and music on the Internet.

  • Opinion: Cyfe Bundles Small-Business Web Services in One Dashboard

    Running a small business with any kind of Web presence involves tracking information from multiple online services such as Google Analytics, Facebook, and MailChimp. The new website Cyfe populates a dashboard with widgets for commonly used Web services, gathering your important data in one place.

  • Opinion: Digital Signatures Let You Ditch That Old Fax Machine

    Even when faxes were in widespread use, dropped calls and shaky transmissions made them an ineffective means of communication. In the 21st century, you generally don't need a fax machine in the office unless your industry demands it.

  • Opinion: Megaupload Legal Troubles Send Shudders Through Cyberlocker Community

    The shutdown of the massive file-sharing website Megaupload and the arrest of its founder and three of its executives have some members of the cyberlocker community looking over their shoulders, wondering who will be next.

  • Opinion: 10 New Open Source Projects You May Not Know About

    With so many open source software projects under way at any given moment, it can be difficult to keep tabs on all that's going on.

  • Opinion: MegaUpload Takedown Proves SOPA / PIPA Are Unnecessary

    It has been a huge week when it comes to protecting intellectual property, and defending the freedom of the Internet. Following a massive blackout on Wednesday to oppose pending SOPA legislation, the United States government took down MegaUpload.com – demonstrating why we don’t need SOPA in the first place.

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