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  • Opinion: iCloud: security risk?

    Apple's iCloud service, which was recently forced upon former-users of mac.com (including myself), has not proven to be a shiny seamless service. Many tech journos complain that iCloud doesn't represent the user-experience associated with Cupertino's decades-long tradition as a quality-brand.

  • Opinion: Learn the Secrets of Successful Project Management

    A business can live or die based on how well it handles projects.

  • Opinion: RadioShack Plan for Carrier Service Leaked

    RadioShack has been selling mobile handsets for wireless providers for some time, but now it may be getting ready to become a provider itself.

  • Opinion: App Spotlight: Get Kayak Pro (iOS) for Free

    If your business involves any kind of travel whatsoever, you need a good travel app.

  • Opinion: Microsoft Opening a Dozen Stores for the Holidays

    Microsoft has a big retail season ahead of it with the launch of Windows 8 and the Surface tablet this fall. The company plans to open at least a dozen "pop-up" stores across the country for the holidays to support this effort.

  • Opinion: Geek Alert: Edit Code With This Open-Source Implementation of a Leading RAD Tool

    Lazarus (so named because it's an older project, reborn) is a full-featured graphical IDE for Free Pascal, an open-source implementation of Object Pascal. While the Lazarus developers politely ask that it not be called a Delphi clone... if it walks, talks, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. This should not be considered a slam. I found it because I went looking for a free or low-cost Delphi clone, because there's a powerful market niche for one.

  • Opinion: How the Cloud Brings Developers into Business Process

    The disruptive innovation that is the cloud has given developers significantly more influence than they, and their organizations, are used to having. This means the agile, sometimes unstructured world of the developer is increasingly coming into contact with more rigid business groups. Making everyone happy may mean reengineering IT processes.

  • Opinion: Leap Motion Overwhelmed By Developer Response

    It seems like we can expect amazing things from the Leap when it launches next year. Leap Motion reports that it has been flooded with requests for developer units, and an impressive assortment of unique and innovative applications for the motion-sensing device.

  • Opinion: Save a Web Page as a PDF with Just One Click

    Typically, when you want to save a Web page for future reference, you bookmark it. But what happens if that site gets taken down? Or the content of the page gets changed? Or you want to actually preserve that page in a format that doesn't require a Web browser?

  • Opinion: How to Send Your Boss an Anonymous Email

    What's the best way to communicate with your boss? Open, honest, face-to-face conversation, of course.

  • Opinion: Three Ways to Make Microsoft Word Easier to Live With

    Last week you learned three ways to make Outlook easier to live with, and before that, Gmail. Now let's turn our attention to the world's most popular word processor: Microsoft Word.

  • Opinion: LexisNexis Smart Meeting Gives Businesses an Edge

    Business is about relationships. Customers choose to do business with companies that seem knowledgeable of their unique industry, and invested in their success. LexisNexis Smart Meeting is a new service that gives companies an advantage when competing for business.

  • Opinion: Three Ways to Make Outlook Easier to Live With

    I've made no secret of my distaste for Microsoft Outlook. That said, it's a required piece of software for a lot of business users -- and even a desirable one for some.

  • Opinion: Use the Web to Find a College (and Finance the Tuition)

    For high-school students bound for college in 2013—and for their parents—it’s time to get serious about finding a college and figuring out how to pay for it. Get started with these resources.

  • Opinion: Internet Titans Team Up to Form Lobbying Group

    Several major Internet companies, including Google, eBay, Amazon and Facebook, are joining forces to create a lobbying group that educates lawmakers about how the Internet affects their districts. According to Reuters, the group will be called the Internet Association, and it will officially launch in September 2012.

  • Opinion: How to Solve All Your Major Email Hassles

    Inbox overload got you down? Are you constantly chasing responses to your messages? These are but a few of the email-related hassles that can sap your productivity.

  • Opinion: Massive Botnet is Brought Down, Curtailing Flow of Pharmaceutical Spam

    Security researchers have brought down one of the world's largest botnets, ensuring a massive drop in pharmaceutical spam for inboxes everywhere.

  • Opinion: How to Quit Microsoft Outlook, Part III: Finding a New Home

    If you've been following along, you know that I'm divorcing Microsoft Outlook and finding a new home for my contacts, calendars, tasks, and email. Before doing so, however, I made sure to back up all my important Outlook data.

  • Opinion: Free TrashMail Browser Add-On Protects Your Email and Information

    Quite often, you will come across freebies on the Internet such as free music or free eBooks, but as the saying goes, "you don't get something for nothing." In return for that free MP3 or eBook, the site owner will want your email address, which they will then use to flood your email inbox with never-ending spam about Viagra . TrashMail is a Firefox add-on and Chrome extension which aims to instantly stop all this nonsense with a simple right-click of the mouse.

  • Opinion: Select and Delete Multiple Messages in Gmail

    Reader Bill wrote in with this question:

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