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  • Opinion: Walmart Experiments With iPhone App Checkout System

    Walmart is testing a new system that not only would save the company money but reduce the amount of time customers have to interact with the world's largest retailer's self-checkout machines, an experience some people find annoying.

  • Opinion: Miss Hong Kong data-typhoon

    At a Computerworld Hong Kong event years ago, I heard a senior executive explain how online retailer Amazon re-engineered their e-commerce process for the Christmas gift-giving season.

  • Opinion: Thunderbird 15 Delivers Security Fixes and Chat Support

    Along with launching Firefox 15, Mozilla on Tuesday also rolled out the latest version of its free and open source Thunderbird email client.

  • Opinion: Get a Free Sharepoint-Style Workspace for Your Business

    If your business employs more than a few people, it's a good bet you've got project-management problems.

  • Opinion: FreshBooks Launches IPhone App

    FreshBooks, a popular web-based invoicing and expense-tracking service for small businesses, today launched an iPhone app that integrates with--and delivers the same features as--the original desktop browser-based version.

  • Opinion: How to configure Dropbox's two-step authentication

    Following in the footsteps of Google and other services, Dropbox this weekend enabled two-factor authentication to bring enhanced security to its users.

  • Opinion: Evernote Business Bringing Note-Management Goodness to SMBs

    Evernote has long been a popular tool for business users, offering easy capture and management of notes, ideas, documents, and the like.

  • Opinion: Go Online to Plan a Great Vacation

    Missed out on a summer vacation this year? Take heart: With cooler weather and smaller crowds, autumn is a great time for a vacation getaway—and you can find some terrific travel deals online. Whether you want to book a two-week European adventure or a simple weekend in the country, here are some tips to help you plan a thoroughly refreshing retreat, without breaking the bank.

  • Opinion: 'Big Security' a Natural, Necessary Extension of Big Data

    Big data is poised to grow well beyond the enterprise - and anything we can imagine today. Think of how the assembly line changed the automobile and, consequently, our lives. Keeping big data secure will require an equally innovative approach. CIO.com columnist Bernard Golden calls it 'big security,' and he doesn't think the industry is ready for it yet.

  • Opinion: Chrome/Firefox Extension Gmelius Makes Gmail More Readable

    With numerous buttons and options you may never use, Gmail's rich interface can get in the way of actually reading email. To be fair, Google packs a lot of functionality into the interface, but no interface is perfect for 100% of its users. Gmelius is a simple Chrome extension and/or Firefox add-on that lets you pick and choose which features you want to see, and how you want to use them.

  • Opinion: InstallFree Nexus Brings Microsoft Office to iPads, Via the Cloud

    Earlier this year, the Internet was abuzz with what appeared to be a version of Microsoft Word running on the iPad. Today, we're no closer to seeing Word as a native iPad app than we were when it was spotted briefly in the wild six months ago.

  • Opinion: Add a Snooze Button to Gmail with Snooze Your Email

    Regular readers know of my mad love for services like Boomerang for Gmail and FollowUpThen, which let you "snooze" emails you receive so they appear at the top of your inbox at a later time.

  • Opinion: Hulu Content May Change This Fall, Report Says

    Changes may come to Hulu this fall that could make it harder to find new television content on the video streaming site, but easier to find newer episodes elsewhere across the Web, according to an online report.

  • Opinion: How to View Only Your Unread Email in Outlook

    If your inbox looks anything like mine, it's a cumbersome mixture of read and unread messages.

  • Opinion: iCloud: security risk?

    Apple's iCloud service, which was recently forced upon former-users of mac.com (including myself), has not proven to be a shiny seamless service. Many tech journos complain that iCloud doesn't represent the user-experience associated with Cupertino's decades-long tradition as a quality-brand.

  • Opinion: Learn the Secrets of Successful Project Management

    A business can live or die based on how well it handles projects.

  • Opinion: RadioShack Plan for Carrier Service Leaked

    RadioShack has been selling mobile handsets for wireless providers for some time, but now it may be getting ready to become a provider itself.

  • Opinion: App Spotlight: Get Kayak Pro (iOS) for Free

    If your business involves any kind of travel whatsoever, you need a good travel app.

  • Opinion: Microsoft Opening a Dozen Stores for the Holidays

    Microsoft has a big retail season ahead of it with the launch of Windows 8 and the Surface tablet this fall. The company plans to open at least a dozen "pop-up" stores across the country for the holidays to support this effort.

  • Opinion: Geek Alert: Edit Code With This Open-Source Implementation of a Leading RAD Tool

    Lazarus (so named because it's an older project, reborn) is a full-featured graphical IDE for Free Pascal, an open-source implementation of Object Pascal. While the Lazarus developers politely ask that it not be called a Delphi clone... if it walks, talks, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. This should not be considered a slam. I found it because I went looking for a free or low-cost Delphi clone, because there's a powerful market niche for one.

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