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  • Opinion: I'm OK, you're... 8K? 8K broadcasts coming in 2020

    "I dunno, that 4K TV just doesn't have enough pixels," said no one ever. But that isn't stopping the march of progress--8K resolution is coming. Just not for a little while, and with plenty of technical hurdles to clear along the way.

  • Opinion: Indiegogo CEO responds to backers demanding refunds for scammy Healbe wristband

    The Indiegogo campaign for the scientifically untenable Healbe activity tracker hasn't been shut down, but now a co-founder of the crowd-funding site seems to understand just how badly the wearable is affecting public trust in his platform.

  • Opinion: Wearables sales tripled in a year--and will grow 500 percent by 2018, study says

    Anyone who follows consumer tech news already knows that wearables are all the rage. They're hot. They're heralded as the Next Big Thing in mobile electronics. But are they selling? Research firm IDC says it has answers, reporting Thursday that sales of wearables have more than tripled in one year's time, and will grow about 500 percent in the next four years.

  • Opinion: Google bakes Chromecast-style Sonos support into Play Music

    On Thursday morning, Sonos and Google announced a duet made in streaming music heaven: Deep, intertwined Google Play Music and Sonos home audio equipment integration.

  • Opinion: Turns out most people prefer to watch TV instead of tweet about it

    Twitter and Facebook think they're pretty important to TV viewers and have spent the last year or so fighting for a piece of advertisers' budgets. But it turns out that most people aren't paying attention to social media at all when they tune in to their favorite shows.

  • Opinion: LG's G Watch prototype looks just like every other smartwatch

    As we're eagerly awaiting the arrival of Android Wear, we're also paying close attention to see what device manufacturers come up with for the official launch, expected to happen later this summer.

  • Opinion: Rumor: Samsung is developing a smartwatch with an integrated SIM

    Samsung's mobile portfolio is already crowded with wrist-worn wearables, including the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit. Yet now there's a rumor afloat that it's adding another smartwatch to its arsenal: the Gear Solo.

  • Opinion: Hands on with the Tablo DVR: Over-the-air TV to go

    Anyone looking for an alternative to forking out cash each month to a cable provider has another cord-cutting option at their disposal in the form of Tablo. The DVR not only records over-the-air broadcast television, but also streams live and recorded TV over the Internet for those times when you've left the couch in body, if not in spirit.

  • Opinion: My Sony SmartBand arrived from Amazon! But its required software isn't even public yet

    Well, this is frustrating. I'm now the proud owner of a Sony SmartBand, the activity-tracking wristband that records lifestyle events along with exercise and sleep data. But I can't actually use the device because its essential, mission-critical software isn't yet available on Google Play.

  • Opinion: Wellograph puts a luxury twist on activity-tracking wristbands (or is it a smartwatch?)

    Most wrist-worn activity trackers err toward sporty styling at best and gauche aesthetics at worst. This leaves a wide-open hole in the market for a wellness tracker-cum-smartwatch like the Wellograph. It's available for pre-order Thursday at the dear, dear price of $350, and attempts to bring a bit of civilized grace to wearable-tech fashion.

  • Opinion: DIY tech

    In the past, a technically apt user might decide to build their own customized PC. They'd buy components that suited their usage patterns--motherboard, case, graphics card etc--and put it all together. Some would tweak a Linux distro for maximum customization. Of course this continues today, but when PCs were pricey and less powerful, the desire to maximize compute power for the desktop was stronger.

  • Opinion: Oculus fallout proves nobody understands what Kickstarter truly does: Fund hope

    The whining began mere moments after Facebook announced it was gobbling up Oculus Rift for a whopping $2 billion, enthralled by the Rift's potential for non-gaming applications.

  • Opinion: Sony says 'thanks, but no thanks' to Android Wear

    A lot of developers are excited by the prospect of Android Wear, Google's upcoming platform for wearable devices such as smartwatches. Sony isn't one of them: The electronics giant says it's going to pass on making wearables using the Google offering.

  • Opinion: Google myth-busts the nonsense that 'Glass is ready for prime time'

    Google's smartglasses are far from perfect, but we have to give the company credit for always positioning the current iteration of Glass as a work-in-progress. I would qualify the Glass Explorer program as the ultimate alpha test of any prototype in consumer-tech history--insomuch as Google has recruited thousands of hardware testers, publicly, to help its engineers work out the kinks.

  • Opinion: Layar, the pioneering augmented reality app, is now available for Google Glass

    The year was 2009. The iPhone was still a relatively fresh young face, and a newfangled technology called "augmented reality," or AR, was giving iOS users a few fancy parlor tricks to try out with their smartphones. Layar was the biggest name in mobile AR back then--and now it makes a return on a smartglasses platform that needs some AR mojo.

  • Opinion: Take your selfie out to the ballgame: This baseball team will put your face on its jersey

    As a kid, I always wanted my picture on a baseball card. As an adult who's more likely to eat a slider than hit one, I'll just have to settle for getting my picture on a baseball jersey.

  • Opinion: World's smallest wearable Ringblingz is coming for your teenagers

    Wearables that deliver notifications and only notifications really need to justify their existence, since, let's face it, it's really not that big a deal to just wait until you pick up your smartphone to see who called or texted you. So to succeed, products need a fun design that you'd actually want to wear, good battery life so that keeping them charged doesn't become a chore, customization so you get only the notifications you really care about, and a low price point because... duh. Ringblingz, shown off at the R/GA accelerator's demo day at South by Southwest, hits all of those pitches out of the park.

  • Opinion: Moov is the activity tracker that also coaches your activities

    Your activity tracker can count your steps, and your phone's GPS can tell you how far your run was, but can either of them help correct your form to reduce the risk of an injury? No, but Moov can. It can also coach you through biking workouts, count how many laps you swim, and lead you through a fun cardio boxing routine, giving you real-time feedback on your punches' speed and form.

  • Opinion: Let my love open the door: Nymi wristband uses your pulse as a password

    Yeah, yeah, we're all special. It's a cliche, but in at least one way, we really are special: Our heartbeats have individually identifiable characteristics that are impossible to spoof or replicate.

  • Opinion: Mio stays on the pulse of fitness hardware with its wrist monitors

    Mio Global's Mio Alpha watch is a heart rate monitor you can wear on your wrist. But since it's accurate while you exercise, you should be able to bid a not-so-fond farewell to those sweaty chest straps that take the fun out of fitness tech.

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