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  • Opinion: Click this: All about mechanical keyboards and why you need one

    Keyboards are of two kinds: (1) the cheapo, no-name slabs that are bundled by the millions with PCs, and (2) the ones that are actually worth using--and in most cases, that's a mechanical keyboard. Stalwart friend to gamers and power typists alike, the mechanical keyboard's physical operation and durability make it the gold standard for computer use. It's not the only option out there--good alternatives abound for wireless, ergonomic, and other purposes--but if nothing else, ditching that freebie is something everyone should do. Read on to learn more about why a mechanical keyboard should be in your future.

  • Opinion: Lose the Force, Luke: Fitbit hands out refunds to Force users with rashes

    Here's the mildly irritating truth of the developing wearables era: Your favorite wrist gadget might give you a skin rash.

  • Opinion: FAQ: What is 4K exactly, and do I have to buy a new TV now?

    One of the most undeniable trends as this year's CES expo was 4K TVs. There were giant 4K sets, curved 4K sets, and bendable 4K sets. But all that 4K action might leave you wondering: what does 4K mean? And what effect does the onslaught of 4K have on the future of the HDTV I just bought?

  • Opinion: ChefJet 3D printer is the sweetest thing we saw at CES

    I can roll out and decorate cookies with the most die-hard of my Midwestern relatives. In fact, I may put them to shame, since my attention to detail while making Christmas cookies a few weeks ago annoyed even my Mom. Is it weird that I'm feeling proud about that? She has high standards, you guys.

  • Opinion: This cuddly, snuggly, high-tech therapy robot saved our CES

    Robots to assist the differently abled are not a brand-new idea. But I've never seen a robot as cute and cuddly and downright huggable as Paro, a theraputic robot in the form of a furry, huge-eyed baby seal. And from the moment I encountered it in a corner of the South Hall at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, I was in love.

  • Opinion: Sony's Life Space UX demo boasts of interactive entertainment

    Welcome to The Living Room of the Future. Your kitchen table is a giant widget display! Your vanity mirror can also show you the latest issue of Vanity Fair! And the ceiling? Well, you can program it to look like the actual sky outside.

  • Opinion: Auto-tune your karaoke sessions with Singtrix

    Karaoke is incredibly fun--if you can sing. Actually, it's fun either way, but the vocally challenged among us (myself included) could use a little push to get up on stage. And since you can't hog the mic all night, wouldn't it be nice if other people's crooning magically sounded better too?

  • Opinion: The PowerUp 3.0 is not your grandpa's paper airplane

    The last time I tried to fly a paper airplane was in fourth grade, and it was intercepted by a frenemy before it could reach my best friend across the classroom. Curses! This is a common issue with the old-school paper plane. They're finicky--easy to fold, hard to fly for more than five seconds.

  • Opinion: Samsung's merges its smartphone and camera divisions

    Samsung will stop at nothing to be number one, especially if that means merging two powerful divisions within its company to create one super division that could trump all its competitors--at least, that seems to be the idea.

  • Opinion: Beyond the bra: Five other personal products Microsoft should make

    This week, Microsoft researchers disclosed that they had developed a prototype bra to sense when women were overstressed, and thus susceptible to binge eating.

  • Opinion: Traveling with your camera: What to take with you

    You don't have to be a National Geographic photographer to take your digital camera on the road. Whether you're embarking on a week-long vacation, a weekend getaway, or even just a day trip, you might want to bring your digital camera with you for better photos than you can snap with your phone alone. But what accessories do you need to take the best photos and to keep them safe? I've rounded up a collection of gear designed for traveling photographers. You won't need to bring everything on this list unless you really are a Nat Geo pro, but you can use the list to find all the essentials that work for you.

  • Opinion: 7 killer tips for editing photos in Android

    For many of us, our phones are now our primary piece of photography equipment. We use them to snap photos, record videos, and share our creations with the world. While most smartphone cameras do a decent job of capturing the moment, it never hurts to know your way around an image-editing app.

  • Opinion: Pafers releases the XSPIN just in time for rainy season

    It seems timely that today is the day that Pafers released the XSPIN, their new indoor cycling sensor, because today is the kind of rainy, dreary, chilly day when you'd like to stay inside under a blanket. Go outside, right now, for a bike ride? I am not that hardcore.

  • Opinion: Coin isn't real yet, but the smart payment card is already adding features

    Coin, the Bluetooth-powered plastic smart card that plans to consolidate and replace your payment and loyalty cards, isn't even a real product on the market yet and is already adding features.

  • Opinion: Qualcomm's long-lasting TOQ smartwatch coming December 2 for $350

    Cyber Monday is a great day to find deals online, but one place you won't find a great deal during this year's sales extravaganza on December 2 is Qualcomm's website. While people all over America are perusing Amazon, Ebay, Staples and Walmart for cheap deals, the chip maker will release its previously announced Toq smartwatch for $350.

  • Opinion: HKTVN's license-denial does not help Hong Kong

    For decades, Hong Kong has had two free-to-air channels, each broadcasting one English-language and one Cantonese channel. Recently, the Executive Council decided to increase the number, but their decision has provoked sharp public criticism.

  • Opinion: HTC enters smartwatch fray; my wrist remains unimpressed

    Hey wrist, how's it going down there between my elbow and fingers?! Great, good to hear it! Hey, did you hear the latest news!? Yet another manufacturer wants to make a smaller version of a smartphone and wrap you in!

  • Opinion: How to keep your camera clean

    Everything gets dusty, dirty, and smudgy. You know that, for instance, because you have a phone. Most of the time, your phone's screen looks like it sunk with the Titanic. If you have a digital camera--either a compact camera or a digital SLR--it's even worse, because the optics are delicate and it doesn't take much gunk to adversely affect your photos.

  • Opinion: Fitbit Force is a slim fitness band with more screen

    The latest fitness band from Fitbit isn't just about counting steps and burning calories.

  • Opinion: Pay TV as we know it will be dead by 2025, and this is how it will happen

    Look into your TV screen. You're watching the 2025 Emmy Awards preshow coverage, and absolutely nothing looks familiar--unless you remember a pivotal moment from the 2013 version of the TV industry's awards spectacle.

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