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  • Opinion: 3D Printer Makes Intricate Sand Castles, Wins All the Sand Castle Competitions

    When you go to the beach, one of the first things you do is make the greatest sand castle you can muster. Moats? No problem. Walls around the castle(s)? Easy. Doorways and actual bridges? Ok, given the density of sand, this one can be a little trickier, and will usually result in frustration and disappointment. That's unless you take a Stone Spray robot with you.

  • Opinion: CameraMator Wirelessly Tethers Your DSLR to iPads and iPhones

    Tethering your camera to a computer has always been a great way to get a closer look at your photographs as you take them. But it’s a practice that’s mainly been restricted to studio photographers because of the need carry around the cumbersome cables, tripods, and a laptop stand.

  • Opinion: Pay-What-You-Want StoryBundle: Seven Spiffy Indie Sci-Fi Books Up for Grabs

    When I was younger, my mother once banned me from buying any new books. This was because I'm one of life's natural speed readers and I had finished a dozen novels in two days. (Uh...you don't want to know how much money I used to blow on books.)

  • Opinion: Never Come Home to Empty Cupboards Again With This Virtual Grocery Store

    Everyone's been there: You get back from a trip, open the cupboard to make a coffee before you unpack, and there's no coffee. Or bread. Or milk. Or even bananas. The next thing you know, you're eating green beans out of a can. But it doesn't have to be that way.

  • Opinion: 4 Things Apple Will Eliminate With iPhone 5 and iOS 6

    The next-generation iPhone is set to bring some radical changes for users, and it will also mark a very public break-up between Apple and Google. Much-loved Google products on iOS will now disappear or be replaced with Apple variants, while hardware design changes will bring long-term improvements, but short-term headaches for some users.

  • Opinion: Curiosity Sends Back its First Color Image of Mars From its 17-Camera Arsenal

    Even though it just landed this past weekend, the Curiosity rover is already hard at work. On Tuesday, NASA received its first color image from the car-sized rover of the surrounding Gale Crater, where it will begin its scientific mission to find evidence of water and life forms on Mars.

  • Opinion: iPhone Trade-In Flurry Begins

    Do you have an old iPhone and want to get some cash for it to put toward the upcoming new one? You're not alone. Owners of older iPhones are now rushing to sell their devices in anticipation of the rumored September 12 launch date of the iPhone 5. They're cashing in up to $300 for an iPhone 4S, in many cases more than what they initially paid for the phone.

  • Opinion: Apple, Samsung Wage Battle Both In and Out of Court

    If anyone believed the court contest between Apple and Samsung wasn't a bare-knuckle brawl, the first week of the patent infringement trial should have disabused them of those notions.

  • Opinion: This Real-Life WALL-E Replica Is Adorable, Awesome

    In 2003, Mike Senna charmed the Internet with his remote-controlled R2-D2 replica. Now, he's winning even more people over with this enchanting, full-size replica of Disney's WALL-E. And, it only took him two and a half years.

  • Opinion: New MetroPCS Phone Offers Mobile TV Programming: Worth It?

    MetroPCS now sells a phone capable of receiving free TV programming. There's one problem, though--it's expensive. The Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G will set you back $460, $200 more than its sister Galaxy smartphones, which don't have TV reception capabilities.

  • Opinion: Put an Old Phone to Good Use--Make it a Lego NXT Telepresence Robot

    Do you have an old Android phone stored away that you keep only for emergencies--or just aren't sure what to do with it? You could breathe new life into the semi-retired handset by strapping it up to a Lego Mindstorms NXT set and turn it into a household security robot.

  • Opinion: Lego Motorized Wheelchair Doubles as the Nerdiest Throne Ever

    We've seen some pretty cool alternatives to the standard wheelchair, including a leg-bound exoskeleton and Segway that you can sit on. But obviously nothing can be cooler than a wheelchair made entirely of Lego and powered by Mindstorms NXT kits.

  • Opinion: Sharp Says New iPhone Screens Shipping to Apple

    Sharp, one of Apple’s three display suppliers, said the first screens for the next generation iPhone will begin shipping this month. The company’s new president, Takashi Okuda was quoted by Reuters, speaking at a press briefing in Tokyo, saying "shipments will start in August," but without any other details.

  • Opinion: Web App Tells You Which Olympic Athlete You Most Resemble

    Are you following the London Olympic games? Even if you're not watching every event, you probably at least follow your country's athletes and medal count. No matter the capacity in which you watch the games, there's one thing most of us know–we'll never be like them. But is that really true?

  • Opinion: The Mouth Factory To Advance Mouth-Driven Home Improvement

    Why use your hands when you can use your mouth instead? Designed by London's Royal College of Art's Cheng Guo, The Mouth Factory series is an absolutely bewildering collection of "functional machines" engineered to be operated by, you guessed it, the user's mouth. According to the website, the selection includes a chewing lathe, a tongue extruder, a mouth breath rotational molding machine, and a vacuum form machine.

  • Opinion: Images of Sony Xperia Tablet Leaked Online

    Photos of one of Sony's next-generation Xperia tablets have been leaked online, showing a device that boasts a number of features and accessories including a keyboard cover/stand just like the one for Microsoft's Surface tablet.

  • Opinion: Court Delays Apple's Bid To Ban Galaxy Nexus Smartphone

    Samsung's Galaxy Nexus smartphone will remain on sale in the United States after a federal appeals court granted its maker a temporary reprieve from a ban on sale of the handset.

  • Opinion: Get Dozens of Free Business and IT Ebooks From Microsoft

    The smartest folks I know are the ones who have bookshelves stacked with reference guides. Knowledge is power, and all that.

  • Opinion: Honda's Stride Management Assist Will Have the Elderly Back on Their Feet

    It has been quite a month for miraculous restorative robotics. First we saw a glove with the capacity to improve motor skills of individuals suffering from spinal cord injuries. Now, Honda has introduced the Stride Management Assist, a device that will be featured at the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology in August.

  • Opinion: iPad Mini: What We Know So Far

    Apple is set to unveil a new iPhone and possibly a new smaller iPad on Sept. 12, according to pundits. Apple has previously dismissed the 7-inch form factor for tablets because it’s too small, but the recent successes of the Kindle Fire from Amazon and the Nexus 7 tablet from Google, manufactured by Asus, have slowly squeezed the 9.7-inch iPad’s market share, so Apple is expected to hit back.

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