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  • Opinion: How to grab a freeze-frame from a video

    How to grab a freeze-frame from a video

  • Opinion: Save yourself a trip to the body shop with this DIY rear-view camera

    If there's one challenge mankind has been wrestling with for well over a century, it's how to parallel-park your car without backing up into another car or a parking meter. Once again, the intrepid Raspberry Pi computer comes to the rescue. Developer Jeremy Blythe designed a Raspberry Pi-based project that combines a cheap and effective parking camera along with a distance sensor in your vehicle.

  • Opinion: #Flock is a Twitter integrated-cuckoo clock that chirps when others tweet at you

    The clever folks at Berg, along with Twitter UK, have put their collective hand to an interesting Twitter-driven cuckoo clock they call #Flock. While it's easy to appreciate the lovely craftsmanship of these clocks (they really are pretty cute), what's even more interesting is how they're wired into the Internet.

  • Opinion: Mini PCs amok: From 3ft tower to 3cm mini marvel

    Back in the 1980s the PC revolution brought about the microcomputer. We’re still seeing an ongoing trend in shrinkage, which has resulted in the current mini PC.

  • Opinion: Tiny microbatteries could power devices for days, recharge in seconds

    Smartphones have become dramatically more powerful in recent years, featuring ever-increasing amounts of processing power, memory, and data storage, and higher screen resolutions. The only thing that seems to be lacking is enough battery power to keep our devices running all day.

  • Opinion: Read your RSS feeds as 'Star Wars' opening crawls (and other stuff you missed)

    Hey, Wired is officially 20 years old today! But before you head over to check out the amazing stories Wired has done since 1993, here are some other things that you might have missed.

  • Opinion: All PCs great and small: how competition and collaboration is driving tech innovation

    A strange set of competitive and interdependent business relationships is driving innovation in PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets. And for the consumer that's mostly good news.

  • Opinion: DARPA makes an indoor GPS chip that's smaller than a penny

    GPS IS a godsend for people with absolutely no natural sense of direction. But sometimes, these people-tracking satellite systems don't work so well in a dense city, or worse--when you go anywhere indoors.

  • Opinion: Revisit Jurassic Park in blocky, non-3D Minecraft

    It's Jurassic Park fever. Just last week, the 3D remastered version of Steven Spielberg's dinosaur classic hit theaters. But if that's not enough childhood nostalgia for you, Josh Collin recreated the entire prehistoric amusement park in Minecraft for your virtual touring pleasure.

  • Opinion: Trax is a wearable GPS for your pets and little ones

    When your smaller mammalian responsibilities wander, it may be wise to keep tabs on them. Wonder Technology Solutions (aka WTS) has come with a suitably diminutive, well, solution. The Trax (funding through April 12) should allow you to keep an intelligent digital leash on your children or pets.

  • Opinion: Kindle and Raspberry Pi join forces in this wireless terminal hack

    It's pretty obvious that we love hardware hacks, whether it be Kindles that gets jailbroken into makeshift displays or some amazing uses of the Raspberry Pi. Now one hacker named Max Ogden has combined these two great hack flavors into one ultimate combo he calls the Kindleberry Wireless.

  • Opinion: Master the Camera app on iOS

    Both the iPhone and the iPod touch make for stellar pocket cameras, and the iPad and iPad mini aren't too bad in a pinch either. An iOS device isn't perfect for every photographic need. But it can serve awfully well in many situations where you might once have needed a digital camera.

  • Opinion: Meet Charlotte, the only spider that's good at math

    You might run at the sight of a spider creeping up your wall, but if you stop to study its movement, each leg corresponds with another. This makes a spider's movement quite fluid, despite the eight legs it has to control. In leggy robots, there are lots of ways to replicate the movement, but here's a great example using Raspberry Pi.

  • Opinion: Let Google+ try and guess your mood (and other stuff you missed)

    Believe it or not, t's been 40 years since the first ever cell phone call, so go and call a loved one then be sure to come back to read your mid-week GeekBytes update. Today's installment features a mechanical Etch-A-Sketch, emoticons and a lot of sticky notes.

  • Opinion: NYC payphones take you back in time (and other stuff you missed)

    April Fool's Day is over, so it's safe to believe in what you read on the Internet again. Well, most of it, anyway. While some parts of the Web hosted hoaxes all day, there was also a fair share of real news. Here is just a sampling of what you might have missed.

  • Opinion: Craft your own cotton candy machine from an old hard drive

    Fresh cotton candy is one of those rare treats you find only at county fairs, ball games, and carnivals, because for most of us it's just too frivolous to buy an at-home cotton candy machine. However, if, like most tech-savvy people, you have a few old hard drives sitting around that still spin, you can build your own cotton candy maker on the cheap.

  • Opinion: 85,000 Rubik's Cubes make gorgeous mosaics (and other stuff you missed)

    Today's edition of GeekBytes proves there's more to Rubik's Cubes than the frustration of not being able to finish them. What are we talking about? Read on to find out, and to see other things you might have missed.

  • Opinion: How to get all A's at school with Raspberry Pi (and other stuff you missed)

    At school, whenever I got a big project to work on at home to present in class, I'd spend days trying to think up how to make everyone else's work look drab. Sometimes this worked out, but after seeing this father-daughter Raspberry Pi poster project, looks like I got a taste of my own medicine.

  • Opinion: Remains of the Day: Digital wrongs management

    One patent-holding firm says it will see Apple in court. Elsewhere, people continue to pontificate on Apple's newest hire, and Walmart takes a page from Apple's playbook--and uses Apple's devices to do it. The remainders for Wednesday, March 20, 2013 are available where all fine goods are sold.

  • Opinion: Deal Nerd News: $105 off dual 24" Dell U2412M LCD bundle, $80 Android Tablet, 90" LED HDTV, more

    Welcome back to the latest and greatest findings from within the depths of the Deal Nerd lab. Multi-taskers and power users alike will nerd-gasm over this amazing deal on two Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24" monitors with dual monitor desk stand for $105 off. This monitor made it in our best LCD monitor deals. You can also snag yourself a slim little 7" Android 4.0 tablet for just $80.45. And if you have a lot of friends to impress or need something to fill your mansion, be sure to check out the 90" Sharp 3D LED HDTV for only a little more than your first car cost. You'll find these scientifically-awesome offers and many others below, so scroll down before the hottest deals disappear.

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