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  • Opinion: Shapeways launches a new soft, squishy 3D printing material

    If you've ever felt a 3D-printed object? They're typically made of hard, brittle plastic, and tend to be delecate. Now Shapeways is introducing a new, squishy 3D printing material called Elasto Plastic that's more like a soft, pliable piece of rubber than stiff ABS plastic.

  • Opinion: Keyboard Cat Animatronic Plush toy will play you off whenever you want

    Attention, meme lovers: You can now get your very own Keyboard Cat. Sort of. ThinkGeek now sells an animatronic, plush-toy version of the musical cat meme for your enjoyment. This battery-powered gadget not only moves around, but also plays the Keyboard Cat music. It stands 8 inches tall and runs off of three AA batteries, and it can be yours for $35.

  • Opinion: 3200 LEDs make the Sydney Harbor Bridge a giant lightshow that you can control

    The Color the Bridge project, part of the annual Vivid Sydney light festival, lights up the Sydney Harbor Bridge with 3200 programmed LED lights and fiber optics, giving the otherwise gray concrete-and-steel structure a totally different appearance.

  • Opinion: Take to the skies with the Da Vinci Classic Ornithopter

    The University of Maryland's Morpheus Laboratory has been tinkering with flapping wing flight for almost a decade. Now Da Vinci Classic Ornithopters (DCO) has partnered up with Morpheus Lab to offer a device that bears the fruits this research and design, a remote controlled small unmanned air vehicle (SUAV) that'd make its namesake proud. The Da Vinci Classic Ornithopter (funding through June 17th) is bringing affordable robotic birds to the hobbyist crowd.

  • Opinion: The Buccaneer is an inexpensive, attractive 3D printer designed for anybody

    If you want to get into 3D printing, there are tons of options out there for you to choose from. Unfortunately, most of the inexpensive 3D printers require you to assemble them yourself, a tedious and often frustrating task. Fully assembled printers are becoming more and more prevalent, but often cost a few hundred dollars more. Pirate3D wants to change this trend with its upcoming low-cost and fully assembled printer known as The Buccaneer.

  • Opinion: Bring Terminator back to life with 15,000 Lego bricks

    If you needed a project to use up all those gray Lego bricks, Martin Latta found one: a life-sized Lego replica of the Terminator T-800.

  • Opinion: Grumpy Cat to star in her first Hollywood movie, give Garfield a run for his money

    Grumpy Cat--whose real name is Tardar Sauce--is about to become an official movie star. According to Deadline, our most-cranky-faced feline is about to star in a new Garfield-esque feature film produced by Broken Road Productions. No word yet if she'll hate Mondays.

  • Opinion: This guy proposed to his girlfriend, filmed it with Google Glass

    Whether you love the idea or hate it, there's no denying that wearable tech like Google Glass could change the way you document your daily life. Just ask Breon Nagy

  • Opinion: Paws whatever you're doing and check out this Whack-A-Mole for cats

    Whack-a-Mouse is most likely exactly what you think it is: It's like Whack-A-Mole, except for cats (though there's certainly nothing wrong with turning it into a family affair).

  • Opinion: Raspberry Pi goes to space, brings back photos of Earth

    When we first caught word that the Raspberry Pi Foundation was coming out with a new camera, we were excited to see the camera-based projects that would come out of this $25 peripheral. We're finally starting to see some projects, including the big one: sending it to space.

  • Opinion: How to use a Bluetooth keyboard with the Apple TV

    Apple refers to the Apple TV as a "hobby"--and though the home-entertainment device has received regular updates, especially over the past couple of years, for most of its life that description has fit. Still, the updates have helped make today's Apple TV a much more capable device than the one that debuted back in 2007. It has improved enough that we regularly use it in our home.

  • Opinion: How to photograph the moon

    It's hard to believe today--especially since you can just look up at the sky and see our crater-covered moon with your naked eyes--but there was a time when people weren't intimately familiar with what the surface of our nearby neighbor looked like. Before the Renaissance-era invention of the telescope, the moon was generally thought to be a perfect, unblemished sphere. These days, with even a moderate telephoto lens, you can photograph the moon and see the surface details for yourself.

  • Opinion: Forget getting a new tablet, build a DIY Etch A Sketch for your (inner) kid

    Recognized as one of the 100 most memorable and creative toys of the 20th century, the Etch A Sketch has served as both a children's toy and a platform for those looking to prove they can make art on even the most ridiculous things.

  • Opinion: Score some geek points at your next cookout with this Power Mac G5 grill

    With Memorial Day and the traditional start of summer just around the corner, you're probably daydreaming about that giant rack of meat you're going to throw on your trusty grill this weekend (don't forget the vegetarian options, too!). But before you dust off that barbecue, consider using one of those old computer towers for your cookout.

  • Opinion: Cut custom circuit boards with the Othermill

    3D printing is all the rage these days, because it's an additive process that lets you basically fabricate any random knick knacks on your mind. But who says making has to be a strictly 3D printing only affair?

  • Opinion: Makie is a fully customizable (and slightly unsettling) 3D-printed action figure

    Making custom designs with 3D printing is nothing new--in fact, it's right with the spirit of the technology. However we aren't all superb designers, and it can be challenging--or even impossible--to design something that you're happy with. So if you've been thinking about 3D printing a custom action figure, you might want to check out Makie, by MakieLab first.

  • Opinion: New pink phone has liquid-cooled processor so women don't burn their delicate lady hands

    Japanese manufacturer NEC recently introduced a gender-specific mobile phone that will go on sale at the end of June. The Medias X 06E, which is available in either white or pink and comes with an attached light pendant, is being promoted for both its feminine design and the fact that it is the world's first liquid-cooled smartphone. Because NEC believes that the top priorities among female mobile consumers is owning a phone that 1) screams "this is a lady's phone!!!" and 2) won't get too hot and sear their delicate manicured lady fingers.

  • Opinion: Lightpack protects your precious eyesight while watching TV

    Your eye can clearly see only a small part of your screen any given time. The rest of your field of view is some measure of blurry--a smearing of color your brain pulls, along with the sharp central focus, into a coherent image. That makes it relatively simple to extend the perceived breadth of a scene on your TV screen or monitor. Woodenshark aims to capitalize on this with its Lightpack (funding through May 31), an inexpensive back lighting system that extends your visual experience beyond the borders of your box.

  • Opinion: Ultimate tech tools for the household CTO

    Running a household smoothly is like heading up a small business--even more so if you manage a home office on top of it all. You need to be detail-oriented, organized, and well equipped. Luckily, even if you lack those first two traits, the proper tools can go a long way toward filling the gap.

  • Opinion: This wooden record lets you listen to Radiohead the low-tech way

    TechHive intern and beard maven Albert Filice has been playing around with a 3D printer and managed to make a 3D-printed necktie. As impressive as this is, it looks like he may have some competition.

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