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Trax is a wearable GPS for your pets and little ones

Wonder Technology Solutions' tiny real time GPS tracker in the world will help you keep reins on your kids or creatures.

When your smaller mammalian responsibilities wander, it may be wise to keep tabs on them. Wonder Technology Solutions (aka WTS) has come with a suitably diminutive, well, solution. The Trax (funding through April 12) should allow you to keep an intelligent digital leash on your children or pets.

Trax is a tiny GPS tracking device--and yet another new gadget to be described as "smart" by its creators. Its antenna is compatible with both GPS and GLONASS and works in concert with an accelerometer/gyroscope combination that provides indoor position monitoring when satellites aren't reachable. These bits feed information to an app--coming soon to iPhones and Android devices--whose functions span beyond just locating its anchor. It's intended to allow you to draw geo-fences on a map whose boundaries alert you when crossed, or set an allowed proximity distance from your phone. Interestingly, the frequency of positional updates depends on the tracker module's movement speed. Speedy objects will be treated to significantly more pings, accurate to within 10 feet.

Trackable data includes the locator's remaining battery life, speed of travel, distance from the target, and footprint history. Its small and weighs 30 grams, with an alleged battery life of two to four days (rechargeable va a micro-USB cable). Packaging includes mounting attachments for affixing the gadget to dog collars or clothing, should pockets be unavailable. While service is free upon purchase, WTS will begin to charge a $5-a-month fee after two years of use.

The rather generous supply of early specials with get you a first-batch Trax in blue or pink for £99 (approximately $149). For £25 more (approximately $189) you can grab a second-batch product with additional options of green or orange, or a third-batch Trax in any of the four colors for £149 (approximately $225). As of this writing, the £50,000 funding goal is well within reach.

Confidence level

WTS was founded last year by a trio of previously successful individuals who boast an average of 15 years experience in useful fields. The names behind the device appear to be reliable, despite the company's infancy. Unfortunately, the company still has a bit of work to do before its product is ready for production. Smartphone apps are unfinished, the device has not reached its final version, and plans with suppliers have not been finalized. If all goes well, however, the first batch is predicted for June shipment.

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