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Web App Tells You Which Olympic Athlete You Most Resemble

This web app from BBC News lets you compare yourself to Olympic athletes and find which one you resemble the most.

Are you following the London Olympic games? Even if you're not watching every event, you probably at least follow your country's athletes and medal count. No matter the capacity in which you watch the games, there's one thing most of us knowwe'll never be like them. But is that really true?

An amusing and informative section of the BBC News website lets you compare your physical attributes to those of actual Olympic athletes. Although we may not be as fit or as talented as these athletes, there's a very good chance we're alike them in shape and size. And hey, that's something too isn't it?

All you have to do is hop on the BBC Olympic athlete body match and enter your height and weight. Once you do that, you'll discover that among all those amazing athletes, there's at least one that's similar to you.

It doesn't end with that, though. After you find the athlete that's most similar to you, you can start browsing the height by weight chart to find random athletes by their measurements.

There you have it! You've just wasted a boring hour learning about athletes, and feeling better about yourself. Just in case you were wondering, turns out I'm similar to Korean Volleyball player Yeon-Koung Kim. Who would have guessed?

So which athlete do you resemble?

[BBC News via The Next Web]

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