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These Kinect-Style Augmented Reality Goggles Can Land You a Date (But Not a Real One)

Feeling lonely? This augmented reality project gives you a companion that will react to touch and your movements.

If you're feeling a little lonely, technology is always there to help. Not only can you meet people via social networks, you could also create a robot that sits on your shoulder so your friends can virtually follow you wherever you go. But if that isn't enough for you, you can take it one step further and make an augmented reality (AR) girlfriend.

Wait, what?

Engineer "AmadeusSVX" combined AR goggles made out of a Xtion Pro with J-pop (Japanese pop music) and anime to let you pick a companion of your choosing for a "date". The details are a little sketchy regarding how AmadeusSVX made the gadget, but for demonstration purposes, he chose female singing synthesizer Hatsune Miku to serve as his virtual significant other.

It appears you can design your own companion using specific software, then place it in real-life scenarios by putting on the goggles. For instance, Hatsune will stand in front of you as tall as an actual woman, follow you around, and respond to you when you touch her.

Although this particular use of AR seems rather unusual (but hey, we're not ones to judge), from a strictly technical perspective, it's quite impressive. For instance, you can "touch" and move different layers of clothing, and Hatsune blends well into her real-world surroundings--she will move around an object if it's in her path, and even has a proper shadow.

Now, if someone can develop an AR Nyan Cat...

[YouTube via Hack A Day]

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