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Nyan Cat Sneaks Into Spotify's Latest Update

Spotify may have partnered with Facebook, but that's not stopping the service having Pop Tart cat fun!

Love it or hate it, the trippy internet sensation Nyan Cat is slowly starting to take over the computing world. If you still haven't seen the hundreds of variations of the YouTube cat meme (my personal favorite is the Jackson 5 remix), then you may have just managed to avoid the Nyan Cat games, animated wallpapers, and Windows 7 loading bar.

But if you happen to listen to your music on Spotify, you are about to have your first (or yet another) run-in with the happy Pop Tart cat. After Facebook's announcement that it will be partnering with the streaming service in order to share music, Spotify has released an update to the software. Aside from opening the service to Facebook users and a few slight design tweaks, Spotify also decided to have a litte fun.

Open up Spotify and put "Nyan Cat" into the search box--there's just a few dodgy mixes of the Nyan Cat theme, right? Wrong! Click on any of the tracks and the magic really begins: behold, Nyan Cat and its rainbow trail will scroll across the timeline!

While it's a cute touch if you happen to like Nyan Cat, there is one pitfall. The meme addition will only appear if you listen to a track with the words "Nyan Cat" in it--and after one play, the theme gets pretty repetitive.

For those who wanted the timeline tweak to match your loading bars, you may be in for disappointment--the chances are Spotify won't be rolling it out any further on the player, or allowing customization of the software. However, it's still nice to know that the company has a sense of humor.

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