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iWallet Transforms Old iPod Into Geeky Money Holder

Do you have an old, busted iPod sitting in a desk drawer somewhere?

Say hello to the iWallet! Now wait--this isn't a blog post about Apple's entry into mobile payment systems; instead it's something a little more homemade. Instructables user David Moss (AKA ElementSpirits) took his old busted iPod and transformed it into a usable wallet--complete with a peek-through window where the LCD screen once was.

In order to get started on the do-it-yourself project you will need a small selection of materials, including some hinges, epoxy, and WD40. The usual assortment of tools--such as pliers, scissors, and screwdrivers--is also a must. With these in hand, it's just a case of following the steps (mainly just ripping out the tech and hinging the case).

David was sure to add a little disclaimer to his guide, encouraging owners to ensure that their "iPod is unable to be fixed by Apple," adding that owners should be certain that they are "ok with completely destroying" their music players.

The finished product can hold a good amount of cash and cards, and it fits in the pocket quite nicely (it is an iPod, after all). What have you done with your old tech? Share in the comments. And check out David's step-by-step instructions if you want to reuse that old iPod stting in your desk drawer.


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