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  • Opinion: LibreOffice 3.6.0: A Look at What's Coming

    It seems like just yesterday the Document Foundation published the speedy new version 3.5.4 of its popular LibreOffice productivity suite, but already there's a new beta version of the next major iteration of the software available for testing.

  • Opinion: Retina Display MacBook Pro Reviews: Critics are Raving

    The reviews are in for Apple's MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and you can probably guess what they say.

  • Opinion: App2Card Turns App Art Into Business Cards

    App2Card is a service aimed mainly at mobile app developers. It invites them to reimagine their app icon as a physical object and use it to drive more traffic to their app online. In other words, apps have not killed business cards…they're helping to make them. App2Card charges $30 for 100 cards.

  • Opinion: Google Buys Quickoffice in Preemptive Microsoft Strike

    In a move that could be designed to outflank Microsoft in the office productivity app market, Google announced Tuesday it had acquired Quickoffice, a mobile app that allows users to work on Microsoft Office documents on iOS and Android systems.

  • Opinion: LibreOffice Gets a Huge Speed Boost

    LibreOffice has been nothing if not an active and vibrant project since it was forked from OpenOffice.org back in 2010; and it was just a few months ago that we saw the debut of LibreOffice 3.5, the software's third major release.

  • Opinion: Wanted: more and faster storage

    As computing tech all around us steadily shrinks in size, our need for more outboard storage expands. You can fit only so much expensive flash storage into a phone, tablet or even a laptop.

  • Opinion: Microsoft Renews Free Xbox 360 with Purchase of Windows PC Deal

    If you missed last year's free Xbox 360 with the purchase of a Windows PC deal from Microsoft here's some good news. Microsoft is repeating the offer.

  • Opinion: Kingsoft Office for Android Brings Free Document Editing to Your Mobile Devices

    A few months back I called Kingsoft Office the best Microsoft Office alternative you've never heard of. Now Kingsoft is making waves again with a mobile version of that impressive suite.

  • Opinion: Restarting a remote Mac

    Reader, tech dabbler, and Weeds actor Andy Milder, occasionally contacts me for technical advice. In exchange, I drop his name. I'd additionally like to drop this bit of advice in response to his latest query:

  • Opinion: The Greatest PC Mysteries--Solved!

    PC owners know that every computer has a unique assortment of components, applications and peripherals. Nevertheless, certain things--including a host of common PC problems and mysteries--are part of the shared experience of computer ownership. The editors at PCWorld have seen and solved hundreds of PC mysteries, ranging from balky printers to diffident video players to persnickety file attachments. Most of the answers to these tech questions are simple and straightforward, so we've taken the liberty of compiling some of the most frequently encountered PC mysteries into a single list that we'll update regularly. Following each question we provide a short response that summarizes what we know. For a more detailed explanation and some helpful tips, click the links in each answer.

  • Opinion: Intel Small Business Advantage Manages PC Security and Performance

    Intel is taking a more proactive approach to PC security and management with a new framework called Small Business Advantage (SBA). SBA is incorporated at the system level and provides IT admins and users with a one-stop portal for managing security and general system configuration.

  • Opinion: Try Calligra 2.4 for a New Microsoft Office Alternative

    Microsoft Office may be the dominant productivity suite in much of the computing world, but it's not for a lack of alternatives.

  • Opinion: GNOME 3.4 Brings a Bevy of Big Changes

    Roughly a year after the launch of GNOME 3, the project's developers on Wednesday unveiled GNOME 3.4, the second major update to the controversial desktop environment.

  • Opinion: Apple Devices Reside in Half of All U.S. Households

    Tough economy? Apple wouldn’t know it. Around half of all U.S. households own at least one Apple product, whether it’s an iPad, iPod or Mac, according to a CNBC survey. It’s estimated that some 55 million homes have at least one Apple gadget, and one in 10 of the non-Apple households plans to purchase a fruit-branded product in the next year.

  • Opinion: It's true: iPads are starting to replace business PCs

    Business interest in the iPad is increasing, as Android slips and Dell, HP, and RIM are irrelevant.

  • Opinion: Windows 8 is no fun without a touchscreen

    Most people don't have a touchscreen, so is it worth upgrading when Windows 8 launches?

  • Opinion: Database System GS-Base Is Easy as a Spreadsheet--And the Price is a Steal

    At $20, GS-Base 9 is very inexpensive and requires virtually no prior database knowledge to use. Furthermore, it uses a number of metaphors and options which should be very familiar to those comfortable with spreadsheets, a fact that makes it useful to a large set of business users who rarely venture away from Excel. Indeed, it shares many of the functions and syntax found in Citadel's inexpensive, but functional, GS-Calc spreadsheet program.

  • Opinion: Lenovo's Fire-Hazard PC Recall FAQ

    Lenovo is recalling more than 50,000 all-in-one desktop PCs due to a fire hazard, the company announced today in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Here's a quick Q&A that Lenovo PC users should read.

  • Opinion: Got an App Idea? Two Free Tools Can Help Bring It to Life.

    Now that apps have become such a key part of computing life, it seems pretty safe to assume that most of us have had an idea for a new one at some time or another.

  • Opinion: Watch This 16-Bit 'Legend of Zelda' PC Casemod Come Together Block-by-Block

    We love a good casemod here at GeekTech--whether it is an Xbox 360 Transformer or a Tron Bike tower PC--but we rarely ever get to even see the guts inside of these artsy machines.

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