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Latest Desktop PCs Opinion

  • Opinion: 5 reasons why Macs are better than PCs

    There are lots of reasons why Macs are better than PCs - here are just eight. It might just make you choose a Mac as your next computer.

  • Opinion: Leaked 'Windows 9' screenshots reveal more detail about reborn Start Menu

    It's no secret that an upcoming Windows update codenamed 'Threshold' will herald the return of the Start menu and allow Metro apps to operate in windowed mode. Heck, the image above came straight from Microsoft itself. But whenever fresh screenshots of the interface show up it's always worth taking a look.

  • Opinion: Computer shutting down on its own? Maybe it's time to play it cool.

    Martin Lønn Naess' PC "suddenly turns off while rendering a video." My guess is that it's overheating. Here's what to do about it.

  • Opinion: Don't waste your money trying to upgrade your Windows XP PC

    With the end of Windows XP support from Microsoft imminent, perhaps you've finally made the (very wise) decision to stop using the venerable operating system. I commend you. However, if you're planning to simply install a newer operating system on your existing hardware, you should reconsider.

  • Opinion: DIY tech

    In the past, a technically apt user might decide to build their own customized PC. They'd buy components that suited their usage patterns--motherboard, case, graphics card etc--and put it all together. Some would tweak a Linux distro for maximum customization. Of course this continues today, but when PCs were pricey and less powerful, the desire to maximize compute power for the desktop was stronger.

  • Opinion: Gigabyte's Brix Pro is an itty-bitty PC with a big graphics punch

    It first appeared in September during Intel's Developer Forum , but at CES 2014 Gigabyte officially took the wraps off the Brix Pro DIY PC kit, a pint-sized media powerhouse loaded with Intel's powerful new Iris Pro 5200 integrated graphics.

  • Opinion: Why is HP cutting 1124 jobs in the UK?

    The news that HP is cutting more than 1100 of its UK workforce is tragic for all involved, coming as it does just before Christmas. But how has one of the world's most recognisable companies found itself in this situation? I've been looking at HP's history and the past 10 years of the personal computer to explain why HP is cutting 1124 jobs in the UK.

  • Opinion: Why the Modern UI was Microsoft's biggest mistake

    Look at any advert for a Windows 8 PC and you won't see a trace of the old desktop. But it's there and in Windows 8.1 you can boot straight to it. Here's why forcing the Modern UI on people was a mistake.

  • Opinion: Connect your PC to your HDTV, and control it from across the room

    Peter asked me for the best way to connect a PC to an HDTV, and, once connected, how best to use it.

  • Opinion: Why you may want a desktop instead of a laptop

    Patrick Moore asked the Laptops forum about the advantages of going with a desktop computer.

  • Opinion: Do specifications matter any more?

    Gone are the days when you bought a PC because of its megahertz rating. The same is true of tablets and smartphones: Apple doesn't even quote the amount of RAM or processor speed. So why do companies still care about benchmark results?

  • Opinion: The PC isn't dead. Far from it.

    People may be buying fewer laptops and desktops than ever before, but the humble PC certainly isn’t being ousted by the upstart tablet

  • Opinion: The LittleBox turns your Raspberry Pi into an all-in-one PC

    What would happen if an iMac and a MakerBot Replicator married and had a kid? I'm not entirely sure, but I imagine it would look a little like the LittleBox. Currently in Kickstarter mode, the LittleBox is a buid-it-yourself kit that lets you transform your Raspberry Pi mini-PC into a full-fledged all-in-one desktop computer.

  • Opinion: What is Dell Data Protection?

    Dell's encryption service contains your web browsers and office suites in a special virtual environment, reducing the risk of malware spreading to the rest of your system

  • Opinion: How to add USB 3.0 to your desktop PC

    If you've purchased an external hard drive recently, there's a good chance it came with a USB 3.0 interface.

  • Opinion: Haswell laptops that can last all day

    With its fourth-generation Core processor, codenamed Haswell, Intel has finally turned its back on the megahertz wars it once held with AMD, IBM and Motorola, instead welcoming reduced power consumption and longer battery life. And for laptops that can mean only one thing: tablets had better watch their backs.

  • Opinion: What's so great about Haswell?

    All's well that Haswell: Intel's new Core i3, i5 and i7 processors use less power than ever before, so we should start to see powerful laptops that really do last all day. But does anyone care about the technology any more?

  • Opinion: A new Mac Pro: What we'd like to see

    The only thing we know for certain that we can expect from Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote next week is a preview of the next versions of iOS and OS X--and that's only because Apple exec Phil Schiller said so in a press release. But the rumor mill (coupled with our own boundless optimism) suggests that Apple may use WWDC to bring a refresh or two to the Mac line as well.

  • Opinion: Three simple ways to get a speedy PC

    There are three ways to get a faster PC or laptop: buy a new one, upgrade the hardware, or upgrade the software. We can show you how to do them all.

  • Opinion: Mini PCs amok: From 3ft tower to 3cm mini marvel

    Back in the 1980s the PC revolution brought about the microcomputer. We’re still seeing an ongoing trend in shrinkage, which has resulted in the current mini PC.

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