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More Broadband Opinion

  • Opinion: No broadband? Support the digital TV switchover

    We live in a country where 65 percent of people are unaware about the ongoing digital TV switchover (aka: analogue TV switch off), and 3 million households can't get 2Mbps broadband - the Government's stipulated minimum internet connection.

  • Opinion: Wossy reveals himself on Twitter

    Micro-blog site Twitter has once again given away more than it should, but this time it's not related to an ill-advised sharing of opinions or sexual shenanigans. And rather than the message of the tweets, it's the structure of the micro-blogging site that's being blamed.

  • Opinion: Ping.fm: efficient time-wasting on Facebook, Twitter

    Want to tell the world you just got tickets to the first day of the Ashes? If you subscribe to more than a couple of social networks, it might take you longer to post all your updates than it did to buy the tickets.

  • Opinion: Internet meltdown predicted tomorrow

    Prepare for internet meltdown tomorrow as the end of domestic Internet access is predicted for Friday May 15, 2009.

  • Opinion: Wolfram Alpha: Google add-on, not killer

    The natural-language search engine Wolfram Alpha is expected to launch May 18 and more details about the site are emerging.

  • Opinion: 10 guaranteed ways to be a Twitter superstar

    Everyone wants to be a Twitter superstar, don't they? You needs a lot of followers. Like thousands. Hundreds of thousands. Or a million.

  • Opinion: 6 ways to protect your privacy on Google

    Concerned that Google knows too much about you? Here are six top tips to protect your privacy online.

  • Opinion: What does Google know about you?

    Kevin Bankston of the Electronic Frontier Foundation recently said: "Google knows more about you than your mother." A few years ago, it might have sounded far-fetched.

  • Opinion: The Windows 7 free for all explained

    The public flogging of The Pirate Bay achieved... not much. 'Law-abiding' folk still merrily download pirate media, copyright holders impotently wring their hands on the sidelines. Same same, match match.

  • Opinion: Google: rival, partner, 'monopolistic newsstand'

    Unless you're in the face-mask business, it probably hasn't escaped your attention that we're in a recession. It sucks. But it's also the first economic downturn of the digital age (and for 'digital', read 'Google').

  • Opinion: WikiHow: how to do (just about) anything

    More and more these days, I find myself wanting to learn new things (probably a byproduct of turning 40) and wanting to save money on other things (definitely a by product of the financial apocalypse).

  • Opinion: How to protect your privacy on Facebook

    Facebook users who are concerned about keeping control of their information should get themselves over to the social network's Privacy Settings page without delay.

  • Opinion: Internet Explorer 8 vs Firefox 3.5

    Every day I sit at my computer and open two browsers: Firefox 3.5 and Internet Explorer (IE6, then IE7, and recently IE8). I maintain two separate browser lives, in a sense. But which is the better web browser?

  • Opinion: Microsoft Vine: social networking for emergencies

    Microsoft has launched a private beta of its new Microsoft Vine service, a social-networking tool that allow small groups to trade vital information. Microsoft Vine is a downloadable application that allows you to send out Twitter-style alerts and longer reports, and keep track of your Vine contacts.

  • Opinion: Facebook vote? What Facebook vote?

    Facebook users were recently polled about new Principles and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, and three quarters of respondents preferred Facebook's new terms of use. But there's a small problem.

  • Opinion: Swine Flu spreads on Twitter

    Forget Oprah: the biggest star of Twitter at the moment is Swine Flu. There have been relatively few reported cases of Swine Flu so far, but mass hysteria is sweeping the globe, and Twitter is adding fuel to the fire.

  • Opinion: AT&T uses behavioural advertising - but not as an ISP

    AT&T has denied using behavioural advertising systems as an ISP, but it does as an advertiser, according to a vendor of such services.

  • Opinion: Google Profiles: your own private Google

    Will Google Profiles rescue your reputation - or make you another pawn in Google's quest for world data domination?

  • Opinion: Google News Timeline: a wonderful waste of time

    Got work to do? Then don't, for your own good, check out Google News Timeline. This new Google Labs feature, which organises news stories and other information by date, looks to be the most enjoyable time waster since Google Earth.

  • Opinion: Get more from Firefox tabs

    Sure, you use Mozilla Firefox, but are you really making the most of it?

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