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  • Opinion: Phorm's just desserts and the future of the web

    Phorm's Webwise online advert-targeting service, something for which the term 'controversy-dogged' could have been invented, experienced two major setbacks this week, finding itself dropped by the ISPs BT and TalkTalk.

  • Opinion: Twitter hit by gorilla attack and PR onslaught

    This weekend saw two big news stories in which Twitter proved vulnerable to exploitation by unsavoury characters. And I'm not sure which was more disturbing.

  • Opinion: Firefox 3.5 can learn from its rivals

    Mozilla is shaking up the web-browser world with Firefox 3.5 and its support for new web standards. But it can still improve its performance, reliability, and usability by learning from its rivals.

  • Opinion: Facebook causes cancer, and other myths

    There's nothing like a good, eye-catching headline. Such as 'Facebook causes cancer'. If that were true it would be pretty alarming. Fortunately, it's not.

  • Opinion: Firefox 3.6: a sneak preview

    While most of the tech world is busy getting to know Firefox 3.5, which incorporates significant speed increases and a host of added features, Mozilla's engineers are already deep into their next big project: the tentatively numbered Firefox 3.6, codename Namoroka.

  • Opinion: Why in the end you'll pay for Google Voice

    Google Voice means Google is technically, literally and actually a telephone company.

  • Opinion: Firefox add-on compares Wolfram Alpha & Google

    A free Wolfram Alpha Google add-on for Firefox lets you run a side-by-side comparison of results from Google, and the new Wolfram Alpha search engine. Google matches run down the left side of your browser as always, while Wolfram Alpha results are displayed on the right, where text ads would otherwise appear.

  • Opinion: Here comes Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer killer

    Mozilla's Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate 2 is now out in the open, and the web browser's release could accelerate the decline of Microsoft Internet Explorer as the dominant choice for computer users worldwide.

  • Opinion: Smashing the digital divide

    Lord Carter's Digital Britain recommendations included an upgrade for digital radio, measures to improve mobile phone coverage and new efforts to tackle music and video software piracy. But it was the announcement of what critics are calling a 'broadband tax' that captured the most headlines.

  • Opinion: Bing continues to grow, but is Google suffering?

    Microsoft is gaining new ground with its freshly rebranded Bing search engine, some recently released data suggests. Bing, the research finds, grew 0.8 percent during its second week online, following a 2.2 percent jump during its debut week. One question that has yet to be answered, though, is how that growth is affecting other search engines.

  • Opinion: Twitter proves its worth in troubled Iran

    Twitter has suffered endless wise cracks about its users tweeting more about their favourite sandwiches and coveted parking spots than anything truly important, but the past few days have showed the microblogging site's real promise.

  • Opinion: Google rattled by Bing? Pull the other one

    If the US newspaper New York Post is to be believed, Microsoft Bing has got Google on the run. The paper's recent "Fear grips Google" story certainly got some attention, if only for its over-the-top headline.

  • Opinion: Google antitrust case misses the point

    The issue when considering whether Google is a monopoly isn't merely its search dominance: it's Google's ability to control online advertising and, increasingly, what we read or don't read.

  • Opinion: Windows 7 without Internet Explorer explained

    Microsoft has confirmed plans to ship a version of Windows 7 without Internet Explorer. But what can we expect from Windows 7 E, as the browserless system will be called?

  • Opinion: Simplify your life with free web services

    More and more web-based services offer compelling tools that allow you to keep track of stories of interest or subjects that matter to you.

  • Opinion: Google Squared struggles to make search easier

    The first thing I learned from Google Squared is that I don't exist. The second was that Secobarbital is really a type of fish, not a sedative drug. Third, I learned how hard it can be to communicate the best use for a new search technology. Especially when it's not ready for prime time.

  • Opinion: Is Microsoft Bing worth a fling?

    When it comes to search, Microsoft has been sitting in a leaky boat with the waters rising on all sides. It's desperately hoping that Microsoft Bing, the newly reincarnated version of Live Search, will toss the company a lifeline.

  • Opinion: Google Wave: selective sharing on social networks

    When Google Wave was unveiled, it was described it as a marriage of email and instant messaging. But to me it looks more like the kind of social network that I'd really like: one where I can exactly target the people with whom I want to share a comment, photo or video.

  • Opinion: Microsoft Bing: close but no cigar

    Analysts have given a mixed response to Microsoft's new search engine, Bing. They say Microsoft Bing will help the company gain some search share against Google and has features that users will find helpful, but is in no way a quick fix for Microsoft's poor position in the search market.

  • Opinion: Twitter fans raise $850k for heart transplant

    It's easy to mock the banality and self-regard of the average Twitter user (and fun, too), but the Twitterati can be surprisingly altruistic when the occasion calls for it. And when there's a celebrity or two involved.

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