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More Broadband Opinion

  • Opinion: What went wrong between Skype and eBay?

    The future looked bright in September 2005, when eBay announced it was buying Skype Technologies for $2.6bn. But after four years of unfulfilled expectations, the marriage ended on Tuesday, when eBay said it was unloading Skype for $1.9bn. But what went wrong?

  • Opinion: Liskula Cohen, and why web anonymity matters

    Over the last few weeks I've spent probably too much time thinking and writing about the Liskula Cohen libel case. It concerns one of my favourite topics: Internet Anonymity vs Privacy vs Personal Responsibility. And how often does an IT blogger get to write about catty supermodels?

  • Opinion: Yahoo is delusional

    Remember Yahoo? Apparently the company neglected to read my post about how its star has faded, and it isn't yet ready to shut the doors and call it a day. Yahoo still feels it has a trick or two up its sleeve and deserves a seat at the adults' table with Microsoft and Google.

  • Opinion: Jordan is worst celebrity Tweeter

    Glamour model Jordon has been voted the most annoying celebrity Twitter user, says OnePoll.

  • Opinion: Aussie techies text-message ALF

    Decades after Roswell allegedly gave house room to an alien and Indiana greeted the arrival of extraterrestrials in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, those curious about what other life forms may exist on other planets are being given the chance to try and make electronic contact.

  • Opinion: Back from the dead: tr.im lives again. Eh?

    Popular URL-shortening service tr.im announced yesterday that it has restored its service and has reopened its website. After two days. What the..?

  • Opinion: Twitter CEO's wife Tweets birth of child. Ouch

    Sara Morishige Williams, wife of Twitter CEO Evan Williams, yesterday kept her followers updated on the birth of her son.

  • Opinion: Facebook and FriendFeed: forget about Google

    Speculation that Facebook is on its way to becoming a full-fledged search engine is, well, odd. Merely buying four former top Google engineers when acquiring FriendFeed does not a new search engine make. And it's a bad idea, besides.

  • Opinion: Why Google Caffeine will stop website owners sleeping

    Google is rolling out new "under-the-hood" search technology, codenamed "Caffeine", that could change how your company ranks in its search results.

  • Opinion: Lies, damn lies and browser market share

    Following Mozilla's announcement that its Firefox web browser has reached one billion downloads, some analysts are claiming Firefox controls 32 percent of the browser market. Well, perhaps. But the methods used to calculate market share for web browsers are dubious, and their results frequently biased.

  • Opinion: Does technology make us lonely? Anybody? Hello..?

    Full disclosure: I am one of the 300,000 or so members of the PC Advisor forum (we're bigger than Slough), so I'm an unlikely opponent of online social networks. Even so, I know this: in suggesting that social-networking websites undermine communities, Archbishop Vincent Nichols is talking out of his cassock.

  • Opinion: Firefox hits 1 billion downloads - what now?

    Mozilla's Firefox web browser has just hit a new milestone, reaching its 1 billionth user download, according to the company's official download counter. Where next for Firefox - and for the internet browser market?

  • Opinion: RIP Yahoo Search

    Goodbye Yahoo Search, and thanks for the memories. The partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo, announced on Tuesday, will mark the end of Yahoo Search.

  • Opinion: Microsoft/Yahoo: No threat to Google

    As the tech world awaits an announcement from Yahoo and Microsoft on their web search and advertising partnership, I'm wondering how such a partnership can achieve its ultimate goal - loosening Google's stranglehold on the highly lucrative internet search market.

  • Opinion: Broadband speed bores again

    Every few weeks the media awakes to the fact that broadband speeds don't always (ok, never) match up to the claims made by the telecoms suppliers.

  • Opinion: Google 'mythbusters' tackle YouTube criticism

    Google is doing a little image control this week, trying to deflect criticisms of YouTube, its wildly popular video site. Google is fighting back against questions about the site's finances and the quality of videos available on the site.

  • Opinion: Internet addiction: from hoax to epidemic

    How often do you tell your kids they don't know how lucky they are? Do you say things like: "When I was young we didn't have no dang fool intertubes and online games?" and then force them to go outside and do something? Could it be that your kids have Internet Addiction Disorder?

  • Opinion: Google Chrome tips: show home page at startup

    Google's Chrome browser? Not a fan. Though it does seem faster than my beloved Firefox, there are several things I don't like about the interface. Here's how to fix one of the most common complaints.

  • Opinion: US airline learns power of viral anti-marketing

    US airline United Air Lines has learned the hard way that you shouldn't annoy web-savvy rock musicians. Besides being genuinely funny, the YouTube video 'United Breaks Guitars' is a great example of viral revenge - the flip side of viral marketing.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite job website?

    We're looking for recommendations of job websites. Job search sites, CV directories, professional social networks - what's the best one out there?

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