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  • Opinion: YouTube in review: the history, hits and misses

    YouTube has celebrated the third anniversary of its acquisition by Google with the announcement that it's now streaming a full billion video views a day.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite social introduction website?

    We're looking for recommendations of romantic, dating and social introduction websites. Help us out and you could win a great prize.

  • Opinion: Is Google too big for the internet's good?

    Google is popular. There's probably not an internet user who hasn't accessed its services for search and mapping, and Google has even achieved the distinction of turning its name into a verb. But enormous popularity and global reach place an unexpected burden on the search giant: when it goes down, the entire web is shaken.

  • Opinion: Slash and Berners-Lee

    The inventor of the worldwide web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has revealed in an interview that he wishes he had slashed the double-slash, used in all URLs, in the first place.

  • Opinion: Facebook and its Google-esque social dominance

    New figures reveal that Facebook gets almost 59 percent of US-based web traffic among the top social networks. And Facebook's dominance of social networking is so complete that those figures aren't even shocking.

  • Opinion: Bing vs Google: is Microsoft losing its grip?

    Don't look now, but Microsoft's search engine may be starting to lose its momentum. Following a few months of modest growth, the search engine formerly known as Live seems to be reverting toward its pre-Bing levels.

  • Opinion: Google Wave: Holy Grail or another disappointment?

    Google Wave is another grab for the Holy Grail of collaborative computing. But will it be more successful than previous attempts?

  • Opinion: Happy birthday Google. I can't live without you

    Google turned 11 yesterday, and it's hard to believe the company is so young. Long ago it became its own verb and permanently etched itself into internet culture. Now, with its many offshoots, Google is an institution.

  • Opinion: Twitter earns $100m, but loses wow factor

    Twitter is the talk of the web at the moment, with word that its latest round of funding could be worth as much as $100m. That would bring the company's total value to a whopping $1bn.

  • Opinion: Bonkers broadband and call centre hell

    "If you know your account number, are calling from the moon, and can recite the words to the second verse of the national anthem, backwards, press 1. For all other enquiries, press 2, get a duvet and settle in for the duration." Call. Centre. Hell.

  • Opinion: Facebook drops Beacon, hopes nobody notices

    What type of tech news is released late on Friday, long after most bloggers, reporters, and readers have signed off for the day? Bad or embarrassing news, of course. In Facebook's case, the news concerns Beacon, the controversial people-tracking platform that the company rolled out in 2007.

  • Opinion: The Beatles really are bigger than Jesus

    If John Lennon was alive today, he could be safe in the knowledge that just 43 years after proclaiming to the Evening Standard that The Beatles were bigger than Jesus, Google says they actually are.

  • Opinion: Microsoft Bing can beat Google. Here's how

    Microsoft Bing is making progress in its bid to dislodge the reigning search leader, Google. But Bing faces a long, steep road ahead if it's ever going to beat Google. Here's how it can do it.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite price-comparison site?

    We'd like to hear your recommendations of price-comparison websites. Which ones do you use, how effective do you find them and what's the most you reckon you've saved by doing so?

  • Opinion: Can Google Chrome 3.0 conquer the browser market?

    Google is hoping its newly released Chrome 3.0 browser can shake up the evolving browser market. The browser, unveiled on Tuesday, promises improved performance and a host of new features - but is it all enough to actually win over new users?

  • Opinion: Search visually, with Bing Visual Search

    If you know what something looks like, but not what it's called - a dog breed, for example - Microsoft's new Bing Visual Search beta is ready and able to help. A picture really can be worth a thousand words.

  • Opinion: Facebook Lite: Why you'll love it

    The newly launched Facebook Lite looks like being a hit. Reportedly developed for people in countries with slow web connections, the streamlined site proved such a hit with beta testers it was given a general roll-out.

  • Opinion: Facebook launches Twitter-style @ tags

    Facebook is taking another step toward Twitterfication with the introduction of a new '@'-based tagging system for status updates. The feature, which bears an undeniable resemblance to Twitter's system for referring and linking to other users, was announced in a company blog posting yesterday afternoon.

  • Opinion: Technology helps us cheat smarter, not harder

    Today's reports that almost two thirds of students copy work from the web fits nicely into the book of: 'Well, yeah'. It was ever thus - only the means of cheating changes.

  • Opinion: Broad-banned

    The promises made by ISPs at the turn of the century that broadband would soon be regarded as no more cutting-edge than running water weren't far off the mark.

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