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  • Opinion: Internet Explorer 6.0 dealt another blow

    Spooked by the use of an Internet Explorer exploit to attack Google and other firms in China, France and Germany are both urging their citizens to stop using Microsoft's web browser.

  • Opinion: Man arrested under Terror Act for Twitter joke

    Those who like making risqué jokes on Twitter should probably steer clear of terrorism-related material for a while, following the astonishing news that a 26-year-old man has been arrested for facetiously threatening to blow up an airport on the micro-blogging site.

  • Opinion: Hallmark's search for Twittermantics

    If you want to woo your loved one this Valentine's Day, why not consider writing a romantic poem? Better still, why not write it on Twitter?

  • Opinion: Singles365.com 'comes to rescue' of fat online daters

    An online dating site is offering free membership to 5,000 lonely hearts who were rejected from BeautifulPeople.com for gaining weight.

  • Opinion: Google Chrome takes third place from Safari

    Google's Chrome web browser has sneaked past Apple's Safari to claim third place in the most recent web browser market share statistics from Net Applications. Its climb up the market share ladder is even more impressive when you consider that Chrome has only been around a little over a year.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite cultural website?

    We're looking for recommendations of culture-related websites. Which site do you visit to get your fill of art, dance, music, theatre and other highbrow stuff?

  • Opinion: 2009: The year in Google Doodles

    On Monday Google unveiled its latest Google Doodle, a festive tropical Christmas postcard that overlays the company's logo on its main search page. The company is rolling out a series of additional Christmas Doodles, and is archiving them at this web page.

  • Opinion: 5 web-centric alternatives to Google Chrome OS

    Despite Google's move into the operating system space with Chrome OS, the idea of a primarily cloud-centric OS is nothing revolutionary; the earliest examples date back to 1999. There have been numerous other attempts at developing web-centric OSes. But so far none have truly broken into the mainstream.

  • Opinion: Facebook's privacy settings still aren't right

    Facebook's new privacy controls remain a work in progress a full 24 hours after release and months after they were announced. Responding to criticism over making its users' Friends Lists public, Facebook is rolling out a new option that allows users to protect their Friends List from viewing or searching.

  • Opinion: Google: killing the internet?

    To many people Google is the web: the only search engine worth using that they've ever known. And in line with the 'Don't Be Evil' motto, this has tended been a good thing. (You at the back: note the past tense.) 

  • Opinion: Bing's cool new search tools: a visual tour

    Microsoft continues to tweak its fledgling Bing search engine, which was launched in June. Today it announced a series of enhancements, many involving Bing Maps, designed to provide a better search experience and hopefully lure people away from Google.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite political website?

    We're looking for your recommendations of politics-related websites - and a selected contributor will win a great prize.

  • Opinion: What do the top searches of 2009 say about us?

    There's often a chasm between what people say they want and what they really want; TV viewers tell researchers they want more educational programming, then tune into lightweight reality shows. That's what's so fascinating about Top 10 lists from major search engines: the lists don't lie.

  • Opinion: Man arrested for refusing to use Twitter

    Further proof, if proof were needed, of the fundamental stupidity of social networking, the music industry and the world: a record label executive has been arrested for not using Twitter. Yes, you read that right.

  • Opinion: Good, clean fun: but what is Twitter for?

    Ask even the most avid Twitter fan to explain the benefits of their obsession, and it will take them considerably more than 140 characters to come to no good answer.

  • Opinion: Murdoch takes on Google

    Will the internet kill newspapers, and is Google holding the pistol? Rupert Murdoch certainly seems to think so. He's mad as hell, and he's not going to take it any more.

  • Opinion: Google Chrome: fast browser, slow on the uptake

    The launch of the Google Chrome browser a little over a year ago brought with it a mountain of hype and expectations, with some suggesting it could be as instantly disruptive and beneficial as Gmail was to the webmail market.

  • Opinion: Happy 40th birthday, the internet

    Why do we today celebrate today - October 29 - as the internet's 40's birthday? Because on this day in 1969, what would later became known as the internet was used for the very first time - and crashed.

  • Opinion: Web 3.0: the shopping centre web

    If Web 2.0 was the two-way, user generated, cool internet, Web 3.0 will be the era of post-search rationalisation. The shopping centre web. The big brands are taking over.

  • Opinion: Website aims to stop office tea-round chaos

    When it comes to office life, there's one activity guaranteed to put even the most confident of employees on edge. No, I'm talking about your appraisal, or even the day the big boss comes to visit - I mean the tea-round.

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