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  • Opinion: Brit divorces husband after Second Life affair

    When it comes to adultery, there's no doubt that technology has made it a lot easier to have an affair, whether it involves sending secret texts from your mobile phone or even having illicit IM conversations.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite fitness or health website?

    We'd like to hear which websites are best for honing your fitness and health. These can be sites that offer advice on giving up smoking or bad habits of one kind or another, help you to develop a fitness regimen or present dietary tips.

  • Opinion: Rickrolling fans earn Rick Astley MTV award

    The 80s is officially cool again - or at least it is if you care what MTV thinks.

  • Opinion: Russell Grant forecasts twice as many hits

    What to do now the housing market has crashed, the banks have shut up shop and all the low-cost airlines we'd have used to make a quick getaway and forget our economic woes have gone to the wall?

  • Opinion: BA and Virgin Atlantic staff rant on Facebook

    You'd think after U2 frontman Bono got into hot water when pictures of him cavorting with bikini-clad girls ended up on Facebook, social networkers would be careful about what they post online. Well not when it comes to airline and airport staff.

  • Opinion: Microsoft sci-fi is Kirilling me softly

    Macworld.co.uk editor Mark Hattersley is a self-confessed sci-fi nut. But even he draws the line at a science-fiction show that features Microsoft products as heroes...

  • Opinion: Bono caught out by Facebook privacy options

    If you're a Facebook user that belongs to a network, it might be worth checking twice before posting content you may not want others to see, as U2 front man Bono recently found out to his cost.

  • Opinion: Google Street View shuns UK

    Google Street View sounds like fun. It's like Google Earth, just with panoramic views at street level. Some of us have even seen the special Google cars driving around snapping roads, buildings, phone boxes, litter bins, dog mess, lampposts, street signs, vehicles, and even people (mainly with their faces smudged out).

  • Opinion: Google embarrassed at Duke of Edinburgh gaffe

    When the Queen yesterday visited Google's UK HQ it was, of course, not without the customary gaffe courtesy of the Duke of Edinburgh - although in this case it wasn't his fault.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite money-saving website?

    As fears for the state of the economy worsen, we want to hear your favourite money-saving websites. Where do you go to save money, deal with financial worries and generally stretch your cash that little bit further?

  • Opinion: Google stops drunk emailing

    Anyone that's guilty of sending emails in the wee hours when they're drunk, only to regret them the next day, will be making a beeline for a new feature available in Gmail.

  • Opinion: 'Steve Jobs heart attack' report batters Apple shares

    Apple's share price took a plunge last week, after rumours that Steve Jobs had suffered a heart attack spread online. And now the US Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating the 'reports' and their effect on Apple's stock, bringing the concept of citizen journalism under fresh scrutiny.

  • Opinion: Why Google is 45% beta

    The question of why so many Google products are classified “beta” - and classified thusly for so long - has knocked around the tech press for some time. However, no one really seemed to know the answer, at least no one outside of Google.

  • Opinion: Happiness is surfing the web, for men anyway

    A quick trip to the pub for a pint has been replaced with surfing the web as the ultimate source of happiness, for men at least.

  • Opinion: Facebook becomes Facespook

    A friend of mine, who's a big James Bond fan, once attended an interview for an unnamed "research" job that promised foreign travel.

  • Opinion: Steve Ballmer: Microsoft to beat Google in five years

    Microsoft can provide "real competition" for Google in the online search market, according to MS CEO Steve Ballmer. It just needs to work out how. In the mean time, it will be mostly running, drinking coffee, and ignoring the TV.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite funny website?

    We'd like to hear which websites tickle your funny bones, and why you like them.

  • Opinion: Beat the broadband blues

    There's been plenty of controversy in the broadband market this year. BT is focusing resources on developing a network capable of 100 megabits per second (Mbps) download speeds, but the spirit of optimism has been tempered by tales of woe from current customers who think such grand promises are a bit rich when they're struggling to get 2Mbps now.

  • Opinion: European broadband speeds need a boost

    Broadband speeds in the UK, Italy and Spain and many other countries are barely keeping pace with the demands of web-based applications and video services, whose bandwidth needs are expected to only rise, according to a survey.

  • Opinion: Firefox rival, Vista killer... what is Google Chrome?

    On the face of it, the answer is simple: Google Chrome is an open-source web browser and, as such, will be aiming to blow Mozilla Firefox out of the water and then train its guns on Internet Explorer.

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