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  • Opinion: PC Advisor jumps on the Twitter bandwagon

    ITV's announcement today that it is giving up on Friends Reunited - four years after it paid £175m for it - demonstrates that social-networking sites live a precarious existence. The must-visit website or Web 2.0 tool of today will get replaced by a Web 2.1 upstart tomorrow, meaning many of us leave several out-of-date profiles sitting around on the internet untouched.

  • Opinion: How Facebook lost $11 billion dollars

    Due to a hefty dollop of technological ineptitude, we know that Facebook is worth $11 billion less Microsoft thought it was.

  • Opinion: Mind the gap folks, heres Google Latitude

    Google's Latitude has been thrust upon an unsuspecting world, to predictable howls from the privacy lobby.

  • Opinion: Stephen Fry Tweets his lift ordeal

    Tech-fan and Twitter regular Stephen Fry found a novel way to stave off the boredom when he got stuck in a lift - by updating his Twitter profile.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite video website?

    PC Advisor is looking for recommendations of your favourite video websites. Which sites serve up the best video content, and what makes them particularly attractive? Do you look for the widest variety of clips, or the best quality?

  • Opinion: Bowie proves Twitter ain't cool

    It used to be cool to be on Twitter, but I think those days are numbered.

  • Opinion: Online game lets you take revenge on 'Bail out Brown'

    If you're fed up with Gordon Brown using tax payers' cash to bail out the UK's banks, then a new online game could be just the thing to soothe your frustrations.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite web forum?

    PC Advisor is looking for your recommendations of forums (or, for the Latin scholars among us, fora).

  • Opinion: Model takes legal action over Google blog slur

    A model who once graced the cover of style-bible Vogue is taking legal action against Google after a blogger labelled her a 'skank' and a 'ho'.

  • Opinion: Had plane crash... send Tweet

    If you had just survived a plane crash, what would you do? Call loved ones to tell them you're okay? Check if your luggage survived? Twitter?

  • Opinion: Rickrollin to stop X-Factor Christmas No. 1

    Not content with voting Rick Astley the Best Act Ever at the MTV Europe Music Awards, web users across the globe are attempting to Rickroll Christmas and send the 1980s Master of Cheese to the top of the charts for Christmas 2008.

  • Opinion: Google launches Chrome assault on IE market share

    Seems like only yesterday Google Chrome was a bouncing baby browser with a twinkle in her eye. Now she's going off to college with a platinum card in her purse.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite holiday website?

    We're looking for recommendations of holiday websites. Where do you go to find great deals on holidays? Which sites provide the best recommendations and travel advice?

  • Opinion: Housewives spend nearly half their free time online

    British housewives are swapping their traditional coffee mornings and gossiping sessions in favour of surfing the web.

  • Opinion: Can big business force ISPs to close satire sites?

    Computerworld.com reporter Jaikumar Vijayan follows the case of the South African diamond company, the New York Times spoof, and the Swiss Joker in the pack...

  • Opinion: Google tests secret operating system

    Something's stirring in the Googledome. According to web analysts Net Applications, Google employees are testing a secret operating system. Thrillingly, it's an OS that leaves no trace behind.

  • Opinion: 5 ways to shop smarter and beat online gripes

    According to a survey from IMRG and Capgemini, which hoovered up data from 60 UK retail websites, Monday 8 December will be the biggest online shopping day of 2009, with sales of around £320 million. That's a lot of moolah in these tough times.

  • Opinion: Brits feel guilty for not responding to emails

    Anxiety and paranoia are not feelings usually associated with surfing the web and catching up with friends over email, but according to research by free webmail provider GMX, more and more Brits are experiencing these feelings when it comes to personal emails.

  • Opinion: Thanksgiving Day gets rick-rolled

    The rick-rolling phenomenon knows no bounds, it seems: Macys department store played a prank on crowds gathered outside its store enjoying the carnival atmosphere by drafting in 80s popstar and reluctant YouTube sensation Rick Astley.

  • Opinion: Why Facebook users reveal too much

    There's something that constantly irritates me about Facebook, and all social-networking sites for that matter, and its not the constant requests to join irrelevant groups such as 'Jeremy Clarkson for Prime Minister' or even the ridiculous invites to give virtual drinks to my friends. It's the fact that people often end up sharing too much information - and usually with people they shouldn't.

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