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Latest Broadband Opinion

  • Opinion: It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the rebirth of satellite Internet

  • Opinion: Why the Comcast call from hell is great news for customers

    If you're currently a Comcast customer, pick up the phone, call the company, and politely explain that you're considering leaving. You could potentially save a bundle of money.

  • Opinion: Does the UK need an internet porn filter?

    BT has just enabled its porn filter, and Virgin will do the same later in 2014. But is ISP filtering the right way to go? We also look at how Google and Microsoft are blocking certain searches.

  • Opinion: Gigabit networking

    While the latest wireless protocol, 802.11ac, doesn't deliver on its promise of gigabit networking speeds, the improved performance, range and reliability is well worth having. We tested the fastest wireless routers to find out what's possible from today's Wi-Fi.

  • Opinion: Definition of broadband' is too broad

    There's good news, and not-so-good news. The good news is the number of people accessing the network over broadband continues to increase. The not-so-good news is that the term "broadband" is so broad that it's difficult to tell how good the good news really is.

  • Opinion: The hunt for true portability

    In order to be productive on the move you need a powerful, portable device and a great web connection. Technological advances mean that those options are now here.

  • Opinion: Network not work: life without internet

    Could you live without the internet? We certainly can't, and it seems even Google is beginning to rethink its online-only approach with its ARM-powered Chromebook laptops.

  • Opinion: Managing add-ons in Internet Explorer

    With too many add-ons your browser performance can be affected. Change Internet Explorer's settings to prevent pages from loading slowly

  • Opinion: Setting security levels in Internet Explorer

    Use the protection settings in Internet Explorer to help give you a first line of defence when it comes to your security

  • Opinion: Alternatives to Internet Explorer

    As a modern, fast and efficient way of bringing the web to your screen IE is a decent application, but there are alternatives that you may like to try instead.

  • Opinion: Lessons from the Road: Free 'Hi-Speed' Internet

    One of the luxuries of my job is that it can be done from virtually anywhere…as long as I can connect to the Internet. I spent much of August working from the road traveling about the country with my family on “working vacation” road trip.

  • Opinion: The truth about wireless speeds

    Most people will find 802.11n wireless networking sufficiently fast, but it’s actually slower than last century’s wired ethernet. A truly nippy wireless data system, such as that promised by 802.11ac, is long overdue.

  • Opinion: Comcast's Data Cap Hike: Good News, Bad News

    Comcast plans to fiddle with its longstanding 250 GB data cap for broadband subscribers.

  • Opinion: Does Faster Internet Access Lure Piracy?

    Hollywood's piracy schtick might be getting a little old. Not only does the movie industry continue to create less-than-impressive relationships with its audience by suing the pants off alleged file-sharers, now it's worried that faster Internet download speeds will enable piracy.

  • Opinion: Windows 8 Has What it Takes for 3G/4G Mobile Broadband

    Microsoft has built a ton of new features and capabilities into Windows 8 that make it a prime OS for mobile devices like ultrabooks and tablets. Aside from the Metro UI that is designed to be tapped and swiped on a touchscreen display, Windows 8 also includes new features for connecting to and managing mobile broadband connections.

  • Opinion: Manage Your Network Bandwidth with Kerio Control 7.2

    There are a variety of demands on network bandwidth, but some are much more mission critical than others for small and medium businesses. Kerio has updated its Kerio Control UTM (Unified Threat Management) platform to include bandwidth management and quality of service capabilities that let businesses ensure that important network traffic is given priority.

  • Opinion: Time Warner Cable to Bundle Slingbox for Top Subscribers

    Time Warner Cable is set to bundle a Slingbox for those who subscribe to its $99-per-month Wideband Internet service, according to a New York Times report. The cable provider would basically subsidize the total cost of the $300 device in a move to avoid litigation with cable programmers who demand extra payments for live TV streams on anything other than your TV set.

  • Opinion: FCC Measures Advertised ISP Speeds; Fiber Trounces All

    The FCC has been working with 13 major broadband providers in the US, from February to June of this year, to test how the ISPs' actual broadband speeds matched up what they advertised. The results? You're probably not getting the speeds you expected, for better or for worse.

  • Opinion: OPINION: BT vs MPA - website blocking is not a silver bullet

    A landmark ruling at the High Court means that BT, the UK’s biggest broadband provider, must now block access to Newzbin2, a website linking people to illegal movie downloads.

  • Opinion: Internet access: Can the government cut you off?

    The UK has been heavily criticised in a new UN report stating that internet access is a human right.

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