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  • Opinion: iPod at 8: The device that changed everything

    Amid all the hubbub last week surrounding Windows 7, you may have missed another tech milestone: the iPod turned eight last Friday. Eight? Hasn't it been with us forever?

  • Opinion: Where have the music pirates gone?

    As BitTorrent filesharing sites such as The Pirate Bay are closed down or go legit, software and music pirates are quickly moving their 'warez' to file-hosting websites.

  • Opinion: Pics: new iPod nano and iPod touch dissected

    You've seen Apple roll out the new iPod nano and new iPod touch, and read our reviews of them. But perhaps you're wondering what really makes these suckers tick. Fortunately, iFixit is in the business of satisfying your prurient interests in that regard.

  • Opinion: Is the iPod dying - and does Apple care?

    The vastly popular iPod MP3 music player has been a huge part of Apple's success since the first one launched in 2001, but iPod sales revenues are being eclipsed by revenues for Macs and iPhones. Is the iPod heading the way of the steam locomotive?

  • Opinion: Reports: Apple 'hushed up exploding iPod'

    In an echo of a story reported by PC Advisor last month, Apple has been accused of hushing up another overheating iPod. According to the Inquirer, a Liverpool family were offered compensation after their iPod exploded, but were instructed to keep the arrangement secret on pain of legal action.

  • Opinion: Dutch court orders Pirate Bay to set sail

    It's not easy being a pirate. In April, the four men who run The Pirate Bay (TPB) were found guilty of violating Swedish copyright law. In the past week, reports surfaced that Global Gaming Factory might not be able to dredge up the cash to buy the torrent-tracking site. And now the Dutch have ordered TPB to leave the Netherlands or face a hefty fine.

  • Opinion: Apple accused of iPod fire risk cover-up

    Apple iPods have overheated and burst into flames and smoke on a number of occasions, causing both injuries and property damage. But Apple has fought to keep government reports of these incidents from becoming public, according to a Seattle TV station.

  • Opinion: 'Music pirate mum' deserves a new trial

    Lawyers for Jammie Thomas-Rasset, a US mother of four fined $1.9m (about £1.2m) last month for illegally downloading 24 songs, have filed a request for a new trial. And they're right. The judgment is ridiculous.

  • Opinion: Pirate Bay sale: no more sticking it to The Man

    With all the outrage over The Pirate Bay going legit, I think it's time to reconsider the merits of filesharing. The world has changed since Napster introduced peer-to-peer filesharing in 1999, and the culture that made the practice seem necessary has transformed.

  • Opinion: Memories of the Sony Walkman, 30 today

    The Sony Walkman turns 30 today, yet the Walkman brand persists in digital audio players and mobile phones. We look back on its impact on the worlds of technology and music.

  • Opinion: In pictures: next-gen Apple iPod nano

    We've been hearing a lot lately about Apple's alleged plans to add an iPhone-like camera to its next-generation iPods, and now iLounge has posted its rendition of what the 5th-generation Apple iPod nano might look like.

  • Opinion: Beware fraudulent iTunes charges

    If you're a lover of digital music, it's time to keep close tabs on your monthly credit-card statement, because iTunes-related fraud is on the increase.

  • Opinion: Music pirates 'more likely to buy songs'

    Those who download music illegally are much more likely to buy music than those who don't use P2P networks such as The Pirate Bay, according to a new study. But the recording industry disputes the findings.

  • Opinion: Spotify kills the dream with targeted-ad plan

    Thieves get rich, and saints get shot, and God don't answer prayers a lot. And free online music-streaming services may not be as benevolent as you thought. Thanks for that, Spotify.

  • Opinion: Enjoy Pirate Bay victory while you can, Hollywood

    From Sweden and London to Hollywood, copyright enforcers are celebrating the conviction of the four men behind the world's most popular torrent tracker The Pirate Bay. But we think Hollywood can forget its happy ending.

  • Opinion: Make the most of your Apple iPod: clock & alarm

    Most of us are accustomed to using our Apple iPods in our waking hours. But your portable media player can also act as a sleep and wake aid.

  • Opinion: President Obama gives Apple iPod to the Queen

    Barack Obama, in his maiden overseas voyage as the US head of state, has given the Queen an iPod.

  • Opinion: U2 at Amazon: Ive only just found what Im looking for

    I've become a big fan of Amazon's iTunes Music Store killer Amazon MP3.

  • Opinion: Apple iTunes vs Amazon MP3 - Amazon wins

    UPDATE (January 2009): DRM-free iTunes music now available

  • Opinion: Eighties rock band embraces Web 2.0 for comeback album

    Eighties rockers Guns 'N Roses have finally heeded the cries of music fans and turned in a follow-up album to the wildly successful Use Your Illusion I and II and a covers album in 1993.

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