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Latest Audio Opinion

  • Opinion: The golden age of cord-cutting is upon us. Don't let scare tactics tell you otherwise

    There's never been a better time to cut the cord.

  • Opinion: Alpine Electronics launches headphones that literally rock your cabesa

    The Clash wanted to rock the Kasbah. Alpine Electronics, best known for its line of audio products in cars, just launched a set of headphones that promise to rock your cabesa. Which raises the question: Should music be heard, or felt? Dubbed simply Alpine Headphones, these cans utilize haptic feedback to deliver physical sensations to your skull, synchronized to the beat of the music you're listening to.

  • Opinion: Meet Blueshift Hydrogen, the supercapacitor-powered Bluetooth speaker that may outlive you

    Blueshift makes Bluetooth speakers that are truly unique: They rock a bamboo shell and are powered by supercapacitors (not batteries) that recharge in five minutes and survive a whopping 500,000 charging cycles.

  • Opinion: Comedy Central, MTV, and other Viacom channels coming to Sony Cloud TV

    Cord cutters will finally be able to stream some cable networks without having to, uh, "borrow" a pay-TV subscriber's login. Viacom is letting Sony's upcoming cloud TV service to carry at least 22 of its most popular networks. The deal will let Sony OTT subscribers tune into "BET, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, MTV2, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Nicktoons, Spike, TV Land and VH1, BET Gospel, Centric, Logo, CMT Pure Country, MTV Hits, MTV James, mtvU, Palladia, TeenNick, Vh1 Classic and Vh1 Soul and all available in HD," said a Viacom news release announcing the arrangement. "The deal marks Viacom's first-ever agreement to provide its networks for an Internet-based live TV and video on demand service."

  • Opinion: Hands-on with Rdio's redesign: History is history, Favorites and stations are now

    When you have millions of songs at your disposal, the trick is figuring out what to listen to. I've always appreciated the way Rdio makes it easy to see what's popular among your friends and alerts you to new releases by artists you already like. On Thursday the streaming music service launched a redesign across its website, desktop players, and mobile apps, rebranding your collection as your Favorites, all the better to include playlists, stations, and your favorite artists' entire catalogs.

  • Opinion: Primed for pigskin: How to watch NFL football anywhere

    Editor's note: This article originally ran in 2012. We updated it on September 4, 2014 to reflect the latest information for the 2014 season.

  • Opinion: Even with built-in audience, rumored YouTube music service faces hurdles

    What's in a name? That's the question streaming experts are debating, following this week's revelations that Google was planning to launch a subscription music service on YouTube called Music Key.

  • Opinion: Report: Xbox Entertainment Studios not quite dead yet

    Like an unexpected twist in one of the original programs it had hoped to produce, Microsoft's recently shuttered Xbox Entertainment Studios may come back from the dead. That's according to an August 14 story in the Hollywood Reporter, which says Warner Bros. may be in the frame to revive Microsoft's attempt to create video content for its gaming console.

  • Opinion: With Merlin deal, Pandora hopes to make beautiful music with indie artists

    Online music service Pandora has signed a rights deal with Merlin, the indie label global rights agency. It's the first time the streaming music service has inked a deal with a music rights body, and it's likely to change the way you discover music on Pandora.

  • Opinion: Streaming music pioneer Rhapsody finally hits 2 million subscriptions

    It took Rhapsody--the RealNetworks' spinoff that pioneered the flat-fee online music subscription business--10 years to hit the million subscriber mark in December 2011. It only took from then to today for Rhapsody to achieve 2 million subs. That's progress!

  • Opinion: SoundCloud gets Sonos integration, record deals possible

    SoundCloud is getting integrated with Sonos music systems, as it reportedly tries to become more than just a place for music you haven't heard of.

  • Opinion: Totally rad films from the '80s and '90s on Netflix

    Back in the 1980s and 1990s, people rented videos from video stores. There was the battle between Beta and VHS, as well as other weird formats, like Super-VHS and the Videodisc. Then there was the Laserdisc, which only caught on with die-hard collectors, but began featuring things like widescreen and director's commentary tracks. Perhaps only the most visionary souls could have possibly foreseen the days when these movies could be watched instantly, at the push of a button, from a computer or even a smartphone. Yet here they are. And guess what--some of the movies from those bygone decades are still pretty good.

  • Opinion: How Android TV will make Chromecast better

    When Google announced Android TV this week, the search giant was quick to note that Chromecast isn't going away. Android TV devices will actually have Chromecast support built-in, providing the same features as Google's $35 streaming dongle with no extra effort by developers.

  • Opinion: YouTube's (finally) adding 60fps video support, tip jar

    If you play a lot of PC games, chances are you can see the difference between a game running at 30 frames per second and one running at 60. Or, if you can't, you've likely at least heard the arguments about this thorny subject. (You can always check out this site to get an idea of what games look like running at different framerates.)

  • Opinion: Watch out Google: Firefox OS-powered Chromecast competitor in the works

    Google's nifty Chromecast dongle may be getting some competition from a similar device powered by Mozilla's Firefox OS. On Thursday, Mozilla developer evangelist Christian Heilmann tweeted an image of a TV casting dongle loaded with Firefox OS.

  • Opinion: OK Google, let's rock: Android apps can play music directly from Google search

    If you use Google Search to look up musicians and bands on your Android handset, you're in luck. Google now provides a one-touch option to play their music right now on your Android* phone.

  • Opinion: U.S.-Ghana match proves a winner for WatchESPN

    The U.S. World Cup soccer team wasn't the only winner this past Monday, when the Americans bested Ghana 2-1. WatchESPN.com--the cable sports network's streaming service accessed online or through the WatchESPN app--also had reason to celebrate after the final whistle.

  • Opinion: YouTube poised to block indie musicians over subscription service dispute

    YouTube users who like watching videos from indie label artists such as Adele, Arctic Monkeys, and Radiohead could soon lose access to their videos on the Google-owned site, thanks to a copyright fight between the indies and the video-sharing service.

  • Opinion: Reality check: Are DVRs doomed? Depends what you mean by 'doomed'

    The days of the DVR are numbered. And DVD players and cable TV set-top boxes are slated to join them in history's recycling pile. At least that's where Roku CEO Anthony Wood thinks the digital entertainment industry is headed.

  • Opinion: Spotify adds the ability to control Samsung wireless speakers

    Got Samsung wireless speakers? Starting now, you can control them using Spotify, streaming the entire catalog of tunes to any room in your house.

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