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More Apple Opinion

  • Opinion: AT&T Starts Unlocking iPhones: Customers Gripe Over Long Delays

    Want to unlock your off-contract AT&T iPhone to use with competing GSM carriers such as U.S. Cellular and T-Mobile? As reported last week, now you can, the only hitch is it may take up to a week for AT&T to process the request even though AT&T claims it only takes minutes.

  • Opinion: Search for messages by domain in Lion

    In versions of OS X before Lion, you could quickly search for messages from a given domain (macworld.com, for example) just by typing it in the search field. But such searches are more difficult in Lion's version of Mail. That's because, when you type the domain name, the program will show you all of the messages that have been sent to or received from that domain, as well as any messages that contain that domain as a string of text in the body; it will also show you a drop-down suggestion-list of specific senders from that domain.

  • Opinion: Mac Malware Outbreak Is Bigger than 'Conficker'

    An estimated 600,000 or more Macs are currently compromised and part of a massive botnet thanks to the Flashback Trojan. To put the size of the threat in some perspective, the Flashback Trojan botnet is even bigger than the massive Conficker botnet...relatively speaking.

  • Opinion: AT&T Finally to Allow Unlocked iPhones for Out-of-Contract Users

    AT&T's long-standing policy against unlocking iPhones will come to an end this Sunday, allowing users to take advantage of cheaper service when traveling abroad.

  • Opinion: Is Apple to Blame for Size of Mac Botnet?

    Mac OS X may be more secure than Microsoft Windows in some ways, and it certainly has fewer attacks aimed at it, but it's not invulnerable. Reports are emerging that as many as 600,000 Macs have been compromised by a Trojan horse.

  • Opinion: 5 Hot iPhone Apps that Android Still Lacks

    With Instagram's arrival on Android, some snobbish iPhone users are making their disdain known for the new users who they claim are crowding and disrupting the Instagram social order.

  • Opinion: iPhone 4 Antenna Settlement: Some Can Collect $15

    There are apparently two kinds of lotteries in the United States: state-owned ones like MegaMillions, and class-action lawsuits. Your chances of big payments from both of them are approximately the same: small.

  • Opinion: Apple Devices Reside in Half of All U.S. Households

    Tough economy? Apple wouldn’t know it. Around half of all U.S. households own at least one Apple product, whether it’s an iPad, iPod or Mac, according to a CNBC survey. It’s estimated that some 55 million homes have at least one Apple gadget, and one in 10 of the non-Apple households plans to purchase a fruit-branded product in the next year.

  • Opinion: App Spotlight: Epson iProjection Beams Presentations to Your Projector

    The Epson iProjection app for iOS helps you cut the cord between your presentation and your projector.

  • Opinion: Retina scan: future screen technology

    Screen technology has come a long way since the early days of computing, but we're hoping the third-generation iPad's quad-resolution screen will make it a pathfinder for Retina-esque displays.

  • Opinion: Portable computing: Welcome to the future

    Tablets, ultrabooks, Windows 8... the portable connected computer of the future is here. And it's brilliant for watching the telly.

  • Opinion: It's true: iPads are starting to replace business PCs

    Business interest in the iPad is increasing, as Android slips and Dell, HP, and RIM are irrelevant.

  • Opinion: Tweaking Lion's firewall

    Reader Jake Tesler is ready to set Lion's firewall on fire. He writes:

  • Opinion: Add Finder labels via drag-and-drop

    Many of us use Finder labels to mark and more easily differentiate icons and files. There are several 'official' ways of assigning a label to a selected file: from the File menu, from the Action menu on the Finder toolbar, or from the the Finder’s contextual menu. But reader adipoos points out another way to assign labels that isn't so well known.

  • Opinion: Is Apple's New MacBook Air Poised to Launch Soon?

    Apple's next-generation MacBook Air could launch soon, though that's if you're bending over backward to interpret DigiTimes' latest report in the most optimistic light. The Asian news site reports notebook manufacturers are expected to see February shipments grow about 10 percent after a lackluster January, and that Apple is "set to launch a new MacBook Air model," bolstering Taiwan-based supplier Quanta Computer's revenues.

  • Opinion: Replicants like any other machine

    Everyone likes a bargain, and we hate to pay over the odds for a product or service that’s available cheaper elsewhere. Take Samsung and Apple…

  • Opinion: Mountain Lion: Hands on with Contacts and Calendar

    If our website comments and email inboxes are any indication, among the least-popular changes in Lion (OS X 10.7) were those performed on iCal and Address Book. From their unnecessarily skeuomorphic interfaces to their omission of features available in Snow Leopard, these two apps have, in many a user's mind, earned the criticism they've received.

  • Opinion: Mountain Lion Brings Mobile UI to Desktops

    Apple announced OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion today, and something was immediately noticeable: it looks just like the latest version of iOS. From the notification system to iChat, it's clear that mobile is taking the lead in Apple's headquarters.

  • Opinion: Super Bowl XLVI Ads Pander to Geeks

    For most Super Bowl XLVI was all about the game. For others it's about the overhyped ads, beer, and the chicken wings. For me, it's all about the ads.

  • Opinion: U.S. Government: iPhone Jailbreaking Is Fair Use

    The United States Government, at the request of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, has announced what amounts to a blanket exemption to the controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) for activities that all under the Fair Use doctrine of U.S. Copyright law.

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