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More Apple Opinion

  • Opinion: iPhone 5: steep curve

    Apple made no mobile phones prior to 2007. Five years ago, the then-Apple Computer released the iPhone. Unlike the iPod release of 2001, there was some variety available in the initial product memory-specs. But it was still The iPhone--available Stateside and locked for a single carrier.

  • Opinion: Walmart Joins iPhone Price Cut With 'iPhone 5' On Horizon

    Smartphone retailers are scrambling to get as many iPhone 4 and 4S devices out the door as possible before an expected debut of the so-called iPhone 5 on September 12.

  • Opinion: New iPhone Expected to Hit Store Shelves on Sept. 21

    Apple fans anxious to know when the next iPhone is coming out may want to circle Sept. 21 on their calendar. That is the date when Verizon Wireless employees will begin a vacation blackout, lasting through Sept. 30, a “trusted Verizon employee” told TechCrunch. Earlier rumors have said that Apple will announce its next iPhone on Sept. 12, and release the new handset roughly a week later.

  • Opinion: Mountain Lion's Save As isn't what it once was

    Reader Edward Bennett is rightfully confused by a Mountain Lion feature that isn't what it appears to be. He writes:

  • Opinion: 4 Things Apple Will Eliminate With iPhone 5 and iOS 6

    The next-generation iPhone is set to bring some radical changes for users, and it will also mark a very public break-up between Apple and Google. Much-loved Google products on iOS will now disappear or be replaced with Apple variants, while hardware design changes will bring long-term improvements, but short-term headaches for some users.

  • Opinion: iPhone Trade-In Flurry Begins

    Do you have an old iPhone and want to get some cash for it to put toward the upcoming new one? You're not alone. Owners of older iPhones are now rushing to sell their devices in anticipation of the rumored September 12 launch date of the iPhone 5. They're cashing in up to $300 for an iPhone 4S, in many cases more than what they initially paid for the phone.

  • Opinion: Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshooting Mountain Lion

    Good news. Based on reviews I've read (and my own experience), the consensus appears to be that OS X Mountain Lion is a generally stable update with a minimum of significant problems, especially for a 10.x.0 release. Still, things can and do occasionally go wrong. It always pays to be cautious before upgrading to a new version of OS X. This remains true for Apple's latest cat.

  • Opinion: Sharp Says New iPhone Screens Shipping to Apple

    Sharp, one of Apple’s three display suppliers, said the first screens for the next generation iPhone will begin shipping this month. The company’s new president, Takashi Okuda was quoted by Reuters, speaking at a press briefing in Tokyo, saying "shipments will start in August," but without any other details.

  • Opinion: Google's dreams of electric sheep

    For the past two years, the iPad has ruled the tablet PC roost. That status quo is about to change, though, with Google determined to claw its way to some market share – not to mention mindshare – of this key category. And it now has the means to do so, with the £159 Nexus 7.

  • Opinion: iPad Mini: What We Know So Far

    Apple is set to unveil a new iPhone and possibly a new smaller iPad on Sept. 12, according to pundits. Apple has previously dismissed the 7-inch form factor for tablets because it’s too small, but the recent successes of the Kindle Fire from Amazon and the Nexus 7 tablet from Google, manufactured by Asus, have slowly squeezed the 9.7-inch iPad’s market share, so Apple is expected to hit back.

  • Opinion: Samsung Removes Local Search Feature from Galaxy S III as Patent Suit Nears

    Samsung has removed local search capabilities from its Galaxy S III in hopes of fortifying the phone against Apple patent lawsuits.

  • Opinion: Privacy Monitoring App Clueful Booted from iOS App Store

    Apple has given the boot to BitDefender's Clueful, a privacy monitoring app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

  • Opinion: iPhone 5 Expected to Have Thinner, In-Cell Display

    Apple’s iPhone 5 may be thinner thanks to a new type of display technology that may also help the device have a larger screen without adding any extra weight, according to an online report. Apple’s iPhone 5 will reportedly feature a display called in-cell technology that integrates the touch sensors inside the LCD panel. The new type of LCD display will help Apple save about 0.02 of an inch (0.5mm), according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

  • Opinion: App Spotlight: MaxEmail Fax Turns Your iPhone into a Fax Machine

    Like AOL, compact discs, and other relics of the 20th century, faxes refuse to die.

  • Opinion: Google Rolls Out Chrome for Android and iOS

    Google's Chrome browser now claims 310 million active users, the company announced at its I/O developer's conference this week, nearly doubling the number it had at this time last year.

  • Opinion: Virgin Mobile Starts Selling Prepaid iPhones

    Virgin Mobile consumers can now purchase iPhones on the carrier's prepaid wireless plans. Consumers will have to pay full price for the phones -- $649 for a 16GB iPhone 4S and $549 for an 8GB iPhone 4 -- but pay less for service than they'd pay for a plan that subsidized the cost of the phone.

  • Opinion: Bluestacks Brings Android Apps to Mac with its App Player Emulator

    Mac users can now run Android apps on their desktop thanks to App Player from Bluestacks, an Android emulation platform that is available as an alpha version for OS X. Bluestacks does not specify any system requirements on its site, but in my tests App Player for Mac worked just fine on a MacBook running Mac OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard.

  • Opinion: Run a Retina MacBook Pro at Full 2880-by-1800 Resolution, Induce Eye Strain

    Want to experience all that the new retina MacBook Pro has to offer? Now you can: One avid user managed to make full use of the massive 2880-by-1800-pixel resolution without any scaling.

  • Opinion: Dropbox for iOS Adds Handy Automatic Camera Uploads

    Cloud storage utility Dropbox updated its iPhone app with automatic uploads of photos and videos from the iPhone's camera roll. The feature works over Wi-Fi and 3G and uploads your photos to the cloud, where you get up to 3GB of free storage.

  • Opinion: The first Retina notebook computer

    Standing aloft from running updates to existing MacBook models comes the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

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