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More Apple Opinion

  • Opinion: Will the Apple iPad sell?

    Apple's iPad will fly off the shelves when it goes on sale, and will build momentum through the back-to-school and into Christmas selling seasons, analysts have predicted.

  • Opinion: Steve Jobs: The official biography

    Steve Jobs is a notoriously private man. But that could all be about to change, with reports that Jobs has agreed to work with biographer Walter Isaacson to publish an in-depth examination of the Apple founder's life. Will this official biography be a comprehensive tell-all, or a marketing fluff piece?

  • Opinion: Apple tablet - giant iPhone: in-hands photos

    The Apple tablet computer - Apple iSlate, Apple MacTablet, Apple iPad, etc - will be announced today, and all speculation suggests it will be just like a giant iPhone; or rather a giant iPod touch with front-facing videocam for video chats.

  • Opinion: Apple's no-smoking warranty nonsense

    I'm not a smoker. I don't enjoy being in the presence of cigarette smoke. But I still had mixed feelings about the UK workplace smoking ban.

  • Opinion: Apple 'to force you to watch adverts'

    And now, a word from our sponsor. True story: last year, Apple filed for a patent on technology that would force you to watch advertisements, no matter how hard you tried to avoid it.

  • Opinion: Apple's 12 biggest failures

    Apple has developed a reputation over the years that's almost on the level of religious faith: if Apple builds it, they say, it will be a success. But that isn't always the case...

  • Opinion: Windows 7 and Mac bigots: get a life

    Despite what some have claimed, the upcoming release of Windows 7 won't change the world of computing overnight. Windows will still be Windows, Mac will still be Mac, and fans of the two sides will continue to snipe at one another.

  • Opinion: Study: 85 percent of Mac owners have Windows PC

    It used to be that no self-respecting Mac owner would admit to owning a Windows PC. But a study has found that a Windows PC can be found in the homes of a massive 85 percent of Mac owners.

  • Opinion: 5 of Apple's bonkers logo disputes

    Apple is taking on the Australian Woolworths supermarket chain over a logo. Apple claims the stylised "W" formed into an apple-like shape is too similar to its own apple symbol. The similarities, as you'll see below, are debatable, but this isn't the most unlikely legal logo wrangle Apple's been involved in.

  • Opinion: Time to face facts: Apple isn't infallible

    The phrase "Everything just works with a Mac" is a tag Apple has been repeating for a long time to argue that its products are superior to competitors like Microsoft.

  • Opinion: Snow in August

    It was in 2001 that Apple and Microsoft unveiled their respective new pride-and-joys - each had shiny new operating systems. In the one corner was Mac OS X 10.0, an amalgamation of FreeBSD Unix and the classic Mac OS; in the other corner, Windows XP, a reskinned version of Windows 2000, itself based on Microsoft Windows NT.

  • Opinion: What can we expect from Apple's autumn event?

    Speculation is mounting over Apple's autumn event, where the firm is expected to unveil a revamped iPod line and other product news. The Apple tablet may not make an appearance at the event, which is likely to take place on September 9, but rumours include the debut of a new social feature for iTunes 9.0 and an appearance by Steve Jobs, according to All Things D.

  • Opinion: The return of the 'floppy'. Thanks, Apple!

    Is it the end for optical discs now that Apple is favouring something that looks remarkably like a tiny floppy disk? And is Apple plotting a strategic storage shift for its MacBook laptops?

  • Opinion: Microsoft Bing: 'Get a Mac'

    Ask Microsoft whether you ought to buy a Mac or a PC, and its answer will probably be inclined in favour of the latter. Microsoft folks will tell you that a PC is cheaper, is used by the majority of the world, and is endorsed by tiny tots and Jerry Seinfeld alike.

  • Opinion: The MacBook turns Pro

    Apple updated its 13in MacBook a few weeks back, giving the company's least expensive laptop better performance than the more expensive aluminium unibody models. This was a pretty strong hint that the aluminium models were due for a refresh.

  • Opinion: Why Steve Jobs will be back this summer

    Wouldn't it be great if, a few weeks after next month's WWDC, Apple maximum leader Steve Jobs returned - tanned, rested, healthy, and brandishing next-generation iPhones and other toys?

  • Opinion: Apple sued over alleged MagSafe fire hazard

    Don't look now, but Apple's got itself tied up in another lawsuit. This time, the fuss is over Apple's much-hyped MagSafe adaptor, which is allegedly prone to fraying, sparking and creating a fire hazard.

  • Opinion: Apple can't even spell MacBook correctly

    Are standards at Apple really slipping fast now that visionary CEO Steve Jobs isn't at the helm? It appears so.

  • Opinion: Apple iCard petition nears 1,000 mark

    Oh, no, gasps the man as he spots the envelope leant up against the vase holding a single rose.

  • Opinion: BBC's brainless Mac vs PC test

    What was the point of the BBC asking a Microsoft employee to test a Mac Plus against a modern-day Windows PC?

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