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CTRL-R keys are hardest hit during Macworld Expo keynote

iPhone nano, Apple netbook or 9in iPod touch? The web is awash with the usual pre-Macworld Expo rumours and, Steve Jobs or not, Apple keynotes remain unique in their ability to make geeks around the globe drop what they're doing and head to the internet.

There are a number of reasons why many of us will be clicking the refresh button on our favourite news websites (including PC Advisor's!) this evening to find out what's new from the Mac maker - Apple is a technology innovator, many of us use the company's products, and executives manage to keep new launches a closely guarded secret right up until high-profile keynotes/product launches begin.

The fact that Steve Jobs isn't presenting at Macworld Expo this year has curbed enthusiasm somewhat, while most bloggers predict that evolutionary rather than revolutionary new products will be the order of the day.

But the fact remains that Apple has introduced fundamental breakthroughs in key product categories in recent years - audio players, mobile phones, and laptops - so there's always the potential that something truly groundbreaking will be unveiled.

Those reporting on events in San Francisco hoping to get the scoop face mission impossible. With journalists blogging from the audience, the number of news stories covering every word of Phil Schiller's presentation will be in the thousands in next to no time. When Jobs announced a new range of MacBooks at a product launch in September, PC Advisor was one of over 1,000 publications to post a story online within five minutes, according to a Google News search at the time.

Furthermore, the most dedicated of Apple fanboys will check out Macworld US' Live Update blog with their fingers fixed on CTRL-R (or Apple key-R) to ensure they find out what's been announced before journalists have even had the time to condense proceedings into news stories.

So, whatever's announced later today, you'll be able to find out about it seconds after those in the audience at Macworld Expo.
Check the PC Advisor news section from 5pm tonight to discover which of the following rumours turn out to be true.

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