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  • Opinion: Buying the next generation of coders: Microsoft's Minecraft gamble

    When the newsbroke last night that Microsoft was in negotiations to buy Minecraft creators Mojang for $2 billion, people quickly started asking "why would Microsoft buy another gaming company?"

  • Opinion: Verizon, Sprint announce competing iPhone 6 deals

    The launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has kicked off a price war for your valuable carrier contract. Not wanting to cede any ground to its smaller competitors, Verizon recently announced its own trade-in program to convince you to buy the iPhone 6 from Big Red instead of Sprint or T-Mobile. On top of that, Sprint has announced yet another iPhone 6-friendly deal.

  • Opinion: 5 must-know Excel macros for common tasks

    If you're not using macros, you're ignoring one of Excel's most powerful features. Macros save you time and spare you headaches by automating common, repetitive tasks. And you don't have to be a programmer or know Visual Basic Applications (VBA) to write one. With Excel 2013, it's as simple as recording your keystrokes.

  • Opinion: 7 questions following #AppleLive

  • Opinion: Turn your smartphone into a remote control for your torrent client

    The BitTorrent protocol isn't just for pirates, it's also a great way to legally download indie documentaries, music, and open source software such as Linux distributions or the Tor Browser.

  • Opinion: How to ditch Google for more privacy and fewer ads

    Google's search engine, browser, and other products present a Faustian bargain: In exchange for excellent, free Google services your data is used for advertising. And for some it's getting to be too much.

  • Opinion: 5 apps business travelers shouldn't leave home without

    Travel. It's a fact of life for many professionals. Love it or hate it, chances are good you could use a hand with your plans. Whether it's booking your flight, finding the perfect seat on the plane, or simply remembering to bring your socks, there's an app that can help. Here are five of my favorites.

  • Opinion: Apple to expand, recast iPhone portfolio today

  • Opinion: A router and an extender: When your laptop doesn't know which to use.

    Lisa Marie Lalonde's router isn't powerful enough to cover her entire home, so she installed a range extender. But when she moves from one part of the house to another, her laptop fails to connect to the nearest signal and loses the network.

  • Opinion: 7 dictionary and reference apps that are not just for students

    It's official: School is back in session. Time to get the books and laptop, or tablet, and head back to the drudgery of another school year. But maybe this year you'll head back to the classroom armed with some iOS apps to help you study more easily--apps that can help you find vital information for your assignments, and apps that can help you right bettur. (See? We can all use some help.) Here are a handful of apps that can help you find useful information for school, or even for other aspects of your life.

  • Opinion: Automate your morning programs with Windows Task Scheduler

    One of the best parts of owning a PC isn't downloading videos, sending email, or playing games. If you ask me, the best tool for your computer is automation. Get it to do some of the mundane things you need to get done in the day or that make your work life just a little bit easier.

  • Opinion: Perfect party games to break the ice at any gathering

    Whether you're a college student trying to break this ice with new friends, or you're just looking for activities to spice up your next dinner party, you can't go wrong with playing a game. But save Apples to Apples for another day, and look no further than your own smartphone. The App Store and Google Play Store are full of social games perfect for parties, and that don't require endless button mashing. The best are the games that handle two social elements: Games you play with friends in person, and also involve social media.

  • Opinion: You Should Play: Hazumino

    These days, keeping up with games can be a full-time job. So how do you separate the signal from the noise, the wheat from the chaff, the Temple Runs from the Temple Jumps? Allow us to help by regularly selecting a game You Should Play.

  • Opinion: Why Twitpic is really shutting down

    It's difficult to imagine, but when Twitter launched eight years ago, there was no way to tweet photos. The network was fairly limited in its early days, and a slew of third-party apps filled in the holes using Twitter's API. Users would upload their photos to a third-party service Twitpic and then tweet the link as a way to get around Twitter's limitations.

  • Opinion: Hands-on with Rdio's redesign: History is history, Favorites and stations are now

    When you have millions of songs at your disposal, the trick is figuring out what to listen to. I've always appreciated the way Rdio makes it easy to see what's popular among your friends and alerts you to new releases by artists you already like. On Thursday the streaming music service launched a redesign across its website, desktop players, and mobile apps, rebranding your collection as your Favorites, all the better to include playlists, stations, and your favorite artists' entire catalogs.

  • Opinion: Here's what free upgrades could do for Windows 9's uptake

  • Opinion: Save money by not buying a larger SSD than you need

    George Ratzlaff plans to buy an SSD to speed up his PC. How big a drive does he need?

  • Opinion: Primed for pigskin: How to watch NFL football anywhere

    Editor's note: This article originally ran in 2012. We updated it on September 4, 2014 to reflect the latest information for the 2014 season.

  • Opinion: Six Things You Need to Know About Samsung's Gear VR Headset

    Samsung today unveiled the latest member of its Gear family of wearable devices, the Gear VR Innovator Edition. The headset is Samsung's "first VR experience powered entirely by your cell phone," according to Nick DiCarlo, vice president of portfolio planning and product marketing, Samsung Telecommunications America.

  • Opinion: Gear VR may thrill gamers, but value to Samsung and business is unclear

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