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More Opinion

  • Opinion: The Oscars will be streaming, but big restrictions apply

    ABC will live stream the Academy Awards for the first time on March 2, but plenty of viewers will be left out of the festivities.

  • Opinion: Let my love open the door: Nymi wristband uses your pulse as a password

    Yeah, yeah, we're all special. It's a cliche, but in at least one way, we really are special: Our heartbeats have individually identifiable characteristics that are impossible to spoof or replicate.

  • Opinion: OS X security patches have been issued--patch NOW

    If you're using Mac OS X, fire up the App Store: Apple has issued a series of security patches. Details can be found in an article on ZDNet here:

  • Opinion: PhoneTag Messenger targets the Snapchat crowd with cutesy messaging

    Right now, the undisputed king of offbeat mobile messaging apps is Snapchat, the quick-hit photo and video messenger service whose contents self-destruct. It's where the kids hang out, as Facebook seems to be too crowded and not private enough.

  • Opinion: Mio stays on the pulse of fitness hardware with its wrist monitors

    Mio Global's Mio Alpha watch is a heart rate monitor you can wear on your wrist. But since it's accurate while you exercise, you should be able to bid a not-so-fond farewell to those sweaty chest straps that take the fun out of fitness tech.

  • Opinion: The Yoga Tablet 10 HD+'s gorgeous display is what makes it special

    I only had 30 minutes with Lenovo's Yoga Tablet 10 HD+, announced just before the start of this week's Mobile World Congress. It was enough to make this longtime Windows user think Android thoughts.

  • Opinion: Watch out, Seamless: Is Square testing a new ordering app?

    Just when you thought Seamless and GrubHub had tag-teamed their way to food ordering supremacy, Square is reportedly testing the waters with a new app called Square Pickup.

  • Opinion: Worms in Apple...again

    Thanks to mobile devices, Apple has gone from a niche computer-maker to one of the world's more powerful brands. But has Apple security sunk to new depths?

  • Opinion: Nvidia Shield's 'GameStream' PC streaming is a tantalizing taste of the future

    Lately it seems like everyone wants to help us get away from our gaming boxes. Sony lets you run PlayStation 4 games through a PlayStation Vita over Wi-Fi, and you can play certain Nintendo's Wii U games through its GamePad controller. Valve is also testing "in-home streaming" for its Steam service, allowing one PC to beam games to another on the same network.

  • Opinion: Improve the look of your slideshows

    When he runs a slideshow, Dan Brindell wants more than a quick cut from one photo to another. He wants the photos to "roll and fade" with interesting transitions.

  • Opinion: Report: HTC to demo three smartwatches at Mobile World Congress (but to carriers only)

    Great hardware, but poor market traction. That's been the rip on HTC's smartphone line-up, so the Taiwanese company is digging into wearables in a bid to get on the ground floor of a hot new product trend. And now, according to a Wednesday Bloomberg report, HTC might be bringing no fewer than three smartwatch prototypes to Mobile World Congress next week, and at least one will be demoed to carriers in closed-door meetings.

  • Opinion: Eyes-on with Oculus Rift's 'Crystal Cove' VR prototype and first launch game

    I've seen the future. Again. In a two-floor, marble-and-glass Vegas suite, an unassuming headset perches near a tiny computer tower. They look almost comically understated within such ostentatious surroundings.

  • Opinion: Slimmer PlayStation Vita set for US debut this spring

    Somewhere there's a Sony executive frantically pounding on the chest of a PlayStation Vita to the rythym of The Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive." "Don't worry, Vita!" he's crying. "We'll make your already-sexy-hardware even sexier. Then they'll have to buy it! Live, damn it! Live!"

  • Opinion: How to clean up the mess left by browser toolbars

    You would think that in 2014, we'd have put all the web shenanigans of the 1990s and early aughts behind us, but you'd be wrong--at least for Windows users. Download a desktop app like AVG, Skype, or Vuze and these programs will try to sneak toolbars onto your system or change your default home page and browser. Yuck.

  • Opinion: Microsoft working on Kindle-like Xbox reading app for Windows 8

    Microsoft's getting ready to follow Amazon, Apple, and Google into the reading game with an app for Windows to peruse e-books, magazines, and comics. The new app appears be part of Microsoft's cross-platform Xbox entertainment services, which currently include Xbox Music and Video.

  • Opinion: How DevOps Can Accelerate the Cloud Application Lifecycle

    In the past, infrastructure deployment and application updates both slowed the development lifecycle. Now that cloud computing lets organizations provision resources in minutes, not months, it's time to alter the application lifecycle accordingly. DevOps can help -- but only if it extends beyond 'culture change' to actually achieve continuous deployment.

  • Opinion: Chaatz wants to be the messaging app the world actually needs

    WhatsApp. Viber. Line. Snapchat. Facebook Messenger. The over-the-top messaging market is already packed with apps that have carved out niches with sticker packs, disappearing images, and doodles: anything to stand out. Chaatz debuts today for iOS with a more serious mission: to connect the entire world with one platform.

  • Opinion: 5 ridiculous things Apple is more likely to make than an Android phone

    "There's nothing that would keep Apple out of the Android market as a secondary phone market." It sounds like the sort of thing a message board troll would say to get a rise out of you in a forum you should stopped reading 15 minutes ago. It is not what you'd expect to hear from one of Apple's co-founders.

  • Opinion: Why California's kill-switch mandate might save your phone

    If you're reading this story on a smartphone in Bangor, Maine, Key West Florida, Spokane, Washington, or really any point in between, you wouldn't think that a bill making its way through the California state legislature would have much of an impact on your mobile device. But a new proposal for a mandatory kill-switch on mobile devices in California figures to have ramifications felt far beyond the borders of the Golden State should it come to pass.

  • Opinion: A year with Pebble: What I've learned from the smartwatch

    As it turns out, 2013 probably wasn't the Year of the Smartwatch, given that none of the wearable tech released last year set the world on fire. But 2013 was the year I got my first smartwatch, as the Pebble shipped in January, and, as one of the device's Kickstarter backers, I received mine a month later.

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