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More Opinion

  • Opinion: Get better broadband

    We Britons love to whinge about poor service, and broadband provision is no exception. But with competition fierce, it's easy to find a better ISP.

  • Opinion: Microsoft lampooned for giant Surface computer

    Just days after Microsoft unveiled its table-top 'Surface' computer the YouTube parodies have begun.

  • Opinion: BT offers 'blanket' Wi-Fi switch

    BT is reselling a ‘blanket’ wireless switch from Extricom, which covers a building using adjacent access points on the same Wi-Fi channel.

  • Opinion: Business place performance over energy efficiency

    MANILA (06/20/2007) - While companies are increasingly focusing on the energy-efficiency of their data centres, most are still hungry for computing power.

  • Opinion: Fifa? Get lost. I'm a PES 2008 man

    Once upon a time we were all Sensible Soccer people. More recently, footballing gamers existed astride a schism that Martin Luther would think twice about (although I imagine he was more of an MMORPG man): EA's Fifa vs Konami's ISS Pro Evolution Soccer.

  • Opinion: Opinion: Why Safari on Windows will lose

    Apple rarely competes directly — with anyone. Instead of slugging it out with other hardware and software companies on a level playing field, Apple historically creates its own playing field from scratch, then dominates it utterly.

  • Opinion: Apple's iPhone is for 'sad fashionistas'

    iPhone fever is here, but it seems many in the PC Advisor community are immune to the hype.

  • Opinion: Apple's iPhone is for 'sad fashionistas'

    iPhone fever is here, but it seems many in the PC Advisor community are immune to the hype.

  • Opinion: Winamp fix

    Version 5.35 of the media player fixes a flaw that arises if you use the program to open a poisoned Mpeg4 (.mp4) audio or video file downloaded from the web or received as an email attachment. Get the update from Winamp.

  • Opinion: Trillian IRC hole

    A risk in Version 3.0 of the chat client leaves you vulnerable to an attack if you highlight a specially crafted hyperlink sent as part of a message in an IRC chat session. Version closes the hole; download it from here.

  • Opinion: ActiveX flaw

    An ActiveX control added by Norton Personal Firewall 2004 and by Norton Internet Security 2004 has a serious flaw that could permit a takeover of your PC if you open a malicious website in Internet Explorer. To get the security fix, either run Symantec LiveUpdate or pick it up from here.

  • Opinion: Office fix delayed

    After these two strikes (see Microsoft glitches hamper critical fixes, and Broken Internet Explorer) the third swing-and-a-miss came when a problem with Microsoft Update prevented some Office 2007 users from receiving important patches. Microsoft fixed the problem quickly, but the Update snafu caused some people to wait an extra week to receive the patches.

  • Opinion: Broken Internet Explorer

    A nasty post-patch surprise awaits some Vista users: IE may fail to start.

  • Opinion: Microsoft glitches hamper critical fixes

    You know that patches are essential, but the download/install/reboot cycle gets old fast. And it doesn't help when the patches themselves have problems, as some from Microsoft recently did.

  • Opinion: Tech siesta

    Traditionally, the summer months can be slow ones for the IT industry. With most of the big guns keeping their best products under wraps until the autumn, this isn't a time when we see a great many exciting or revolutionary products released. And even where an item looks, on paper, to be mouth-watering, the reality is rarely as intoxicating as we would wish.

  • Opinion: Why we prefer CDs to iTunes

    Despite the rise of online digital-music download services such as Apple’s iTunes, it appears that many of us are sticking with the antiquated CD format.

  • Opinion: PCAdvisor.co.uk members say...

    Each month, PC Advisor collates some of the best and brightest threads posted on Speakers' Corner. Did you catch the all-seeing eye this month?

  • Opinion: Lightscribe website launches

    Lightscribe have created a rather useful site that pulls together templates and tips for printing on to Lightscribe discs.

  • Opinion: There's a new Vista in town

    Those of us without kids have no doubt heard all about the difficulties of choosing baby names - and it's not surprising that some have even resorted to Google to name their kids. But while we mightn't be expertly qualified to judge in this area, surely it's not so difficult to find a suitable name that you'd call your poor, defenceless child after an operating system that we at PC Advisor are still pulling our hair out over (those that have some left, anyway) after it last week screwed up one of our PCs?

  • Opinion: PCA forum member on Britains got talent

    PCAdvisor.co.uk is home to one of Europe’s most popular IT forums, with over 200,000 registered users and thousands of regulars who exchange views on anything from Big Blue to Big Brother.

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