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More Opinion

  • Opinion: Identify tracking cookies in Firefox

    Nobody likes having someone always looking over their shoulder, but you may get that feeling after you've browsed a while and then take a peek inside your Cookies folder.

  • Opinion: Women are bigger gamers than men

    A survey suggests that more US women own games consoles than US men. And it's all down to the Nintendo Wii.

  • Opinion: First handheld calculator now a museum piece

    In 1965, the consumer electronics revolution that would result in PCs, iPods, smartphones and myriad other electronic devices was still years off. And the predecessors of the integrated circuits that would power such products were being used mostly by the military.

  • Opinion: BBC prevaricates over HD TV

    The launch of the BBC's test high-definition TV service looks likely to be put back until the end of the year. And no, it's not because Blue Peter is corrupt. The delay in BBC HD TV is down to the brains at the Beeb being unable to decide which protocol to use.

  • Opinion: Teen tennis stars sacked over Bebo postings

    The LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) has suspended two of Britain's top young tennis stars after they posted images on Bebo that suggested their lifestyles are, well, less white than their tennis whites.

  • Opinion: Completely free mobile phones (and pizza?)

    We're used to getting mobile phones for 'free' alongside a 12-month contract from the likes of O2, Vodafone or Orange, but how about getting a free phone and free calls for as long as you like?

  • Opinion: Completely free mobile phones (and pizza?)

    We're used to getting mobile phones for 'free' alongside a 12-month contract from the likes of O2, Vodafone or Orange, but how about getting a free phone and free calls for as long as you like?

  • Opinion: Pirate Bay fires a broadside at MediaDefender

    Hitting back against alleged industrial sabotage carried out by MediaDefender, file-sharing site the Pirate Bay has filed a criminal complaint against a group of media firms.

  • Opinion: Make your paper mail email

    With all the fast and powerful new ways to communicate these days - email, IM, SMS, VoIP, social networking and more - it seems amazing that people still put paper into envelopes and have someone physically deliver it to you. But thanks to a new service available here in the US, you can avoid snail mail altogether.

  • Opinion: Nobody does it cheddar

    You've heard of watching paint dry or wood warp. Well, now you can watch cheese mature. Log on to cheddarvision.tv and you can join the 1.5 million fans anxious to catch the latest from the Big Cheese House. The star of the show is Wedginald, a 44lb (20kg) Somerset Cheddar. In fact he's the only star, as that is all you can see.

  • Opinion: Council 'workers' binned over eBay addiction

    Three 'workers' at Neath Port Talbot council in Welsh Wales have lost their jobs because they spent all day on eBay. Hopefully they didn't work in procurement.

  • Opinion: Accidental online monogamy leads to shock, pain, divorce

    A married couple received a bittersweet surprise recently, when they discovered that they were inadvertently conducting a tender online affair with one another.

  • Opinion: Turkey gives YouTube the boot

    A court in Turkey has ordered YouTube to be switched off. Why? Why do governments always ban Google's video-sharing behemoth? Videos insulting politicians.

  • Opinion: World of Warcraft smashes paedo sex ring

    Every virtual soldier knows that you see some bad things when you're out on a quest in World of Warcraft. Alas, there's always an orc who takes things too far.

  • Opinion: Channel 4 launches HD TV channel

    Channel 4 will launch in high-definition on Sky digital in December. Channel 4 will be the first UK terrestrial network to launch a full-time HD version of its channel but, don't worry, you're not about to have Gordon Ramsey's craggy face looming into your living room in HD, at launch Channel 4 HD will transmit only a "proportion" of programmes on its schedule in high definition.

  • Opinion: iPhone sales could reach 8m in UK

    A poll by the BBC suggests that a staggering 13.44% of the UK population are interested in buying Apple's iPhone.

  • Opinion: iPhone could make you more stupid

    The dangers of mobile phones ("brain burners!") and Wi-Fi (child killer!") are much debated. A new study suggests that using a mobile phone – be it a seven-year-old Nokia or Apple's iPhone – makes you stupid; stupider than someone who owns a seven-year-old Nokia handset, and even stupider than someone willing to commit to spending £900 on a long-term iPhone contract. That's stupid.

  • Opinion: Stop this iPhone madness

    By the time Steve Jobs had covered the essentials at his appearance at the Apple Store this morning and unveiled both pricing and mobile phone carrier exactly in accord with our predictions (£269 inc VAT for an 8GB handset on an 18-month contract on 02, if you really hadn’t heard), I was pretty much through with the iPhone.

  • Opinion: Facebook, MySpace users lie to stay safe online

    Thirty-one percent of users of social-networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Friends Reunited and Bebo say that they've entered false information, because they're so worried about the safety of their data. It makes a change from lying to look cool, if nothing else.

  • Opinion: Your mobile phone versus the iPhone

    According to Apple, Nokia and Datawind (with its PocketSurfer 2), the mobile web is the place to be. But if you don't want to splash out on an expensive new handset to see what all the fuss is about, how about enabling your current mobile phone to receive real web pages with one simple download?

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