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  • Opinion: MySpace gets TV show Quarterlife

    Bebo's for the hip kids, Facebook is for desperate scenesters and MySpace is a tired haven for malware, right? Wrong. MySpace is the new home of television, after the award-winning producers of US TV shows 'Thirtysomething' and 'My So-Called Life' decided to show their next project - Quarterlife - online.

  • Opinion: Apple cooler than ladies knickers

    It's official: the UK is now so tech savvy that practically anything non-digital (except cars, chocolate and sexy knickers) is un-cool.

  • Opinion: Apple to announce 'something" on Tuesday!!!

    Apple is at it again - inviting the press to a secret product launch (next Tuesday).

  • Opinion: Manhunt 2 update: what violent delights have been cut?

    When PC Advisor Blog heard that Rockstar had softened the blind, unremitting violence in Manhunt 2 to get it reclassified for sale, we were so angry we could have stabbed ourselves in the neck with a shard of glass.

  • Opinion: Why Apple Macs are set to beat Microsoft

    Okay, Apple iPods and iPhones have been garnering all the newspaper headlines, but the untold story is that the Mac itself is on a roll.

  • Opinion: The F**k Islam Facebook farrago

    There's a shocking development on Facebook, and I'm not talking about my poorly Pirate score. A group called F**k Islam is causing pain and irritation to sentient adults of every religious persuasion... and beyond.

  • Opinion: German government says Wi-Fi is dangerous

    According to the government of Germany, Wi-Fi should be avoided because of the risks it may pose to health - and who ever heard of a German government making rulings based on irrational prejudice?

  • Opinion: PocketSurfer2: the ultimate iPhone-killer?

    Here at PC Advisor, we like to bring you the hottest products as soon as they're available. Sometimes, though, that can be a tricky feat to pull off.

  • Opinion: Xbox Live to get BBC programmes?

    Microsoft has revealed that it is in discussions with the BBC, aimed at allowing Xbox Live users to watch BBC programmes on their consoles.

  • Opinion: Can Amazon crack the e-book conundrum?

    It should be no surprise that the premier online book retailer would want to become the premier digital book distributor. According to the New York Times" target="_blank">New York Times, Amazon.com is finally getting ready to show off the Kindle, an e-book reader that can wirelessly download material from Amazon's store.

  • Opinion: Hard drive holding political data sold on eBay

    Bill Ries-Knight used eBay's auction site to purchase what he thought was a brand-new PC hard drive.

  • Opinion: MP3 player hearing loss is poetic justice

    Did you travel to work by public transport this morning? If you did, may I offer my heartfelt sympathies?

  • Opinion: Sex sells: Sony's PSP ads scrape barrel-bottom

    Sony's PS3 (PlayStation 3) has been on the wrong end of a sales beating from Nintendo's Wii lately - but its PSP (PlayStation Portable) has historically stood up slightly better against the Nintendo DS. How has it maintained this position of mediocrity? By creating arty 'lifestyle' adverts with glamorous pictures of faux-lesbians, apparently.

  • Opinion: Why Palm killed the Foleo

    What Palm really should have offered was the right kind of carrying case. When Ed Colligan, the firm's CEO, announced the Foleo handheld 'companion' a few months ago, he went into great detail about the product's design and software features, but he never addressed the one thing users would have to deal with right off the bat: how you would manage both devices. Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

  • Opinion: Wikipedia to topple Google, Yahoo in three years

    Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is to launch an internet search engine in December. And Wales is bullish - he reckons that Wikia Search will be ready to beat Google, Yahoo and the rest in no more than three years.

  • Opinion: Ain't no white in the Apple logo

    I've run headlong into flak about this before, but I am kinda obsessed by Apple's decisions on the colour of its products. And now I'm furious.

  • Opinion: Sony caught rubbishing Xbox's Halo 3 on Wikipedia

    PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360 - the battle continues. A Wikipedia entry regarding the Xbox 360 game Halo 3 has been edited by someone using an IP address based at one of rival Sony's studios. Ouch.

  • Opinion: Ninja blogger in hot water over kung-fu monk slur

    A blogger who claimed that a Japanese ninja beat up kung-fu Shaolin monks has been threatened with legal action. And the kicking of his life.

  • Opinion: Idle Rugby World Cup fans will cost UK £461m

    Should rugby fever grip the nation during the upcoming Rugby World Cup, productivity could take a huge slump. But internet traffic could be headed for a boom period, as office slackers spend their days catching up on the latest 'action' (kick/clap/catch/kick/grunt).

  • Opinion: Battling the techie brain drain

    Due to sporting ineptitude, I’m currently operating with only one hand. As a consequence, when Team Egan hits the road, I take the role of navigator.

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