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More Opinion

  • Opinion: First World War records published online

    The UK's largest family history website, Ancestry.co.uk, this week completed its publication of pension records for the British Army in World War I.

  • Opinion: Apple, please fix our Windows errors

    Obviously, PC Advisor is aimed primarily at PCs. But regular readers and visitors to our website will have noticed the growing presence of a certain 'fruity' company whose name starts with the letter A.

  • Opinion: First Wii-enabled Xbox 360 on show

    One tech enthusiast claims to have created the first reported Wii-enabled Xbox 360 console while playing Halo 2.

  • Opinion: Sensitive spammer threatens dog

    Over the weekend I received my favourite spam message to date. I've been writing about spam for nearly four years, and because anti-spam vendors are always eager to share the dregs of what their spam filters catch with journalists to demonstrate their products' effectiveness, I've seen everything from tricky misspellings to image spam to the latest craze, PDF spam.

  • Opinion: MP3 virus is harmless

    So there's a new computer virus out there "eating" MP3 files.

  • Opinion: iPhone to 'wreck fragile green planet'

    Mobile phone service provider T-Mobile tells us that the British love of mobile phones has gone haywire. Just imagine what will happen when we finally get to buy one or more of Apple's fancy new iPhones.

  • Opinion: 'Fake Steve Jobs' is unmasked

    The New York Times yesterday unmasked the man who had posed as Apple CEO Steve Jobs for more than a year on a blog.

  • Opinion: Smokers turn to 'smexting'. Apparently

    Orange's marketeers are claiming that people who smoke, banished to the fringes of society (or 'the beer garden') by the recent smoking ban, are filling the lonely, lung-denting minutes by 'smexting'.

  • Opinion: New York cabbies could strike over GPS plan

    Taxi drivers here in New York have threatened to go on strike next month unless the city halts plans to require that GPS (Global Positioning System technology) be installed in the city's 13,000 cabs by early 2008.

  • Opinion: Coming soon: Google Oxygen

    Google yesterday announced the UK launch of Google Web History, an online app that records your internet surfing history and allows you to nip back to check on any site you've visited in the past.

  • Opinion: Broadband speed could affect property prices

    On the BBC's Breakfast show I saw yet another report on how ISPs are conning their customers over broadband speeds.

  • Opinion: MyFootballClub: bigger than Barcelona, chasing Leeds Utd

    Wannabe professional-football democrats at MyFootballClub have achieved their target of recruiting 50,000 fans to take over a football club. And they've done it in just three months.

  • Opinion: iPlayer, therefore I am narky

    A mere matter of days launching in a blaze (a spark) of publicity, the BBC iPlayer TV download service is struggling to get upright.

  • Opinion: Amstrad - A British PC legend?

    So, Sir Alan Sugar has sold Amstrad to Sky, and since he's remaining as head of the sub-division, he now effectively works for Rupert Murdoch.

  • Opinion: Amstrad - A British PC legend?

    So, Sir Alan Sugar has sold Amstrad to Sky, and since he's remaining as head of the sub-division, he now effectively works for Rupert Murdoch.

  • Opinion: Oi, teachers, leave YouTube alone

    As my colleague Simon recently pointed out, UK schoolteachers are leading a call to get websites such as YouTube closed down.

  • Opinion: Teachers demand YouTube shut down

    When I was at school being dangled out of second-floor windows and having large hardback text books thrown at my head was captured only by the evil eyes of the bullies and the fearful glances of the next potential victim.

  • Opinion: Hands-on: McAfee Rootkit Detective

    McAfee has released a new free security tool that's meant to help identify rootkits, a type of stealth technology used by some malware writers to hide their creations on your PC.

  • Opinion: Sports channel to screen video-game competition

    CBS Sports, a US TV channel, plans to show highlights of the World Series of Video Games tournament, treating the event as it would any other sports competition.

  • Opinion: Find out if your PC is a zombie

    Talk about a scary phenomenon! Through a virus or worm, a criminal takes over your PC, which behaves normally until it receives instructions over the internet to mass-mail spam, take down a company's network as part of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, or log your keystrokes to gain access to your bank account. When it's done, your system reverts to acting like a normal PC.

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