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More Opinion

  • Opinion: The future of computing: the odds

    The PC has been your window to the digital world for 25 years. But, as the way information is accessed evolves, we’ve taken an arbitrary crack at laying odds on which device will be your gizmo of choice in 2011. Place your bets…

  • Opinion: Macs are better than PCs: the song

    Proving once and for all that the devil has the best tunes, those hip, creative Mac types have released a musical tribute to their favourite brand of computer.

  • Opinion: Firefox is slowing my PC

    I love Firefox. Love its flexibility, love the extensions that add new power. And I'll admit I love the "Stickin' it to The Man" feeling you get from using it. So why do I find myself using Internet Explorer 7 more and more?

  • Opinion: Office 2007 alternatives: FREE online tools

    Microsoft is yet to capitalise on its dominance by taking its applications online. Here we assess the free, web-based competition to its new Office 2007 suite.

  • Opinion: Vista and backup

    What should you expect to happen to your personal storage gear if you move to Vista?

  • Opinion: MySpace hunts director for £1m movie

    MySpace, Film4 and Vertigo Films are spending a million quid developing a film, and you could be its director.

  • Opinion: Googlemail's false dawn

    Googlemail is now open to all and sundry in the UK, but it’s probably fair to say that anyone who wanted a Gmail/Googlemail account already has one.

  • Opinion: Googlemail's false dawn

    Googlemail is now open to all and sundry in the UK, but it’s probably fair to say that anyone who wanted a Gmail/Googlemail account already has one.

  • Opinion: Talk is not only cheap – next week its free

    As a meander down any high street will tell you, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. And what could be more romantic than a sexy late-night phone call to the one you love but can’t be with? Such is the thinking of broadband telephony company Mobiboo, which aims to entice those who like to chat with its for-one-day-only offer of free calls to anyone, anywhere in the world, mobiles included, next Wednesday.

  • Opinion: Death knell for MiniDV?

    The popularity of MiniDV camcorders has been plummeting, with DVD-based models taking hold. In 2007, DVD-based camcorders will outsell MiniDV-based models for the first time, according to IDC Research; by 2009, hard-disk-based models will also overtake MiniDV ones. So why is everyone ditching the format that gave birth to the era of digital video?

  • Opinion: Got a website? Get noticed. Here's how

    Whether you’re an expert on model railways or Pez sweet dispensers, or you're a budding entrepreneur, programs such as Apple’s iWeb and Adobe’s Dreamweaver, as well as online tools such as Blogger and WordPress, make it easy to create websites that communicate your passion. Of course, getting those websites noticed is another matter entirely. Luckily, there are a few free and easy ways to lead the masses to your front door.

  • Opinion: Who needs an ISP?

    It may simply be that I'm having a bad day, but I'm no longer entirely sure what I pay my ISP for.

  • Opinion: Laptop battery designed for life

    Anyone with a laptop knows the story: after a few months, the battery won't hold a charge as long as it did when it was new...and it keeps degrading until you have to buy another one.

  • Opinion: Time-saving tips

    When they launched, Office XP and Office 2003 were big leaps forward, breaking away from the look of Windows 95 and offering far greater integration between applications. If you're using Office 2003, you're probably more than content, though we have to say there's plenty to get excited about in the brand-new 2007 version.

  • Opinion: Printer in your pocket

    I'm in Palm Desert, California for the Demo show (run by a sister company of PC Advisor), and one of the first items unveiled here certainly fulfills Demo's mission of being a launchpad for truly innovative new products. It's a photo-printing technology that allows for truly pocket-sized printers - or even printers built into digital cameras - and which doesn't use ink.

  • Opinion: Vista arrives, coming ready or not

    It's just a few of days after the launch of Vista. I'd like to say that it's been a non-stop party - that I have no memory of Wednesday and simply woke up on Thursday in a motel bed filled with Brazilian women and day-old booze, my teeth fuzzy, a new tattoo on a personal body part, and a head that feels like it was buried under a stadium and then dug up with a jackhammer -- but I'd be lying.

  • Opinion: Clean up your PC's act

    With Vista looming, many of us will use the launch of a new and radically different operating system to make the move to a new computer. You may be planning to ease the financial pain by selling off the older system, or intending to gift the cast off to a recycling scheme. But, as regular visitors to these pages will know, passing on a PC to a new owner has serious security implications

  • Opinion: Carry your desktop in your pocket

    This week we had a sneak peak at Seagate's range of FreeAgent data movers, which will be launched throughout Europe in March. The company said it's focusing on the need for storage devices to be secure, portable and easy to use due to the increase in the amount of music, images and data downloaded, carried around and shared.

  • Opinion: Vista launched on an iMac

    Shock PC choice from Microsoft on its big day... It is a Microsoft keyboard, but check out this video to see Microsoft launch Windows Vista in Norway using an iMac!

  • Opinion: Blu:Sens G14. Competition for the Zune?

    Those who are concerned about the restrictions you may encounter when sharing music using the Zune’s Wi-Fi capabilities may be interested to hear of this gadget from Spanish company, Blu:Sens. One problem with Zune’s wireless file-sharing ability is that the recipient of the file can only play a track three times over three days. The other problem is that the number of tracks from your playlist that are able to be shared can be quite limited.

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