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More Opinion

  • Opinion: TrueCrypt: combat local crime

    Increasingly, we live our lives through our PCs. Which makes it all the more important to protect all that data. Here's how to do it using a useful tool called TrueCrypt.

  • Opinion: Dual-boot Vista and XP

    To upgrade or not to upgrade. That is the question. But perhaps the answer is to grab Vista, but retain your old OS.

  • Opinion: Photo tweaks for free

    As PC Advisor's art director, I'm well-versed in the art of getting something for nothing. Here's how to finesse images using The Gimp, an excellent freebie.

  • Opinion: The future of Second Life

    In an exclusive interview with PC Advisor, Joe Miller, vice president of Second Life developer Linden Lab, reveals plans to make the virtual world a more realistic experience

  • Opinion: YouTube signs for Chelsea

    Not content with hoovering up the best young talent to populate their reserves, Chelsea has now swooped to conquer YouTube. The, er, lovable West London team/Russian billionaire's plaything becomes the first Premier League football club to provide exclusive content to the popular video-sharing site.

  • Opinion: Office 2007: meet the suites

    Microsoft's new Office 2007 suite comes in a large number of guises. Confused? Don't worry. We'll explain the various combinations of apps, and help you find the right one for you.

  • Opinion: Web-browsing security: helpful downloads

    Here's a selection of three useful downloads that will make your online experience a more secure one.

  • Opinion: Performance: XP Home vs Vista

    Will Vista PCs improve the performance of everyday applications? Not yet, if our figures are anything to go by.

  • Opinion: Building the £50 laptop

    The first £50 OLPC laptops could ship to children in emerging economies within months. PC Advisor speaks to the people behind the project to see how they made the impossible possible.

  • Opinion: What could cripple the new net?

    PC Advisor has been investigating what the Web 2.0 revolution will mean for all of us. It's exciting stuff, but what could go wrong?

  • Opinion: iPhone – your questions answered

    Not available in Europe until the final quarter of the year, we recently got our hands on an Apple iPhone. Here's an in-depth look – focusing on the device's capabilities as a phone, internet-enabled device, and iPod.

  • Opinion: Smokers are newest threat to security

    Security companies are notorious for sending out well-timed warnings that tap into the latest hot topic in a bid to promote the benefits of their products.

  • Opinion: Smokers are newest threat to security

    Security companies are notorious for sending out well-timed warnings that tap into the latest hot topic in a bid to promote the benefits of their products.

  • Opinion: Windows Vista upgrade? Don't bother

    When Microsoft's Windows Vista OS was launched amid much Bill-Gates-hyped fanfare, I can't have been the only person experiencing upgrade-goldrush fever. Sweaty palms, raised heartbeat and that edgy feeling that you really should be first in the queue to upgrade - all present and correct.

  • Opinion: 'Smug' Mac adverts backfire

    "I'm a Mac." "And I'm a PC." Well, you're both annoying.

  • Opinion: Helpful downloads for your business

    Use these tools to make your business work more efficiently

  • Opinion: Vista and iPhone: high-fives, hype and hot air

    Desirable it may well be, but as a 'revolution' the iPhone is more poster campaign than Bastille

  • Opinion: This month's hottest new gadgets

    PC Advisor’s man in Tokyo rounds up the latest cool kit that's hitting the streets this month - and finds out a few surprising home truths about the mobile phone market.

  • Opinion: Vista PCs: first reviews

    After the hype, the reality. Following the false starts, rumour and hyperbole, Windows Vista is finally here. And it's one snazzy piece of code. But how does Microsoft’s baby work in the real-world? We tested a phalanx of Vista PCs to find out.

  • Opinion: Office 2007: try before you buy

    Convincing people to upgrade their Office package is usually a tricky task, but we've got an ace up our sleeve

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