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More Opinion

  • Opinion: Rcrd Lbl offers DRM-free music for nothing

    Downtown Records has teamed up with technology entrepreneur Peter Rojas to form a new company called Rcrd Lbl, which plans to give music away for free - and without DRM - supporting its business model entirely via advertising.

  • Opinion: Penryn gives Intel lead over AMD

    Intel's new Penryn processors, released last week, are based on new 45-nanometre technology that analysts say should provide a performance boost that will benefit serious multitaskers, researchers and gamers.

  • Opinion: Genuine police nab virtual hotel thief

    A 17-year-old Dutch scally has been arrested for stealing from a hotel. So far so traditional. But this particular oik has been picked up by the filth for nicking €4,000 worth of, er, virtual furniture.

  • Opinion: 'Redesigned Nintendo DS': latest developments

    Is an upgraded Nintendo DS handheld console on its way?

  • Opinion: Keep it simple

    Two things have convinced me in recent weeks that, rather than placing higher demands on PCs as the years go by, many computer users are increasingly prepared to make do with less.

  • Opinion: Keep it simple

    Two things have convinced me in recent weeks that, rather than placing higher demands on PCs as the years go by, many computer users are increasingly prepared to make do with less.

  • Opinion: Poll: nine out of 10 voters say no to Apple iPhone

    O2 and Apple claim the Apple iPhone is ripping up sales records, the ad campaign is in full swing and there's been a raft of generally positive reviews of Apple's hybrid iPod and O2 mobile phone. None of this, however, washes with PC Advisor's hype-resistant readers. Nine out of 10 respondents in a PCA poll will not be buying an Apple iPhone. At least not yet.

  • Opinion: Heathrow T5: the world's first Web 2.0 car park

    Never let it be said that PC Advisor leaves any stone unturned in the never-ending quest to unearth the latest hot technology stories. While lesser publications focus on such trifling matters as Apple iPhones and Intel Penryn chips, we've learnt that the world's first user-interactive, automated car park is to be built at Heathrow's Terminal 5. Make that Heathrow Terminal 5.0.

  • Opinion: iPhone: a glimpse inside Apple's unstoppable PR hype machine

    For the past few days Apple has been processing journalists through its swanky executive offices, pressing iPhones into their hands and filling their heads with PR-approved factoids. We have been through this (disappointingly pleasant) experience ourselves, so here are a few impressions of the Apple PR machine as seen from the inside.

  • Opinion: MyFootballClub website buys Ebbsfleet Utd

    The MyFootballClub website, set up to allow its members to buy and run a professional football club, is about to realise its ambition and buy Ebbsfleet United - riding high in what used to be the Conference.

  • Opinion: Government axes 130 staff over internet horseplay

    The government has released figures revealing that in the past three years more than 130 public servants were fired for breaches of IT policy.

  • Opinion: Halo, you fool, I love you

    Marriage proposals are tricky things to stage-manage. You arrange everything perfectly and then what happens? It rains, or you have a pointless argument, or she blows your head off with a rocket launcher.

  • Opinion: Apple iPhone UK launch disaster

    It's one of those regrettable incidents that make Apple CEO Steve Jobs tear up business contracts and someone else's head off. The UK launch of the iPhone was marred when its main retail partner failed to sell any iPhones in its outlets.

  • Opinion: BT Vision is a success. No really. IT IS!

    As BT yesterday proudly announced its third quarter results, it said that the 60,000 viewers BT Vision has scraped together was "in line with expectations" and that roll out of the service had "steadily accelerated" in line with its plans. Which confused me.

  • Opinion: Lesbian alien sex video game, er, scandal

    The worlds of cutting-edge technology and understated lesbian striptease, er, came together this morning, as breathless video-game hacks across the land hurriedly penned blogs about Mass Effect and its raunchy scenes of lady love.

  • Opinion: The Apple iPhone's 50 biggest flaws revealed

    Apple's iPhone has many great features, but its shortcomings are just too big to ignore. Here then, is a list of the iPhone's 50 biggest failings, found while I was testing the device to exhaustion.

  • Opinion: Broadband adoption is slowing... why?

    Run for your life: the UK's economic and social progress is in jeopardy because laggards are sticking to dialup or, worse, no internet at all.

  • Opinion: Is technology taking a backtrack?

    2007 has almost certainly been the year in which Apple has established itself as a genuine (perhaps even the) force to be reckoned with. Even as this magazine hits the streets, there’ll no doubt already be a clamour to be among the first in the UK to own the ultra-desirable Apple iPhone. The new iPod Classic and iPod nano continue to set the benchmark for the rest of the MP3 players – no mean feat given the multitude of competitors – while the iPod touch offers a neat compromise that falls somewhere between the iPods and the iPhone.

  • Opinion: Survey: Radiohead fans are cheapskates

    But not me. I'm an idiot. According to a survey, two-thirds of the people who downloaded Radiohead's latest album, 'In Rainbows', paid nothing. Now I'm narked because I thought I'd do the decent thing and match iTunes' £7.99 an album, only to get stung for a data-handling charge. Radiohead, you owe me literally pence.

  • Opinion: Asus: Apple is building a Tablet PC

    What's an Apple Tablet? I'll give you a clue: it's not the sort of vitamin infusion old men take to kickstart their doddering mojos. No, MacBook manufacturer Asustek has told the world that Apple is about to build a Tablet PC.

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