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More Opinion

  • Opinion: The next big thing

    It’s traditional at the turn of the year for those interested in technology to predict which new products will have the biggest influence on our lives over the next 12 months. But very often, we get sidetracked by the headline-grabbing gadgets and forget the bread-and-butter technologies that will have a meaningful impact on the way we use our PCs.

  • Opinion: The Wikipedia Fake Band Game

    Much as toddlers snub the expensive gifts they receive for Christmas and choose to play with the box instead, today's tech-literate youths are wasting the internet's fabulous wealth of knowledge on a silly game called The Wikipedia Fake Band Game.

  • Opinion: Mad Dad flogs Christmas gift Guitar Hero on eBay

    An unhappy dad has sold his disobedient son's Christmas present to sympathetic bidders.

  • Opinion: Amazon e-book reader is 'a bit sad'

    Philippe Starck, the French designer who champions simplicity of form, has proclaimed Amazon's Kindle e-book reader "almost modern" but "a bit sad".

  • Opinion: £3 million could be raised by clicking alone

    The power of the online click has been estimated at more than £3 million.

  • Opinion: World of Warcraft tactic fools moose

    Twelve-year-old Hans Jørgen Olsen and his sister encountered a troubled moose while walking in the forest near their Norwegian home. After diverting the beast's attention away from his younger sister, Hans played possum, "just like you learn at level 30 in World of Warcraft", to avoid being attacked.

  • Opinion: IBM will scan the streets of the Beijing Olympics

    When the 2008 Olympic Games kick off in Beijing next year, organisers will be using a sophisticated computer system to scan video images of city streets looking for everything from troublemakers to terrorists.

  • Opinion: The 'long tail' revolution is here

    While it’s easy to be persuaded to jump aboard the latest technological bandwagon, it’s always worth asking exactly how a new product will benefit you – the customer. This is a particularly pertinent question in a month when two major chip makers are telling us why we ought to upgrade to their quad-core technology. Click here for our AMD Phenom and Mesh Platinum Pro - an Intel Penryn-equipped desktop PC - reviews.

  • Opinion: What's safer: Internet Explorer or Firefox?

    Which browser is more secure Internet Explorer or Firefox? We all have our opinions, but rarely do we get a chance to hear Microsoft and the makers of the Firefox browser, Mozilla, debate the issue.

  • Opinion: BT offers movie downloads for free

    BT has launched a service offering customers free film downloads. The catch? You'll have to watch adverts. (Personally, I go to the cinema only to watch the trailers.)

  • Opinion: How to repair an unbootable XP or Vista PC

    Q. How do I prepare an emergency boot disc so I'm ready in case Windows becomes unbootable?

  • Opinion: Gamespot feels heat over bad review

    CNet Network’s Gamespot site is being sent to Coventry and roundly condemned by angry gamers irate at the seemingly rough justice meted out to one of its hacks. Gamespot’s Jeff Gerstmann found Eidos’ latest offering, Kane & Lynch, somewhat lacking and dared say as much in his review.

  • Opinion: Antispyware: to buy or not to buy?

    Recently my colleague Erik Larkin opined that dedicated antispyware applications are a waste of time and money. But while his argument is compelling, his opinion has caused a stir among those who earn their corn selling antispyware.

  • Opinion: McAfee: Governments under attack from cyber-spies

    UK computer systems will be hit by political, military, economic and technical espionage in 2008. That's the warning from McAfee, which also says that US and German IT will be targeted, and that cyber-spying will be the biggest security threat of next year. James Bond's a geek - who knew?

  • Opinion: Social networks overtake Webmail

    During October, UK Internet visits to social networks - such as Facebook, Bebo and MySpace - overtook visits to web-based email services - Hotmail, Gmail, etc - for the first time.

  • Opinion: 9 ways to keep time on your side

    A common misconception about managing your time at work is that it's mostly a matter of cutting out the obvious. But what if you've already stopped responding to personal emails at work and dropped out of your fantasy football league, but you still go home most nights wondering where the time went?

  • Opinion: Antispyware is a waste of time and money

    Is there any point to using dedicated antispyware software?

  • Opinion: Using Facebook to check job applicants 'illegal'

    It's political correctness gone mad. These days, we're told, it's wrong to employ someone because they're wearing the right tie or the wrong (but so right) skirt. And now it transpires that online investigations into job candidates 'could be illegal'.

  • Opinion: Finger condoms invented for Apple iPhone

    The iPhone is kind of a fingerprint magnet. It attracts smudges the way Black Friday sales attract insanity. And the brilliant people at Phone Fingers saw this as an opportunity - nay, a duty. A way to prevent people from desecrating their holy iPhones with their greasy, oily fingers.

  • Opinion: LinkedIn: Facebook's serious older brother

    A friend of mine recently sent me a link to his Facebook account and encouraged me to join. I just couldn't do it. Facebook seems to me to belong in the same general category as Tom Wolfe's best seller, I Am Charlotte Simmons, about a young woman who discovers that college is all about booze, sex and bad behaviour. Facebook, I thought, is the domain of Gen Y. Boomers like me need not apply.

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