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More Opinion

  • Opinion: Recruitment agents are social outcasts

    Recruitment agents, politicians and estate agents are the least trustworthy types of people - at least that's what respondents to a survey conducted by job-hunters seems to suggest.

  • Opinion: Green failure on climate change

    Forget about carbon emissions, there’s enough hot air blown out over climate change to heat every home in Sheffield. But for all the blather and political posturing no one actually took any notice of the UK's first Energy Saving Day, which ended with no noticeable reduction in the nation's electricity usage.

  • Opinion: UK newspapers online success

    While everyone on the tube or bus reads Metro, London Lite or whatever other freebie newspaper is shoved into their hands, it appears that most readers are switching from inky newspapers to their online versions.

  • Opinion: Does your PC's security software keep you private?

    Privacy control. Personal-information protection. Identity control. All are great-sounding names for features you may have seen in your PC's security suite. But what do they actually do?

  • Opinion: Get XP SP3 RC2 with a simple Registry hack

    Microsoft last week posted a script you can download and run to install Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate 2. But if you're handy with the Registry, you don't need the script - instead, you can edit the Registry yourself. Here's how to do it.

  • Opinion: Format war: what is it good for?

    In the case of Blu-ray vs HD DVD, not a lot. Unless, that is, you have a vested interest in reducing consumer confidence, spending tech-company cash and wasting early adopters’ hard-earned moolah.

  • Opinion: What your Facebook profile says about you

    According to a new survey by Realbuzz.com, social networkers in the UK fall into one of five common typologies, or character types to you and me.

  • Opinion: Microsoft open APIs - winners & losers

    The 451 Group analysts Matthew Aslett, John Abbott, Nick Selby, and Vishwanath Venugopalan have listed the potential winners and losers as part of their analysis of Microsoft's API and protocol announcement.

  • Opinion: Facebook is... dying

    According to data from Nielsen Online ace social networking site Facebook has suffered its first drop in UK users, with users falling 5% to 8.5 million in January 2008 from 8.9 million in December 2007.

  • Opinion: Security system will wipe data from stolen laptops

    A UK firm has produced a laptop-protection system that will automatically wipe hard disk data on stolen notebooks.

  • Opinion: Wikipedia besieged by Muhammad image protest

    Angry Muslim surfers are demanding that Wikipedia remove images of the prophet Muhammad from his page on the online encyclopedia - but thus far the website is standing firm.

  • Opinion: Guardian blogger forced offline by boring idiots

    Last week Max Gogarty, a 19-year-old gap-year student, had to shut down his backpacking blog on the Guardian, after users swamped his one and only posting with vitriolic comments. His crime? Being a bit posh. (Sort of.)

  • Opinion: BBC to put TV shows on iTunes

    The BBC will this week start offering BBC TV shows on the iTunes Store.

  • Opinion: 16 percent of Xbox 360 consoles will fail

    Microsoft's Xbox 360 games console has a staggering 16.4 percent chance of breaking down. The failure rate for PlayStation 3 and Wii consoles, by comparison, is only 3 percent.

  • Opinion: 5,000 patient records on stolen hospital laptop

    A laptop which held the private records of more than 5,000 hospital patients has been stolen. And no, you haven't read this story before. That was an MoD laptop with 200 soldiers' details. Keep up.

  • Opinion: Banksy's revenge on eBay sellers

    Following the sale of one of his artworks for over £200,000 on Internet auction site eBay mysterious street artist Banksy appears to be striking back – by destroying all his own urban art.

  • Opinion: Is that an MP3 player in your pocket - or a gun?

    An MP3 player-toting Stoke mechanic has been arrested by overzealous armed police who thought he was carrying a firearm.

  • Opinion: Crunch time for Wi-Fi

    Wireless connectivity is quickly becoming an essential technology for your home. Get ready for the next generation of Wi-Fi.

  • Opinion: Crunch time for Wi-Fi

    Wireless connectivity is quickly becoming an essential technology for your home. Get ready for the next generation of Wi-Fi.

  • Opinion: MoD goon leaves secret data laptop in pub

    Stop me if you've heard this before: an MoD laptop with top secret, unencrypted data about the movements of British troops has been found in a London pub.

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