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  • Opinion: It's official: Microsoft embraces Open Source

    The Open Source Initiative has (finally) approved two "shared source" licences submitted by Microsoft. So Microsoft is now officially Open Source, and it didn't even ask for any special treatment.

  • Opinion: And finally... ITN gets YouTube channel

    It's official: Sir Trevor needs to dust down his best internet suit. ITN is to launch a YouTube channel.

  • Opinion: HMV offers in-store gaming for harassed husbands

    Saturday afternoons spent trailing the wife around clothes shops may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to HMV.

  • Opinion: Skype offers free mobile calls in the UK

    VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has taken a beating of late with SunRocket's demise and Vonage's patent problems. But the mobile phone is about to give new life to VoIP, and become the king of all-around cheap calls in the UK.

  • Opinion: The Archers podcast launched by BBC

    Inexplicably popular, ancient Radio 4 snorefest The Archers is about to be made available as a daily podcast. Listeners will be able to download full episodes of the BBC's radio soap opera to their MP3 players, immediately after they broadcast, from this Sunday.

  • Opinion: Apple board member wins Nobel Prize

    Five months ago Apple CEO Steve Jobs proposed that former US Vice President Al Gore would easily win if he stood for President of the United States. Now the Apple board member has won the Nobel Peace Prize … once won by alleged IRA bomber Gerry Adams!

  • Opinion: Why Skype and Vonage must die

    Skype and Vonage illustrate what is wrong with user communications: They are 'closed' and not standards based. These strategies support business models that are not in line with 21st century wants and needs. They have to go.

  • Opinion: Apple: more of a control freak than Microsoft

    Apple is coming from a long way behind, but gaining ground in the corporate environment. And universities, too, are seeing a surge in OS X usage - some of which will soon translate into business demand a graduates enter the work force. While many users laud Apple for the freedom that it gives them, recent developments indicate that Apple might be even more of a "control freak" than Microsoft.

  • Opinion: Resistance: Fall of Man - no Bafta for you, says God

    Resistance: Fall of Man, the popular PS3 (Playstation 3) alien-shooting game that triggered controversy by setting a particularly bloody scene inside a facsimile of Manchester Cathedral, has been nominated for a Bafta - and the Church ain't happy.

  • Opinion: Ofcom slaps ISPs over 'up to' broadband speeds

    Ofcom has asked ISP (internet service provider) bosses to be a little less, er, enthusiastic in the way they advertise broadband packages.

  • Opinion: Want to steal someone's ID? Here's their password...

    McAfee today released survey findings showing how rubbish we all are at coming up with secure passwords. So I'm contemplating swapping sides. Not to steal cash, you understand, but to teach people a lesson. And steal cash.

  • Opinion: All Blacks fans pillory English rugby ref on 'death threat' website

    Disgruntled fans of the New Zealand rugby team have set up a Bebo group to express their anger at Wayne Barnes, the English referee who officiated their side's quarter-final defeat to World Cup hosts France.

  • Opinion: Data theft: don't be an IDiot

    Today we learnt again that UK PC users remain in blissful ignorance of the dangers of identity fraud, with an idiotic 79 percent of users casually tossing away their data. When will people get it?

  • Opinion: Led Zep promoter: 'eBay can drop dead and die'

    We've got bad news and good news. Bad: Led Zeppelin are re-forming for a one-off gig. Good: if you've bought tickets you might not be able to get in. Phew!

  • Opinion: iPod nano sets light to man's pants

    The iPod nano may not be cheap but it's not supposed to literally burn a hole in your pocket. However, for one man in Douglasville, Georgia, it didn't just burn a hole, it burst into flames.

  • Opinion: How green is your IT?

    Tell us how well your business protects the environment, and we'll tell MPs. And you could win a green IT audit for your company! PC Advisor's sister titles Computerworld, Techworld and CIO are to present a report to MPs in the House of Commons later this year to raise awareness of IT's impact on the environment.

  • Opinion: Can BT turn free Wi-Fi hotspots into a reality?

    Fon wants to create the world's biggest Wi-Fi hotspot network and provide free access to everyone, and the company's deal with BT this week could go a long way to achieving that goal.

  • Opinion: Can BT turn free Wi-Fi hotspots into a reality?

    Fon wants to create the world's biggest Wi-Fi hotspot network and provide free access to everyone, and the company's deal with BT this week could go a long way to achieving that goal.

  • Opinion: Olympus Smile Shot turns frowns upside down

    The days of capturing grumpy looking folk in your photos may be a thing of the past, if the new technology Olympus has added to its new cameras lives up to its hype.

  • Opinion: What will Tory technophobes make of Facebook?

    David Cameron, as we know, is down with the kids, and during his speech at the Conservative Party conference yesterday he attempted to convince the adoring Tory crowd that they should be too.

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