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More Opinion

  • Opinion: Were catching up with America… on internet fraud

    Finally, we Brits are almost as good as America at something. Unfortunately, it's internet crime that we seem to have a talent for, so not exactly something we can be proud of. (Good job we've got some decent swimmers and cyclists to offset the bad press.)

  • Opinion: BBC puts the boot in to ISPs

    Remember when someone destroyed the Blue Peter garden? That was ISPs. And when that lightbulb blew up behind Jan Leeming? ISPs. Yeah, and I'll tell you something else, if those ISPs want the BBC to pay the cost of trafficking iPlayer downloads... well, they'll have Terry Wogan, Jonathan Ross and Alan Partridge to deal with. Fight! Fight! Fight..!

  • Opinion: The need for an "in the event of Amy Winehouse" business plan

    In the early 70s, there was a famous photo of hellraising Who drummer Keith Moon outside a Californian hotel room standing next to an oversized fire alarm with the signage "In case of Keith Moon break glass".

  • Opinion: What is Nomophobia?

    What is Nomophobia?

  • Opinion: Go green: power your PC with just 9 Watts

    In the future, we'll all work on tower-free workstations, hooked up to IT Support's central server like dribbling, brain-dead human fuel cells from 'The Matrix'. And, like the second and third installments of that trilogy, it will be rubbish.

  • Opinion: UK businesses snub to green IT policies

    Just eight percent of UK businesses have a full green IT policy, and half believe that IT is not responsible for the bulk of businesses' CO2 emissions.

  • Opinion: First April Fool spotted 31st March 2008

    iPod and iPhone case and accessory manufacturer Proporta starts the 2008 April Fool ball rolling with a press release about its Advanced Pane Protector that protects windows from "a downpour of hailstones or an influx of seagulls with digestive issues".

  • Opinion: BBC rapped for dropping weather forecast

    Web users really do dislike change. AT PC Advisor we recently changed our masthead and background colour and received a sharp backlash from readers who complained, among other things, that the new brighter red in our logo could hurt readers' eyes. After a few days most people wrote in favour of the changes - especially as pages loaded five times faster than previously.

  • Opinion: Apple fans blitz brand survey

    Apple has won another bunch of awards for being the western world’s number-one brand. This isn’t at all surprising as Apple is extremely brand focussed and has spent years finessing this cuddly but cool brand - so much so that it has an almost messianic image in the eyes of its army of cult-like followers (customers).

  • Opinion: The kids are alright

    The generation gap isn’t as wide as it can sometimes seem. According to a survey by Global Security Systems (GSS), some fifty percent of kids will have spent their time at school today interacting on Facebook and Bebo rather than in the playground.

  • Opinion: YouTube generation criminals 'very stupid'

    Every other day there’s a story in the news of some dangerous prank or criminal activity being aired on YouTube. Whether it’s speeding, swinging from a mechanical digger or skiing down escalators it appears that video-sharing sites are actively encouraging crimes, rather than merely displaying them.

  • Opinion: Hello… Im on the plane!

    Under new proposals from Ofcom, mobile phones may be allowed to be used on flights crossing UK and European airspace. As far as I’m concerned that’s one step closer to creating an airborne version of hell.

  • Opinion: Mobile phones in the air: plane madness

    UK regulator Ofcom this week gave the go ahead for the use of mobile phones on planes flying in European airspace. And the world officially went mad.

  • Opinion: The TCO of business intelligence

    Companies of any size and from any industry today have one thing atop their business agendas: business intelligence.

  • Opinion: Angelic Apple apes Microsoft's bully-boy ways

    It must be tough being Microsoft. No matter how shiny you make your OS, nor how much money your former figurehead doles out to the needy, geeks the world over think of you as 'The Man'.

  • Opinion: Microsoft Accounting Professional 2008

    Microsoft Accounting Professional 2008 is now available for £149.

  • Opinion: Can OpenOffice 3 finally take on Microsoft?

    Microsoft's Office suite could have plausible challenger on the desktop for the first time since Lotus gave up trying to take on Redmond a decade ago.

  • Opinion: Fruit wars! Apple aims guns at BlackBerry

    Apple's market power derives not merely from its technology, but from its adeptness at reframing a familiar market to limit the field of competitors.

  • Opinion: Facebook settles Arab-Israeli conflict

    Facebook has managed to annoy those lovable, cuddly Israeli settlers on the West Bank.

  • Opinion: 'Steve Jobs' blasts Wired numbskulls

    'Fake Steve Jobs' Dan Lyons, a senior editor at Forbes magazine who writes The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs blog, takes on Leander Kahney, news editor for Wired.com, in a clash on over whether Apple has to be "so, well, evil".

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