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  • Opinion: 66% will never buy an iPhone, but who cares?

    It's a fairly eye-catching figure for those looking for evidence that the iPhone is not the world's greatest gadget. But while 67 percent of respondents to our iPhone poll last week said they'd never buy one, the fact that 33 percent have already bought the handset, or plan to do so, is a pretty impressive figure for Apple.

  • Opinion: Windows XP hitting businesses' green credentials

    The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that no more than 10 percent of all PCs in use by organisations have power management enabled, and as a result are wasting large amounts of electricity and contributing to greenhouse gases. One major culprit may be Windows XP.

  • Opinion: Ricky Gervais is in GTA IV... and in lycra

    Eagles may soar high, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines, my friends. Ricky Gervais is set to star in the fourth iteration of the monumentally successful Grand Theft Auto series, GTA IV.

  • Opinion: Long live Windows XP

    For years, the computer users with the strongest personal allegiance to a particular operating system (OS) were Mac addicts and Linux devotees. In contrast, most Windows users stuck to Microsoft’s desktop OS simply because it was the default on most PCs.

  • Opinion: Long live Windows XP

    For years, the computer users with the strongest personal allegiance to a particular operating system (OS) were Mac addicts and Linux devotees. In contrast, most Windows users stuck to Microsoft’s desktop OS simply because it was the default on most PCs.

  • Opinion: Coming soon: iPod and iTunes tax

    The old saying goes with there's no pleasure without pain and us Brits are certainly used to that.

  • Opinion: 'Top threat malware lists are worthless'

    Not my words, you understand, but those of Aussie security firm PC Tools. PC Tools today dismissed the 'top threat' lists distributed by many of its rivals as being too one-dimensional. And infrequent. And, you know, rubbish.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite sports website?

    We're looking for your recommendations for sports websites. Which sites do you go to for sports-related news, opinion, match reports, pictures and interviews? Most importantly, what do you love about your favourite sporty websites?

  • Opinion: Def Leppard to release single in Guitar Hero III

    Def Leppard in originality shocker. Limbly challenged, derivative Sheffield hair rockers Def Leppard are set to debut their forthcoming single as a downloadable track for Guitar Hero III.

  • Opinion: Video: Dawn of Magic preview

    Dawn of Magic incorporates many modern RPG features into the traditional mix of spells and combat.

  • Opinion: Troubleshoot your system with seven free tools

    You like messing around with your PC, right? The right tools can dig into the far reaches of the Registry or uncover obscure portions of the file system, improving performance and avoiding trouble. I can tell you all about some of those tools - and they're free - so read on...

  • Opinion: Coming soon to a TV near you: MySpace TV

    Right, let's keep this simple. You've got your TV, and you've got your internet computer machine. But wait: you can watch TV over the internet, and you can watch internet things on the telly. Here's one of the latter: MySpaceTV.

  • Opinion: Help me beat the iTunes exclamation mark!

    A quick Google search "iTunes exclamation marks" will prove that a fair number of individuals are confounded when iTunes suddenly places this gray bit of punctuation next to tracks in its library.

  • Opinion: Kids make you more tech savvy

    Families with children spend more time online than members of childless households.

  • Opinion: Bosses should be jailed for data breaches

    A growing number of security pros believe that the way to stop data breaches from happening is simple as it is stark - send the CEOs or board members deemed responsible to jail.

  • Opinion: Does Vista fit in to today's laptop market?

    It seems the term ‘laptop’, as used for a portable computer you can rest on your lap, may be falling into disuse. Acer, Apple, Compaq, HP, NEC and Panasonic are among the major brands who studiously avoid the L-word these days.

  • Opinion: IBM rolls out tools for non-techies, developers

    IBM has unveiled two mashup products, one aimed at allowing nontechnical business users to quickly build new applications by melding data from various sources, and a mashup development environment for technical users.

  • Opinion: The great Government paedo hunt

    Today's Government proposals to protect web-surfing kids are a peculiar brand of headline-seeking, paranoid ignorance that affects all governments from time to time.

  • Opinion: Were catching up with America… on internet fraud

    Finally, we Brits are almost as good as America at something. Unfortunately, it's internet crime that we seem to have a talent for, so not exactly something we can be proud of. (Good job we've got some decent swimmers and cyclists to offset the bad press.)

  • Opinion: BBC puts the boot in to ISPs

    Remember when someone destroyed the Blue Peter garden? That was ISPs. And when that lightbulb blew up behind Jan Leeming? ISPs. Yeah, and I'll tell you something else, if those ISPs want the BBC to pay the cost of trafficking iPlayer downloads... well, they'll have Terry Wogan, Jonathan Ross and Alan Partridge to deal with. Fight! Fight! Fight..!

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