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More Opinion

  • Opinion: The future is free

    The development of powerful free software shows no sign of abating and it took the PC Advisor team some time to whittle down our favourite free applications to the top 100 we've highlighted as part of the cover feature for our July issue (on sale now). Even the likes of Microsoft and Adobe claim to be embracing free software principles and it begs the question, where will all this stop?

  • Opinion: Epilepsy on YouTube - freakshow or education?

    Epilepsy campaigners today criticised YouTube clips of people having seizures.

  • Opinion: Facebook redesigns to halt user exodus

    One of the nice things about Facebook was how clean and uncluttered the site looked in comparison to the car-crash visuals of MySpace. But now that many people’s pages are splattered with vampires, booze mail and super wall posts even Facebook pages can look ghastly. And trusted users are threatening to walk if the site becomes "too commercial".

  • Opinion: YouTube 'a Dark Ages bestiary'

    In an article in The Sunday Times arch purveyor of good taste AA Gill ruminates on the YouTube phenomenon and gets over the atmosphere rather well:

  • Opinion: The solar-powered bra that can charge your iPod

    Boffins in Japan have invented the perfect eco-friendly girl gadget: the solar-powered bra.

  • Opinion: Choosing the right backup interface

    It's no secret that disk is becoming the preferred media to use as a backup target and disk-based backup appliances are popping up all over. But as companies ready their environment for disk, a fundamental decision they need to make is selecting an appliance that presents the appropriate interface to their backup software.

  • Opinion: Apple is gay friendly

    Apple is among the top six gay-friendly brands in the US.

  • Opinion: Which IT security skills are most important?

    I often hear from IT executives that it is hard to recruit and retain "good security people". Many lament the shortage of skills in this area and cannot reconcile the skills offered with the positions that need to be filled. Is there really a shortage of good security people? Or just a mismatch in the skills and the jobs?

  • Opinion: Psystar Mac clone Apple 'publicity stunt'

    No one really gives a damn when a new PC manufacturer enters the market selling its own-branded Windows computer. The launches of Wizard Micro, Delta Desktops and Lasco laptops do not set the web’s blogs alight.

  • Opinion: Apple jumps on the Sex and the City hype

    Apple has announced that iTunes' US customers will now be able to download television shows from cable channel HBO. Controversially, Sopranos fans will be expected to stump up $1 more an episode than fans of Sex and the City.

  • Opinion: Text messaging more expensive than space exploration

    Text messaging costs roughly four times as much as downloading data from Nasa's Hubble Space Telescope.

  • Opinion: Windows energy management tools get a boost

    Power management vendor Verdiem has updated its Surveyor tools that help users regulate energy consumption by Windows-based PCs with features that solve 'PC insomnia' and that automatically close open applications.

  • Opinion: Barack Obama: the iPhone of politicians

    I don't know why it took me so long to make the connection. Even for a political figure, Barack Obama generates an extraordinary level of attention, and probably hundreds of news articles a day.

  • Opinion: OpenOffice.org Beta's Office 2007 flaw disappoints

    I'm not embarrassed to admit it: I'm a big fan of Office 2007.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite travel blog?

    As the summer approaches, we want to hear about readers' favourite travel blogs. Whose online travel diaries do you enjoy, and why?

  • Opinion: Open-source security gets a boost

    IT managers often assume that open-source software is more secure than proprietary commercial software.

  • Opinion: Security through obscurity is plain dumb

    If there is one security technique that has proven to be as effective and realistic as keeping diamonds safe in a paper bag it is security through obscurity.

  • Opinion: Does better technology = better customer service?

    Despite communications technology being better than ever, I'm a frustrated customer.

  • Opinion: How Google spiked the Microsoft-Yahoo deal

    In the end, Google played a significant part in the undoing of Microsoft's bid for Yahoo, the latest example of Google's ability to interfere with Microsoft's attempts to boost its online-advertising business.

  • Opinion: An open letter to the one-eyed GTA IV apologists

    Since Rockstar launched Grand Theft Auto IV, the latest instalment of its sprawling video-game epic, the web has been dominated by GTA-related opinion.

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